Moles Removal

Yard mole removal

Getting rid of yard moles

It is obvious that before you do anything with the problem you need to gather all the information about the cause of the problem. And what should you know about the mole? One thing is for sure – moles can drive you crazy. There is…

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Moles In Yard

How to kill moles in yard

Moles belong to the mammal group Insectivora, and thus they are more related to shrews. Moles usually have pointed snouts, enlarged rounded front feet, stout claws, small eyes and ears, a nearly naked tail. They are usually gray or silvery-gray, 5-8 inches long and have velvety fur. (more…)

How to Kill Moles

How to kill moles

There is only one good way to get rid of yard moles and that is to kill them dead. If that is not your cup of tea, because you love these little critters or you don’t care their screwing up your yard over and over again, then this message is not for you. (more…)

How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Get rid of moles in your yard

What homeowner doesn’t dream of a perfect smooth emerald-green lawn in front of the house? However, your beautiful dream may be overshadowed by one significant problem. Moles! (more…)

Getting Rid Of Moles

Get rid of moles

There are various species of moles worldwide. Scalopus Aguaticus or the Eastern mole is either numerously widespread or responsible for most lawn and garden complaints. (more…)

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