How to Get Rid of Gophers Humanely

Applying Gopher Traps

Gopher traps types

Although gophers may look cuddly and cute, they are very destructive rodents. They bulldoze around your garden eating nearly every kind of herb and shrub. If you face the problem of burrowing rodents on your property, but you are hesitant to apply killing forms of…

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Gopher is a kind of garden pest which can cause extensive damage to your yard if not treated properly. These pests usually prefer damp soil, since it is easy to dig it and make tunnels as well as to feed on its greenery. These burrowing rodents often become a menace to many farmers and gardeners who tend vegetables on their properties. Gophers can also damage and destroy well manicured lawns and golf courses. What is worse, they are fierce fighters who always defend their established territory. They may also bite when provoked or cornered.

If you are looking out for trusted tips and recommendations on how to get rid of gophers, the first step you need to take is to learn to distinguish these animals from other similar creatures. After you confirm their presence, you may plan the rodents eradication program.

Gophers Identification

Pocket gophers are the most common kind of gophers damaging lawns and gardens.These rodents are identifiable by their blunt head, large upper and lower teeth. They leave conspicuous crescent-shaped mounds of ground when they tunnel. The horseshoe shape of the gopher mound helps to discern them from moles, whose heaps look like volcanos. On average, one adult individual can make from one to three mounds per day, hence you need to look for rodents eradication remedies as soon as you notice first crescent shaped heaps.

How to Get Rid of Gophers: Pocket Gopher

Factors Requiring Consideration

When you look for an answer to how to get rid of gophers question, you need to be attentive and clever in choosing the most appropriate approach, which will be not only effective, but safe to your pets, children and other wild animals. Take into consideration the following factors:

  • health and safety concerns (besides chemicals, there exist many various organic non-toxic ways to eradicate rodents);
  • what is the main aim of the plan: to kill or just to repel gophers;
  • the property area;
  • the conditions of your neighbors’ gardens (in case they face the same problem, group pest control means must be applied).

Practical Tips

You can find various ways to kill these annoying rodents (poisons, flooding, traps, gas etc.). However, killing animals isn’t a long-term solution: there will always be more gophers to replace those you killed. The best option, to our mind, is to prevent pests infestation humanely. In this way you will not only get the peace of mind but will protect your lawn and garden from other burrowing pests.

  1. Build raised beds. Cover the bottom of the bed with a sheet of hardware cloth to make it gopher-proof. You may also install underground rhizome barriers (these are designed to control rapidly spreading plants, but they can also work as shields for gophers).
  2. Apply live traps. Gophers can be caught unharmed with special traps designed for small rodents and then released into the wild.
  3. Build fences. Gophers can’t climb, so you can consider building a fence around your property. One-foot-high solid barrier (6 x 12 inches) is enough to stop rodents from getting in.
Practical Tips: Build fencesYou can consider building a fence around your property
  1. Odors. Smells from your yard is what attract these pests. By altering these smells you can get rid of gophers rather efficiently. Simply attach a container of special non-toxic unappetizing solutions (they are available in garden centers) to the hose and distribute the repellent over the property. These can be spread on the lawn either dry or wet.
  2. Sounds and vibrations. Gophers are very sensitive to any kind of ground vibrations and noise. You may buy special devices which create these annoyances to keep your magnificent garden landscape away from rodents. There are different types of these including battery saving solar panel models.