Let’s face it, there are many things we don’t know about squirrels till the time they get into our homes. Pest infestation is not a joke, especially when it comes to these fluffy creatures. And usually the first question that appears is whether you can cope with the issue on your own, or you are to look for professional help.

Frankly speaking, here everything depends on the severity of situation. If there are too many pests and there’s nothing you can do, don’t try to save your money by neglecting professional assistance. But when there are 2-5 rodents, use your efforts.

How to Eradicate Squirrels Applying Your Own Efforts?

Squirrel eradicationAs a rule, the main problem here is that squirrels quickly adapt to life with people and eliminating them becomes too difficult.

According to the statistics, trapping is one of the most popular options when it comes to how to control squirrels. This is an inexpensive option that offers various units to be used. But is it a 100% efficient way out?

Never consider trapping and further relocation of animals as the only recommended solutions.
Why not? These are territorial creatures and your actions can bring their population to a minimum.
  • Consider electric fence. It should be placed around the garden and your yard. Why do most people choose electric fence to repel squirrels? Maybe because it helps to lessen the infestation of many other critters, like skunks, raccoons and opossums. We suggest paying special attention to a 2-fence system that includes electric fence with a barrier fence inside in order to protect the territory. The animals are just insulated from electrical shock.
  • Consider mesh netting. Specialists state that polyethylene mesh netting is a quite affordable, still efficient solution to eliminate squirrels. Creatures are not able to gnaw through polyethylene or wiggle through openings that are less than 20 mm. Besides, this netting allows plants to benefit from rain and sunshine, remaining free from squirrels.
  • Consider ultrasonics. Lately an electronic squirrel repellent has become very popular. One of the brightest examples is the Rodar ultrasonic unit. It works aggravating animals by generating various ultrasonic frequencies in the way that is similar to those generated by strobe light.

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What’s the Simplest Way of Eradication?

What is another possible option? There are numerous variants, and limiting food sources is one of them:

  • Eliminate water sources near your home and in your yard.
  • Keep trash in metal bins and cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Use wire netting for covering garden crops.
  • Double bag foods with a rather strong odor to reduce smells.
  • Make sure that bird feeders are not less than 20 feet away from any structures or trees.
  • Clean up fallen berries and other fruits regularly.
Never leave pet food out late at night.

Nevertheless, no matter what variant you choose to remove squirrels, after trapping or catching and finding the nest, consult professionals. These can be state or local commissions, the Humane Society, etc. They know what to do.

Professional Squirrel Extermination in Atlanta and Chicago

  1. Squirrel removal in AtlantaAtlanta Animal Control & Wildlife Removal

    For wildlife help call 404-348-0104

    The service ensures that all types of wildlife trapping are performed in a humane manner. Specialists do not harm squirrels, but only trap them and permanently remove. After the pest has been caught, it is relocated nearly 30 miles outside Atlanta.

    This squirrel removal in Atlanta services most of Atlanta, as well as Fulton and central Georgia, including surrounding towns – Mableton, Alpharetta, Athens, Smyrna, Marietta, Tucker, Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville, etc.

    They are:

    • Insured and fully licensed,
    • Commercial and residential,
    • Offer 24/7 emergency service,
    • Boast 10 years of experience,
    • Work in the greater Atlanta area.
    All types of repairs come with written guarantee.

    What about squirrel removal cost? It ranges, depending on the amount of job done. If you consider infestation prevention, get ready to pay $ 10 per foot of exclusion barriers. Other prices will depend on the difficulty of removal and driving distance.

  2. TruTech, Inc.TruTech, Inc.

    For wildlife help call 1-800-842-7296

    This is another professional squirrel extermination company that is located in Atlanta. It offers all kinds of services that are related to pest control, namely:

    • Squirrel Removal,
    • Squirrel Colonies,
    • Squirrel Control.

    Some of the served areas are Roswell, Austell, Shady Springs, Marietta and College Parks.

    Actual Info!
    The list of services includes not only extermination, but also cleaning and repair for commercial, residential, as well as industrial properties.

    Professionals take care of feces cleanup and use a special vacuum system that allows removing feces from any location safely and effectively. Besides, this is the company that gives a 1-year guarantee to the entire job done. Their Nuisance Wildlife Removal Permit is fully guaranteed.
    As to the cost, the initial fee is about $200-$300. The sum can be higher if the service includes home inspection, as well as evaluation of the problem’s scope. Sometimes the inspection is done for free, but you have to look for special coupon offers. The total cost may be about $1,000, if it includes:

    • Inspection,
    • Setting traps,
    • Checking traps,
    • Removing animals,
    • Sealing entry and exit points,
    • Decontaminating damaged areas,
    • Cleaning up.

    The total cost will depend on the extent of the damage that requires repairs and well as the scope of the problem you have.

  3. US Animal Control ChicagoUS Animal Control Chicago

    For wildlife help call 1-888-497-1804

    The service works in Chicago and a few surrounding territories. After trapping and removing squirrels either from business or home, they offer preventive measures, including sealing up and wildlife proofing the entire building in order to ensure that this problem will never occur again. This is the primer benefit of Groen’s Wildlife Services.

    Get ready to pay from $100 to $600, depending on the job done. Consider some additional costs. For example, for emergency service call you will have to pay about $100-$120 for a trap setup and inspection. If you need some squirrel-roof materials or bird feeders, their cost is from $15 to $200, depending on complexity and size.

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  4. Accurate Pest & Animal ControlAccurate Pest & Animal Control

    For wildlife help call 773-409-4364

    This is a well-known South Chicago wildlife removal company that is popular thanks to its full service. Its work differs from that of other local services, which usually spray poison to kill animals. If you choose Accurate Pest & Animal Control, you get full inspection of your house and the surrounding territory. Specialists find out where the pests are: inside the building or outside of it, as well as how they get in there. All squirrels are trapped and removed with the help of special exclusion devices.

    After they are gone, preventative repairs and cleanup is offered.

    If you are considering a simple kind of job to be done, like trapping and removing 2-3 squirrels, this will cost you not more than $150 for 2 service trips. If there is the need of a mother squirrel removal from your house, including some damage repairs and cleanup, it costs about $400 or even more, depending on the case. Serious control actions with sealing of all exits and entry points will be nearly $1,000.

As you see, all tasks can be performed by specialists at certain price. If it is too expensive for you, you can reconsider your DIY-plan. However, in most cases it is better to address professionals before the complications go further, ruining your yard, garden, house and life, of course. What are you about to choose then?

You can find further details of Squirrels Control here.