Your First Steps on Keeping Squirrels Away

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Did you know that squirrels are not only nice-looking but also pretty troublesome? They may be calm or get crazy, penetrate your house or ruin your garden. As soon as they are in your yard, they start eating flowers, buds, plants, and whatever they get to. Don’t you think it’s time to see how to get rid of squirrels that are in your yard?

The priority task is to stop them before they ruin your life. There is more than one method to be used soon after you notice the first damage. Keep in mind that there’s no need to wait till the time they chew their way into the house.

How to Prevent Squirrels from Infesting Your Garden

Why have we started with the garden? The answer is pretty simple – this is their first location after penetrating your property. Starting with the surroundings, you use the tricks to deal with any type of squirrel.

Do not handle wild squirrels, as their bites are very painful and the claws are too sharp.

So to prevent squirrels problems follow these tips:

  • Repellent to keep squirrel awayHot peppers. Plant them in soil beds, where the pests usually dig. This won’t harm plants or soil but will cause a terrible sensation on the feet of the creatures, thus stopping them from digging. This is a perfect solution.
  • Minimize the chances. Your second task is minimizing the ease of penetrating the territory from tree limbs. If you are taking care of a vegetable garden, make sure that there aren’t any tree branches hanging over. If there are any, trim them. There is another benefit from this procedure – more sunlight to the garden.
  • Plastic mesh. Lay it over the locations where you have an intention to plant flowers. The plastic mesh works as a deterrent because it hurts to dig this type of area.
  • Reliable fencing. You are to make sure that the outside parameter is well-fenced. For this purpose, it is better to choose to fence with the smallest diameter of holes. Some people also choose mesh wire of plastic fencing that creatures can’t climb onto as it hurts the paws.
  • Motion-sensor sprinklers. They are to be used early in the morning and later at night, as this is the time when squirrels usually feed on vegetables and fruits. The best motion-activated sprinkler should be very sensitive to start working as soon as the creatures enter the place.
Cover all holes in old fencing to seal entry points.

Another effective way worth mentioning is fumigation. They say this is the safest method of infestation control, and this is why it is used by those, who are figuring out how to scare squirrels away.

Before using it, read the label instructions and follow them about safety factors as well as non-target species. FYI, most fumigants also produce flames, which is the main reason for fire danger. This is why we suggest not using this method in places with high risks of fires. For example, dry grass, flammable materials, near buildings, etc.

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Repellents for Keeping Squirrels out of the Garden

Is it possible to keep squirrels away from your garden? Chances are high if you use the best squirrel repellent. Also, you can use not only sprays, pellets, and powders, but also more in-depth options such as:

  • Squirrel exclusion collars. The collars are made of metal and are usually placed around trees, bird feeders, and poles. When the animal is climbing up the pole, it finds it impossible to climb past a smooth metal disk. It simply has nothing to grip or hoist itself up with. This solution works best with cable wires that are running right into the house. They should be covered with the collar in lengths of a PVC pipe. The pipe should be mobile on the line, so that when the animal steps on it, the pipe starts spinning and the pest simply falls off.
    When fitting the pieces of pipes on wires, wear gloves.
  • Bitter gels and topical applications. These are used in locations where squirrels are trying to chew their way through. These are less expensive alternatives, besides today it doesn’t matter much which type you are about to choose, just read the instructions carefully. Most types of these repellents need re-application after an extended period of type.
  • Chemicals. Normally they are paper-based and can be advertised as seed additives. There are also powder alternatives that rely on the use of predator urine for warding off the pests. Be sure they will never enter the territory that has a smell of the animal that could eat them. You can use the presence of a predator itself. If you have several cats or dogs, they can deter squirrels from infesting the location.
No repellent is 100% effective in the process of squirrel elimination.
As it wears off over time, it must be reapplied periodically.

Dogs and cats adore playing with the animals that move all the time. You can keep squirrels away simply by letting your pets run after them.

Of course, the pet has no chance to catch the pest, but the fact of constant chasing will repel the animals.

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Lessons on How to Keep Squirrels Away from Your House

When they are at your house, they cause great damage. They look for much bedding material and this is why they start shredding wood frames and insulation, chewing electrical wiring, chewing through PCV, causing a fire, water damage, and flooding. Frankly speaking, the damage is enough to file an insurance claim. However, in most cases, the insurance policy rarely covers any damage that was caused by rodents. So what should be done?

Keeping squirrels away often means letting them find the way out. Remove all your pets from the house where the creature is living or hiding. Close the doors and windows that lead to the location, keeping open those doors and windows that lead outside. Sooner or later they will find the way out.

Never use poison to kill the animals.

Why not? For two simple reasons:

  • the first one – it is inhumane, as it results in dying in the walls or attic of your house;
  • the second one – poisons usually don’t work and this is just a waste of time.

The best ways to get rid of squirrels are:

  1. Live cage squirrels trapLive cage traps. They should be baited with peanut butter and nuts in the shell. Also, you can choose a commercial bait using my review of the best squirrel bait products.
    The best way is to mount a trap on the roof/attic. According to the latest research, the unset trap should be bait for several days before catching. The animals will get used to the idea of getting tasty food from the bait, thus it’ll be easier to catch them. The only recommendation is to choose a trap of an appropriate size, as there are variants that are too small to catch the animal or too big to keep it inside.
  2. Repeater traps. They can catch several squirrels at once, and this is the prime reason for their popularity. The traps should be mounted on the entrance/exit holes. To improve the chances to get the pest, make sure that all other exits are sealed, and there is only one left.
  3. One-way exclusion doors. These are placed on the entry or exit holes, letting the animals out of the house, but giving no chance for getting back inside ever again.

To eliminate these nasty creatures once and for all, you’d better consider several options at once. Don’t expect fast or long-lasting results.

Why no fast results: there may be many squirrels in your house and coping with them quickly may be a problem because of their number.

Why no long-lasting results: as soon as there are no more repellents, dogs that can scare away, or traps that can catch, squirrels will get back, which means that the preventing measures should be taken regularly.

Keep in mind that dealing with an infestation is always difficult, but usually, good begging determines the entire outcome.

You can find further details of Squirrels Control here.

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  1. Website looks great. Looking forward to the exiposann of your gallery since I am interested in putting a deck with pergola on the front of my house. You (Chris) had helped me dig and run a new water line from my well, and I was very impressed with your attention to detail and perserverance while on the jobsite. I am looking forward to Clark Landscaping giving a new look to the front of my house in the spring of 2013. George.

  2. I live in southeastern Arizona and have lots of problems with squirrels nesting under my manufactured homes. The number one reason for not using poisons (to me) is the squirrel will eat the poison and die in the insulation under the house where it has already (and unbeknownst to you) made a nest. The poisons I’ve used have worked very well. Don’t poison them! This made a big (and expensive!) problem for me, trying to locate a very smelly dead and squirrel hidden in the insulation under my house. Be diligent with a live trap and take them far away!

    • Best way I found getting rid of squirrels is getting a 55 gallon drum….metal or thick plastic,dropping chicken scratch or peanut butter balls on the bottom of the barrel,putting the barrel next to something the squirrels can get up on,they jump in but can’t get back out,caught 4 in one day,everyday since then i catch at least 1 if not up to 4 in a barrel.

  3. Tomcat/Topcat, cant remember which name but the pkging is red, white and black. The formula has an embalming component to the squirrel “food”. So there is no smell of decaying critters. Warning, yes there will be maggots and a few flies . They usually find their way out of my attic. And I’m good until the next time. I place the food pellet in brown paper, wrapped up with string then tie the string on a branch of the super highway tree, that leads straight to my attic. I’ve tried fake owls, catch and release cages, which ended with 6 dead squrriels.
    My kids were tramatuzed. They stood the batting from my favorite outside lounge chair!!!
    Cayenne pepper, axle grease on the tree, owls, snakes, soap and baking soda in the bird bath. Every and anything out there. I’ve spent lots of $$$ repairing the holes, 3X!
    They still find another spot to get in. I’m now hunting for a decoy cat that is as life like as possible, with no luck yet…

  4. I have sprayed all my fences with clothing bleach fluid… The heavy strong smell repells raccoons and squirrels. They cannot stand he heavy pungent smell, and it seems to work. Raccoons seem to get tired of coming back to get hit with the bleach smell,so hey stay away, but it has to be re-applied constantly against the squirrels

  5. Think i will try the bleach spray method around the parking/storage area of rv, motorcycle, truck.. also around the greenhouse.. thanx harry

  6. I thought you were offering me a new way of controlling squirles in my garden??

  7. I did

  8. Am looking for a new way to get rid of the sqirrels n my garden

  9. None of the ideas is working in my garden. Is there any type of pictures or animal shape objects I can hang to get rid of sqirrels?

  10. I have squirrels that have made nest in the walls of my garage how do I get red of them quickly

  11. I have a squirrel keep coming back on top of my roof we’re the solar panels is and it early in the morning eon been out to look under the solar panels But can not see anything please please help

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