If someone says that there isn’t much you can do about squirrels in your garden or house, he is wrong. There is many ways to go! Of course, some of them are less effective, while others guarantee long-lasting results. If you are sick and tired of being so helpless, learn the options we suggest.

Today you can pick out of several chemical or electronic solutions for squirrel removal. At times some of them should be combined, when you see that the number of pests is great and you can’t cope with them on your own. Read what we suggest. Use simple methods and easy tricks. See how easy it can be.

How to Deter a Troublesome Squirrel Once and for All?

How to deter squirrel from gardenDeterring squirrels has never been a task of one day. The aim is accomplished in time, after several tryings, reapplication of chemicals and patience, of course.

Let’s focus on the easiest ways you could go:

  • Predator urine. This is a solution for keeping pests away from your plants. The use of this urine makes them believe there are many predators around. How to use it? Just sprinkle some urine around the flowerbeds. In fact today there are many commercial products that include a urine-based formula. They are easy to spray.
  • Coffee grounds. This is another popular option to pick. Critters hate the scent of coffee. Use a thin layer of grounds around your yard and flower beds to keep the pests away. In this case it is highly important to refresh the layer every two weeks by adding more coffee grounds. If it has rained, you should also refresh the layers.
Actual info!
If there is a cat or dog in your house, use not only its urine, but also its hair to scare off troublesome animals.
Collect some hair from the vacuum cleaner and just sprinkle it around the yard and near plants.
  • Special sensory squirrel deterrentSensors. These are special sensory deterrent that dissuade pests, offending their sense of taste and smell, as well as exciting the sense of caution and fear.
  • Chicken wire. Most gardeners are so willing to protect their plants that they dig out the planting bed and line it with chicken wire, wrapping it up the sides as well as over the bed’s top. Such constructions leave no place for squirrels to go through.
  • Trapping. This is a quite popular way among those, who’d like to learn how to control squirrels. If there are pests in the attic, you should block all the holes, leaving only one or two and setting traps near them. When the animals get caught, the traps are to be covered with a dark cloth to reduce stress. Take the cage with the pest at least 5 miles away from your property and release it.
  • Aluminum flashing. It’s not a secret that these nasty animals like tree bark. To keep them away from trees wrap a wide aluminum flashing (60 cm) around the tree trunk’s base for preventing them from shredding the bark.
Use stainless steel nails attaching the metal to the trunk.

There’s no need to get worried about the need to use nails as its size doesn’t hurt the trunk. Besides, they should be inserted only about 2.5 cm into the tree. Most trees heal the wounds just fine.

TOP Chemical Squirrel Deterrents

Today’s market is ready to offer multiple deterrents to choose. They are available in the form of sprays and contain biodegradable and non-toxic substances that do not harm these pests, but only keep them away from your place. There are also many repellents in a powder form. As a rule, they include Capsicum pepper extract similar to chili powder, but stronger and more effective.

Never spray the chosen solution on vegetables or fruit, and try not to inhale the mist, coming from the spray, as it leaves bitter taste in the mouth.
Besides, there’s also a chance of alerting the neighbors living around.

Sprays and powders are not exceptional options. There are also granules that can be used in flower beds and gardens. Such solutions mainly contain all-natural ingredients like botanical oils, for example, which stop pests from digging up the territory. A beneficial feature is the fact these products keep away many other rodents, including raccoons and opossums.

  1. Critter RidderCritter Ridder. It is available in granule or spray forms and is recognized as a very efficient solution. It works for about; 30 days as taste and odor deterrent. To use Critter Ridder spray it around, forming a perimeter.
  2. Fire Mix Squirrel Repellent is used when squirrels destroy bird feeders while eating large amounts from them. It is an inexpensive natural option that is easy to use. What’s the expected result? It keeps squirrels away from bird feeders.
  3. Shake Away/Squirrel B Gone. They include predator urine to keep pests away. These products can be sprinkled, hung around flower beds or sprayed. Everything depends on their form that you buy.
Results can be mixed: at times effective, at times not.

What if squirrels are munching on your other stuff? You should repel them as well. In this case you are free to use bitter tasting sprays and gels like Ro-Pel Squirrel Repellent. However, before using them read the label instructions carefully, as many products are to be reapplied after a certain amount of time or after rain.

Bat repellentThere is no wonder many people have huge doubts as to the use of a bat repellent. However, it can be both effective for elimination and safe for people.

Let’s make things clear: everything you’ve done for snakes elimination is not enough. If you want to know the methods of getting rid of snakes read this and refresh your knowledge.

At times even commercial products fail in fighting against chipmunks. So, you are to know more about natural chipmunk repellent https://pestkill.org/rodents/chipmunks/repellent-how-to-choose/ – here you’ll find some easy tips.

TOP Electronic Squirrel Deterrents

Squirrels' trapAs we have already mentioned, squirrels like feeding on bird feeders and ruining them. So what measures should be taken in order to minimize the impact of pests around and on the area?

Here are the most effective squirrel deterrents for bird feeders:

  1. Creating a gap between the places that squirrels can jump from and feeders.
  2. Using grease on the pole like Vaseline.
  3. Using a lubricant: if the birdfeeder in on a pole, use WD-40 and pests won’t climb it.
  4. Using squirrel-proof bird feeders: they have special cone-shaped covers so that animals won’t slide down the wire in order to reach the food. Besides, there are many types of feeders that spin and throw the pests away.
  5. Refusing from plastic feeders: most critters chew through them quickly and only metal variants should be placed in your garden.
Today there are special bird feeders with electronic deterrence.
They have a top, a bottom, a reservoir, a swiveling hanger and an opening. Besides, it includes correction circuit for administering electroshock to a pest.

You can also use the guards – baffles. These are angled cones that make climbing really difficult. They are usually produced from plastic and are set a distance away from the feeding area and perches. Some popular models feature a boobie trap mechanism which collapses and the pest’s weight while it is trying to reach food. Such baffles deter squirrels from scaring away birds and eating seeds.

When chemical sprays do not work, you can use electronic repellents. The most popular squirrel deterrents for garden are:

  • Electrical wire deterrents.
    It is a well-known fact that these nasty creatures like traveling over the wires, which allow jumping onto a roof, getting into the attic and soon right into the walls of your house. What can you do? Slit a side of a lightweight plastic pipe and spread it open in order to place over the wire. When the pipe is placed and a pest goes over it, the pipe starts spinning, throwing the animal away.
  • Good life electronic squirrel repellentUltrasound electronic squirrel repellent.
    This is the most environmentally friendly device, which issues a high pitch frequency sound, which causes all pests away. It is beneficial for those, who have problems with several kinds of pests, including squirrels.
Check with utility companies, which have options to be installed.

The benefit of an ultrasound device is the fact it comes in all sizes. You can buy a small one for minor problems or bigger to deal with the real infestation. Make sure there is at least one unit in your garden.

When these pests are in your garden, get ready to multiple squirrels in house, damage, noise and smell they bring with them. The best way to prevent the problem is to treat it as soon as you notice the first signs of infestation. Use our helpful tips. Combine mechanic, chemical and electronic options to ensure fast and long lasting results. Choose the way and start acting right now to cut off all possible risks! Show those squirrels who the boss is!

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