Top 9 Working Rat Repellents and Deterrents to Keep Hungry Destructive Rats Away

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Every time we see dirty rats at our property, we want to make away with it. Rats may become a huge problem if you don’t want to kill, poison, or harm them as there are not so many things specifically made to repel them.

Fortunately, there are some options you can effectively use to repel those pesky critters.

Best Rat Repellents and Deterrents Comparison Chart

Best Choice
Victor Heavy-Duty PestChaser Pro review
Victor Heavy-Duty PestChaser Pro
  • Type: Ultrasonic Repeller
  • Defends area: Large-size rooms
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Victor Mini Ultrasonic PestChaser with Night Light review
Victor Mini Ultrasonic PestChaser with Night Light
  • Type: Ultrasonic Repeller
  • Defends area: Average-size rooms
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Bird-X Transonic Pro Electronic Repeller review
Bird-X Transonic Pro Electronic Repeller
  • Type: Ultrasonic Repeller
  • Defends indoor area: 3,500 ft²
Check Price

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Bird-X Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller review
Bird-X Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller
  • Type: Ultrasonic Repeller
  • Defends outdoor area: 4,000 ft²
Check Price

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Loraffe Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller (Battery Operated) review
Loraffe Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller (Battery Operated)
  • Type: Ultrasonic Repeller
  • Battery Operated (uses 3 AA batteries)
  • Best for vehicles
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Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent review
Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent
  • Type: Odor Repellent
  • Active Ingredient: Balsam Fir Oil (2.0%)
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Check Price
All Natural Rodent Defense Spray review
All Natural Rodent Defense Spray
  • Type: Repellent Spray
  • Active Ingredients: Garlic oil (0.025%), Peppermint oil (0.0495%), Rosemary oil (0.0225%), White pepper (0.0255%)
Check Price

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Enoz Old Fashioned Moth Balls review
Enoz Old Fashioned Moth Balls
  • Type: Chemical Pesticide
  • Active Ingredient: p-Dichlorobenzene (99.9%)
Check Price

Check Price
The Giant Destroyer (GAS KILLER) Super Gasser review
The Giant Destroyer (GAS KILLER) Super Gasser
  • Type: Smoke Bombs
  • Active Ingredients: Sodium Nitrate (50%), Sulfur (30%), Charcoal (9%)
Check Price

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What is the Best Rat Repellent? – Your Expert Buyer’s Guide

If you are one of those homeowners who suffer from the constant attention of rats to your yard, garden, attic, or basement, read our efficient tips to make away with these annoying rodents. We’ll provide you with our rat repellent guide that will help you to determine the most effective repellent and deterrent product for you!

Effective Solutions on How to Repel Messy Rats

If you don’t want crafty rodents to destroy your property or your family’s health you can drive these disease-carrying pests with efficient rat repellents and deterrents.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Identification
    Before repelling, find out where these smart rodents spend most of their time. Identify rats’ signs of activity or damage like – rats’ tooth marks on cabinets, baseboards, grease marks along your walls, chewed wires or biting large holes in the packaging. Note that rats prefer to live quiet in less-frequented places like your closets, attics, and basements.
    Identification rats
  2. Choosing the option
    Now it’s time to choose an effective repellent. There are many ways to go. From ultrasonic repellents to natural rat repellent sprays it’s up to you what to choose.
  3. Attractants
    Don’t let them feed in or around your home. Since food is the rat’s main driving force, it’s essential to remove or protect food sources. Clean your property on a regular basis, store all indoor/outdoor garbage in rodent-proof containers, and clear all fallen seeds, nuts, etc.
  4. Eliminate rats’ access
    Once you’ve driven them away, take steps to ensure rats cannot re-enter. Cover the gaps underneath garage/pet doors, relocate piles of debris or wood, and seal spaces around openings for cable, vents, and water pipes.

Electronic Rat Repellent Ideas and Products

Many homeowners prefer electronic options to repel rats as they are safe and eco-friendly. What’s more, you don’t have to deal with the best rat traps that require the handling of disease-ridden rats or the best rat poison products that cause rats to either die outdoors or retreat into your walls to die and decay.

Ultrasonic rat repellents irritate rats and successfully drive them to another location. Electronic options work by emitting high-frequency sounds only audible to rats and other rodents.

Electronic rat repellents are easy to use. Simply plug the device in an outlet in the place where you have identified rat damage.
If you have rodent pets at home, relocate them away from repellents. Rats will start to relocate after about 7-8 days.
It is recommended to replace the device every two or three years.

Unfortunately, ultrasonic waves can’t travel through walls, so you need to purchase a device for each room. When selecting the device, purchase the one that has a signal strength fitting the size of the room you want to protect.

Let’s focus on excellent electronic rat repellents that work harder to protect your property:

1. Victor Heavy-Duty PestChaser Pro

See More ImagesVictor Heavy-Duty PestChaser Pro
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Victor PestChaser Pro is a rodent repellent device that provides high-frequency ultrasound only rats and other rodents can hear. Successfully repels rats without the use of chemicals and poisons. Due to the jackhammer-like sound which is released at over eighty oscillations per second rats will not get accustomed to it.

PestChaser repellent is for indoor use only.

2. Victor Nightlight Mini-PestChaser

See More ImagesVictor nightlight with pestchaser
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Mini-PestChaser is another effective repellent for those who want to see a reduction in rat activity in six-ten days. The device produces high-frequency irritating-to-rats ultrasound that can effectively repel pesky rats from your property.

Benefits: when plugged in, the device emits energy-efficient blue light which lets the homeowner know the unit is working.

3. Bird-X Transonic Pro

See More ImagesBird-X Transonic Pro
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Transonic Pro combines silent-to-most-humans ultrasonic and sonic (audible) sound waves. The solution is human and safe, great for those who don’t want to use traps and messy chemicals. Simple in use product covers up to 3,500 square feet.

Where to use: ideal for use at attics and basements.

Benefits: Safe and effective alternative to traps, poisons, eliminates the need for toxic pesticides.

4. Bird-X Yard Gard

See More ImagesYard Gard
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Yard Guard is a silent ultrasonic pest/rat control device for unwanted rats and other animals. The product is ideal for use in semi-enclosed spaces.

5. Loraffe Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller – Best Battery Operated Repellent for Vehicle Protection

See More ImagesLoraffe Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Loraffe is an effective and cheap ultrasound repellent solution to clear your whole house of rats. Rats can’t stand the digital pulses of the device and leave the property. The device can be plugged into any room or basement.

You will see great results in 4-5 days. If rat infestation is really bad, it may take up to three weeks to see complete results. The device is absolutely safe around your domestic pets – dog and cats – and kids. Unlike messy rat traps and toxic poisons, the device is an eco-friendly solution to put a stop to your rat issue.

How to use: As far as each room in your home has walls, it is recommended to use 1 repellent per room for maximum effectiveness.

Rat Deterrent Solutions

The rat deterrent is another great option to control the rat problem on your property. The most efficient solution to your rat problem is using scent-based deterrents. Some plant-based scents, like balsam fir or peppermint oil, are offensive to pesky rats. When they are used in the right combination, they are a safe and very effective deterrent to remove rats.

No need to do your DIY solution as you can purchase the following:

6. Fresh Cab Botanical

See More ImagesFresh Cab Rodent Repellent
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Fresh Cab Repellent keeps rats out. The first reason to purchase the repellent is that it is 98% plant-based. The deterrent contains a powerful combination of working ingredients that are proven to deter rats. When it comes to testing, the product has shown to be over 89% effective at repelling rats out.

Where to use: ideal for the average home, storage unit, or garage. The deterrent keeps rats out of homes, attics, basements, sheds, garages, cabins, and storage units. It effectively protects boats, campers, farm equipment, snowmobiles, and kea storage areas.

The product is trusted by rat control experts and registered by the Federal EPA.

How to use: The scent of Fresh Cab lasts up to ninety days. For currently infested locations, increase the use of Fresh Cab to 1 pouch per eight sq. ft. of your floor space and replace the product every thirty days.

7. Rodent Defense Spray

See More ImagesRodent Defense Spray
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Rat repellent sprays are another good option to remove messy rats. Although chemical repellents are not a very practical solution to rat infestation, rats often find some odors and types of tastes objectionable. To prevent these critters from gnawing on fences, trees, poles, shrubs, and other objects use Rodent Defense that is registered for repelling rats.

Rodent Defense Deterrent is a perfect deterrent spray to keep rats away from treated places. Rodent Defense is the only product on the market, specially made and formulated to keep rats away by smell, taste, and touch. The spray contains such known natural deterrents as peppermint oil, rosemary oil, garlic, white peppers, and many other species. The product lasts up to thirty days when used outside and can last longer in cases when you spray it indoors.

Where to use: on fences, posts, trees, footings, plants, seeds, bulbs, unpainted furniture. Don’t use Ro-pel on edible plants and crops.

For gardens: The product is an excellent tool for those gardeners who are looking for an eco-friendly, safe deterrent. If you are having issues with rats getting into or eating from your garden, a few sprays of this repellent will help your rat problem.

For garages, attics, and houses: apply the solution around nesting area or rat entry point.

For boats, cars, and wires: a few sprays will help you to protect wires and cars from chewing and gnawing.

Rodent defense for Attics, Gardens, Cars, Houses

Remember, repellent and deterrent options are effective when used alone, but even more useful when used in combination with other rat control products. Before removing messy rats with excellent repellent products, make sure new rats can’t find their way in.

8. Enoz Moth Balls

See More ImagesMoth balls by Enoz
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Rats don’t like the smell of mothballs. Place mothballs in the corners of your basement, attic, or garage. You can place it underneath your fridge and in places where rats tend to live and hide. Placing mothballs in infested-with-rats areas can force these rodents to find some new place to breed.

Although some homeowners state that mothballs are ineffective, you can try to deter rats with this solution as it is actually a cheap option.

Keep in mind this product is made from 2 very toxic chemicals. The scent of mothballs can cause headaches.

9. The Giant Destroyer – the Best Smoke Bombs for Rats

See More ImagesSuper Gasser by The Giant Destroyer
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Toxic gases known as fumigants are mostly used in rats’ burrows at outdoor locations. Before using this option you are to know that Fumigants are highly toxic.

Keep in mind that only familiar with the necessary precautions people may use fumigants. When it comes to structures or buildings, only licensed rat control operators may use fumigants in these places.

If you want to fumigate rat burrows you need to know that all entrances in the burrow must be sealed for the product to be effective. To fumigate the burrow, close the opening with soil immediately after fumigation.

Rats cost the US up to $1 billion per year in damage.

Top 2 Homemade DIY Rat Repellents

  • Mothball spray
    Though mothballs are toxic, this solution can effectively repel rats. The odor is very unpleasant to rats and effectively keeps these messy rodents away. You can do your mothball spray at home and use it to repel rats. Take a couple of mothballs and crush them with a hammer. Put the crushed mothballs into a bottle. Then, fill it with water. Mix the solution with 1 tablespoon of dish detergent. Spray infested areas with this mothball option. The unpleasant-to-rats scent will keep them from returning.
  • Vinegar spray
    Want to solve your how-to-get-rid-of-rats issue? You can repel irritating visitors in your yard and house with the help of Vinegar spray. This homemade repellent is cheap and eco-friendly. Just mix vinegar with water in a spray bottle and the solution is ready. Spray your house or yard/garden lightly for a few days. Repeat spraying every week.
    Spray in hand


It’s difficult to state the best rat control option. When it comes to electronic rat repellents they are very effective at repelling rats when used alone, and even more efficient when used in combination with other rat repellents. For example, you can try an ultrasound rat repellent alongside some rat spray or granular repellent. Remember the more options you use the better your defense is.

An integrated method that includes eliminating attractants, repelling, and trapping is the best form of successful rat control.
Using multiple rat control options will surely result in the most effective and successful defense.

We recommend using the electronic solution with Shake-Away Repelling Granules and Rodent Defense Spray. It is an effective rat control option that can successfully keep rats from foraging around your home

See More ImagesShake-Away Granules
Read Verified Customer Reviews
See More ImagesRodent Defense Spray
Read Verified Customer Reviews

First, apply the granules around the foundation or in places with rat activity. After the following granules are set out, use Rodent Defense spray.

Where to use: in crawl spaces, attics, and non-living spaces; in the yards – around shrubs, trees, walkways, roof tiles, pathways, etc.

You can find further details of Rats Control here.

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