Removing rats is not easy. But you can resolve your rat issue by planting some herbs or using natural rat repellents. Take steps to make your yard, garden, and home unappealing to rats through a natural repelling approach.

There are many commercially produced rat repellents that can be sprayed in strategic spots of your garden or lawn as well as in other parts of your property. Such products taste terrible to rats and they learn to leave the treated locations.

Here are Top 7 Natural Rat Repellents you can buy in 2020:

ProductActive Ingredients
Our #1 Rated
Shake-Away previewShake-Away Rodent Repellent GranulesMint Oil (2%), Rosemary Oil (0.5%), Cedar Oil (0.5%)
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Repellent Granules by Tomcat previewTomcat Natural Rodent Repellent GranulesPeppermint Oil (2%) and other oils (Cinnamon, Garlic)
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Rat Magic previewBonide Rat Magic GranulesCedar Oil (1.25%), Castor Oil (1.2%), Clove Oil (1.0%), Peppermint Oil (0.75%)
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Nature's Defence Rat Repellent previewNature’s Defense Organic RepellentOrganic Garlic, Cinnamon, Clove, White Pepper, Rosemary, Thyme, Peppermint (0.00545%)
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Repels-All previewBonide Chemical Repels-All GranulesDried Blood (0.0024%), Putrescent eggs (0.0024%), Garlic Oil (0.00048%)
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Rodent Gone Spray by ECO Defence previewEco Defense Rodent Gone Organic SprayCinnamon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Castor Oil
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DeTour previewDeTour for Rodents Bio RepellentWhite Pepper (3%)
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What is the Best Natural Rat Repellent in September, 2020? – Buyer’s Guide

Dealing with rat infestation can be an incredibly frustrating. These rodents gnaw holes in bags and boxes, scurry through the walls of your home, leave feces, and damage your garden.

Getting rid of messy rats after they have already invaded your property can feel like an uphill battle. What’s more traditional methods of rat removal are often unsafe and inhumane. However, you can discourage rats by using harmless natural repellents. By disturbing rats’ noses with powerful scent and taste deterrents, you will quickly drive them away. Let’s focus on the best ways you could go.

Are you looking for an effective way to repel rats? After much research, there are definitely some products that stand out more than others. And the winner is DeTour for Rodents Bio Repellent.


1. Shake-Away Granules

Shake-AwayView on Amazon

Shake-Away is a really effective, natural, and easy-to-use rat repellent. Those who don’t want to deal with dead rats in walls or in attics can use Shake-Away rat repellent with special non-toxic formula that safely repel rats. This 100% organic product uses a predator scent in the form of the urine granules. When rats detect the scent of predators, they leave and avoid the treated area. Let the power of the predator work in your yard, lawn, or garden and you will see the results.

Benefits: the product won’t burn or harm your trees, plants or bushes.


2. Tomcat Repellents – Best Kids & Pets Safe Natural Rat Repellent

Repellent Granules by TomcatView on Amazon

Tomcat is a natural repellent infused with peppermint, cinnamon, and garlic oils. The product is safe for you and your kids.

How to use: spread granules on areas of your yard. Repellents remain effective for up to 1 year in any weather to deter rats.

When it comes to the effectiveness of repellents, it is important to follow the directions for use on the rat repellent’s packaging.
Reapply rat repellents – liquid or granular – periodically as directed. Shake liquids to ensure the proper mixing of working active ingredients.

3. Bonide Rat Magic

Rat Magic by BonideView on Amazon

Bonide Rat Magic is naturally driven rats from homes, patios, garages, sheds, etc. Rat Magic granules irritate the respiration of rats. Due to its natural ingredients, Rat Magic provides weeks of repelling action.


4. Nature’s Defense Repellent

Organic Nature's DefenseView on Amazon

Nature’s Defense Granules have effectively repelled rats with safe, natural herbal ingredients. No need for dangerous poisons, traps, or chemicals. Now you can solve your rat issue in a natural way. Due to the blend of herbal ingredients rats will quickly learn to stay away from such areas humanely.

Benefits: granules are less messy than gels or liquids. Nature’s Defense formula won’t wash away quickly with rain.


5. Bonide Chemical Granules

Repels-AllView on Amazon

Bonide Repels-All Granules repels rats and other nuisance critters from planting areas, gardens, and yards. The product consists of a unique mixture of active ingredients that cause irritation to rat’s nasal passages. When a destructive rat smells touches or tastes Repels-All, the solution triggers the natural rat’s instinct to avoid and leave the place. The product is natural and won’t harm the animals.

How it works: Granules repel rats through taste, smells, and irritation of nose and eyes.


6. Eco Defense – Best ECO-Friendly Rat Repellent Spray

Rodent Gone Spray by ECO DefenceView on Amazon

Eco Defense is a non-toxic, natural product that consists of biodegradable ingredients. This repellent offers a working formula that immediately irritates the rats’ sense of smell and taste. After a couple of visits, rats associate the sensation with your yard or garden and learn to avoid the area.

Benefits: The product doesn’t use harmful and toxic chemicals and is completely eco-friendly and safe to use around your plants and home.

How to use the product: Shake well and apply to plants, trash cans, cracks or openings around the foundation of houses/structures, sheds, garage, etc. The product effectively protects yards, gardens, attics, patios, basements, woodpiles, and other areas.


7. DeTour Bio

DeTour RodentsView on Amazon

DeTour is a special bio-repellent that effectively irritates pesky rats and mice. Once these rodents come into contact with this repellent, they will do everything to exit the treated area. With DeTour, you can create barriers around barns, structures, and other sensitive areas.

Where to use: in areas where rats may enter – such as sides of doors; on holes, pipes, window sills, crevices, electrical conduits, under counters.

How to Prevent Messy Rat Infestation in Your Garden

Rat in the gardenPrevention is the key to make rats an issue you’ll never have to face.

Rat control outdoors should involve such components:

  • Remove food sources,
  • Remove shelter,
  • Keep landscaping well-trimmed,
  • Plant deterrents.

The Most Effective Repellent Plants that Repel Rats

Spending time in your yard or garden should be free from rat terror but this is not always the case. Repellent plants and flowers are a great solution to make away with messy rats in your garden.

Rats must always be gnawing as their teeth never stop growing.

Ensuring your garden is inhospitable will deter these rodents.

Here are the most effective repellent plants that can be used to crack your rat problem:

  • PeppermintPeppermint
    Although peppermint has a good and pleasant aroma to most of us, rats dislike the smell. If you have a rat issue in your garden, we suggest planting peppermint trees.  Planting these plants/trees in your garden is a good strategy to keep rats from chewing up other plants they may find tastier. If you can’t plant peppermint on your property, then peppermint oil will work just as well.
  • SpearmintSpearmint
    The plant has a very powerful smell which we love but rats can’t stand. Spearmint effectively drives these rodents up the wall. Planting spearmint as a natural barrier around your property will not only deter rats but also keep other destructive pets out.
  • Balsam firBalsam Fir
    Rats hate an odor from the needles of the balsam fir tree. Therefore getting rid of mess rats is much easier if you have this tree on your property.
  • SagebrushSagebrush
    This common-in-the-western-parts-of-the-U.S. shrub has a very powerful, pungent scent that effectively repels rats. You can use leaves of this shrub to repel rats. But if you don’t have access to them then use sagebrush oil which also works great to repel pesky rodents.
  • Hyacinth and daffodilsDaffodils and Hyacinth
    Planting these herbs around your garden has also been known to keep pesky rats at bay.
  • HerbsHerbs
    Using herbs – like black pepper, oregano and cayenne – is another good alternative in repelling rats. You can sprinkle herbs on plants, soil, doorway crevices and in entry points/cracks around the house. A strong smell of the herbs will surely protect the area against these critters.

How to Kill Destructive Rats Naturally

Want to kill these critters in a natural way? Use the following:

  • Peppermint

    Peppermin oil by Pure body NaturalsView on Amazon

    Dip cotton balls in available-on-the-market peppermint oil. Then place the solution near rats’ cracks or holes. The smell of the mint will kill them.

    What to buy: Peppermint Oil by Pure Body Naturals – safe and non-toxic repellent that is perfect to use around the home and garden. Effectively repels undesirable rats.

    When it comes to repelling rats patience is a key.
    Although most rat repellents work quickly it may take a couple of interactions for destructive rats to associate the unpleasant irritation with the treated area.
  • PepperPepper
    Sprinkle pepper near the holes. The pungent smell will make rats unable to breathe. And they will die.
  • Bat leafBay Leaf
    To kill messy rats in a natural way, place bay leafs in problem areas. Rats will choke on the bay leaf, thus killing them.

Great Home Remedies

  • Ammonia solution

    Clear AmmoniaView on Amazon

    To make this effective repellent you need:

    • 2 cups of ammonia,
    • A quarter glass of water,
    • two spoons of detergent.

    Mix everything in a bowl and place the solution in places where rats appear frequently. The remedy will surely do the job, since these critters can’t stand the smell of ammonia.
    Rat repellents are chemicals which by odor or taste or possibly by both can prevent rats from feeding or gnawing. Such repellents may be used in protecting the location from rat infestation or in protecting electric cables or other vulnerable materials.

  • Special oils
    There are certain flavors and scents like cloves, citronella, cinnamon, peppermint, and ammonia – rats don’t like. Make use of these scents to repel rats. Purchase oils of citronella, cayenne, peppermint, or cinnamon. Soak cotton balls with the liquid and leave in high rat-traffic locations.
    Special oils
  • Hot sauceHot Pepper Solution
    For making Hot Pepper repellent spray you are to add ¼ cup dish soap and 1 tablespoon of hot sauce to the bucket filled with one gallon of water. Stir the ingredients and transfer a portion of this magic solution into some empty spray bottle. Use this hot pepper solution on the floors, walls, countertops and other areas where messy rats have been known to go.

Harmless natural repellents will help you to discourage pesky rats. Note rat repellents must be applied at the very first signs of rat damage to prevent rats from developing destructive habits that are often difficult to break.

You can find further details of Rats Control here.