Rats are so well-adapted to life, that they become one of the most difficult pests to remove. Whether you are hearing scratching in your walls or attic, have seen chewed cables, wires or actually seen a pesky creature race across the floor, the situation is the same – you have at least 1 rat on your property, and if one furry critter got in, it for sure is just a matter of time before you will have more. It is important to learn the early signs of infestation and contact the exterminator before the population grows and rats become a nuisance. Let’s see how to do it.

Why You Need Rat Pest Control?

Are you unable to take care of annoying rat problem? Then it’s time to hire an expert to help. Rat pest control can be achieved by a number of various strengths and types of traps, poisons and gas, many of which can only be used by professional operators. In any case, when such products are used, particular care must be taken to avoid any risks to people, pets as well as the environment.

A do-it-yourself rat removal often doesn’t work as improper use of rat bait and traps can for sure lead to unintended consequences.

Even the cleanest home can suffer from rat infestation.

Most homeowners employ several measures to prevent rats. However, even if you don’t leave pets’ or other types of foods outside overnight and your house is very clean, these wily creatures can easily enter your property.

Rats bait

Nowadays there are many professional rat exterminators companies offering a professional service to both commercial and residential premises.

Are there any guarantees? A professional rat control service can ensure your house is free from pesky rats and provide a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Is it safe? If you have pesky rats don’t delay. Rat exterminator services use non-toxic and safe for humans and pets methods. As a rule these services can offer different extermination technique. Some companies employ bait method using highly-palatable rodenticides.

Where do they place those baits? Baits are usually placed behind appliances in places where it is inaccessible to non-target life forms.  As a rule they result in gradual and almost fool-proof and guaranteed removal.

How to Exterminate Rats: Top 3 Methods

It is not always easy to deal with a huge rat problem on your own. It’s difficult and you can end up with a rat infestation. There are several popular methods of rat removal.  But what is the best one? Frankly speaking it usually depends on the scope of your rat problem, whether you have kids, pets at home.

Rat extermination methods

  • Rats trapTrapping

    There is a wide range of various types of rat traps – like well-known live traps, snap traps, electric traps – which you can purchase at lawn/garden stores or hardware stores. You can place traps yourself at problem areas or hire an exterminator to place the traps for you.

    Clean up food debris and spillages. Keep rubbish in sealed containers. Rats are active at night. It is recommended to put all bird and pet food and drink away.
  • Rat poisonPoison
    Commercial rat poison is actually the best option when rat repellents and traps are unsuccessful. As far as Rat poison is for sure not safe to use around pets and kids, it has to be used carefully.
    Problems: Rats that ingest the poison often crawl into the walls where they die.
    Solution: Talk to an expert to handle the problem of pests dying in your walls.
  • Ultrasonic deviceUltrasonic devices
    Although these products are not very effective, they can scare rats away. Ultrasonic devises are human way of rat removal.

Why You Need to Hire an Expert?

In cases when rat infestation is so severe that you don’t have necessary skills to eradicate these creepy rodents you need a professional help. Not only are canny creatures the cause of damaged items and ruined food but they are also hosts to a wide number of harmful bacteria and viruses that can lead to serious diseases and life-threatening infections. The main problem that occurs when dealing with pesky rats is that no matter how many types of traps or poison you use, these creatures often keep coming back. This is the situation when you need to call Extermination Company.

Professional companyProfessionals can help you:

  • Inspect your property to find out where the rodents are coming in.
  • Seal your home to keep rats out.
  • Use products and techniques to protect your property and your family in the most environmentally responsible and efficient way.

Remember pesky rats can reproduce very quickly and cause damage to your property, so you need professional exterminators to investigate the problem and get the rat job done right the first time.

When to call an exterminator?

Contact exterminators when you:

  • Hear rustling/gnawing noises in your walls/attic – especially at night.
  • See droppings in your attic, kitchen or bedroom.

Rat Extermination Services: Three Phases

As a rule such services are divided into 3 phases:

  1. Rats eliminationPre-extermination process
    Before starting the process of rat elimination there are several preparations the company has to confirm. The first one is inspection. Experts will evaluate how bad or manageable the situation is. The next step is determination when experts determine the type of actions they are going to take to crack the problem.  Exterminators will discuss with you the measures they will take as well as the cost.
  2. Rat exterminator specialistThe process of extermination
    The professional will conduct the process of treatment that will be based on the level of rat infestation. As a rule exterminators use working rat traps and poison for minor cases. When it comes to severe rat problem, the whole building can be fumigated by a chemical agent. In such cases, the residents must leave their property for a while until it is chemical-free.
  3. The process of Post-Rat Extermination
    After the treatment – based on rat infestation level – exterminators will give you helpful advice how to prevent future rat infestation by giving you special tips.

Rat Exterminator Cost

Although professional rat exterminators can resolve all your rat problems, the cost is the primary consideration you need to bear in mind.

Professional rat exterminatorsThe cost of rat exterminator depends on a number of factors like:

  • Location of the nest. In fact, the cost of the rat removal service often depends upon the place of nesting area. In case the nest is inside – snap traps are used. However, if the nesting area is outside tamper proof bait station will be used.
  • What number of areas needs to be sealed? If fewer, the price will be less.
  • How severe is rat infestation? If you have huge rat infestation, this may require more and different types of traps.

Depending on the size of the job, rat extermination may vary from $200 to as much as $900. In any case, this depends on the size of job.



  • More than one visit is needed to ensure pesky creatures are removed;
  • The cost of traps you’ll have to purchase may vary from $15 to as much as $60.
  • The cost for initial consultation ranges from $55 to $180. During the consultation process, the expert will go through your property to find out any trouble areas. After that a professional will recommend the products that will help you to deal with rats and discuss what he can do for you.

Let’s see what the most popular services are available:

  • Rat ExterminatorsSt Pete FL Rat Exterminator

    The service has over twenty years of experience in rat removal and can effectively address any concern you may have. Their exterminators will:

    • Schedule a suitable time to come and inspect your property;
    • Find out how pesky rats are gaining access;
    • Seal the openings with aluminum flashing/commercial grade wiring-mesh;
    • Use special products to eradicate rats.

    Call: 727-372-1175

  • Tampa Rat Extermination Company – will identify and seal up each opening of your property at an affordable price putting to an end your rat problems.
    Call right now: 1-813-994-1166
  • Rat Removal Perth – provide excellent service in rat control.
    Call: 08-9468-8093 for a quick quote.
  • Western Exterminator Company – experts in rat removal. They have the latest/best methods for finding where canny rats are getting in as well as preventing these creatures from returning.

    Experts will:

    • Survey your property;
    • Trap rodents and place bait stations if rats are found outside the structure;
    • Set the most effective traps to eradicate the infestation if rats enter a structure;
    • Inspect your property and will inform you about any entrance points that might allow rat infestation.
    • Clean-up and re-set the traps until all rat activity is eliminated.

    Experts will work with you to find the best/right solution such as bait stations that work with your home, family and schedule.
    Stop the infestation now. Call today: 800-937-8398
    Western Exterminator Company

  • Green Pest Control – offer a twelve month warranty. Experts will do a complete inspection of your house and will help you to remove rats.
    For a regular rat treatment you are to pay $185.
    The company also offers a dead pest/rat removal service for $110.00.
    Call: 1-800-6-12345
  • Dallas Rat Control Service – is your local pest/rat control service.
    Call: 972–877–4650
  • Pest Free Living

    Call: 6O4-771-25O5


    • For RAT EXTERMINATION as well as CONTROL: $285.00
    • For RAT EXTERIOR /OUTDOOR/ CONTROL you are to pay: $62.00 p/month
      (four-month Exterior Rat Control Program)
  • Green Rat ControlGreen rat control – another solution to rat problem. The company offers:
    • rat control,
    • debris cleanup
    • attic decontamination,
    • attic cleaning,
    • replacement services,
    • Insulation removal.

    Their experts have experienced all types of attic cleanup in offices and homes in Southern/Northern California.
    Call: 818-772-7777

By far, the best way to remove rats is to hire an exterminator company with experience. Experts will come up with the best possible solutions to stop and keep canny rats away. Exterminators will surely find the right treatment as well as effective prevention methods for your rat problem.

You can find further details of Rats Control here.