People, who have ever experienced an invasion of chipmunks, know that these small and cute rodents can do lots of damage to their property.

Without a doubt, these creatures are cute when you see them in woods but not when they are in your yard. There is a huge number of reasons why most homeowners want to make away with these animals. Chipmunks can eat pet’s food, flower bulbs and cause serious damage in the yard.

Fortunately, there are natural and safe repellents with which you can easily exclude them from your yard. In this article, we will provide you with beneficial information on how to keep chipmunks away using efficient chipmunk deterrents and repellents. Learn about effective products that are 100% natural and safe.

Chipmunk deterrent effectiveness

There are many techniques to keep these little creatures out of your area. You can learn more about chipmunk control here.

When it comes to chipmunk deterrents, not all of them are safe and effective.

Many homeowners use mothballs as chipmunk deterrents.
However, considering that most mothballs can poison the environment, using mothballs is not the best solution.

So, how to deter chipmunks using natural products? Below there is a list of the most effective deterrents that are really working.

Unattractive plants

The simplest way to deter chipmunks is to choose plants that are unattractive to them.

Planting narcissus flowers is a great strategy. Due to toxic alkaloids and calcium-oxalate crystals of all the narcissus plants, most chipmunks can be easily repelled by them.

Don’t know what flowers to use for spring planting? Use daffodils (narcissus). In such a way you will get wants and needs met. Not only you will have a beautiful yard but you will also avoid any problems that may be created by chipmunks.

Narcissus plants are unattractive to chipmunks.

Solar rotating owls

Solar rotating owlStrike fear into chipmunks. These days many homeowners use solar rotating garden owls. This garden owl can turn its head and light up the eyes.

You can buy different types of owls. Some of them use batteries and some electricity or wind power for mowing the wings. Use an owl decoy and scare chipmunks away.

If you prefer trapping, read everything you need to know about the best chipmunk traps here.

U Scram Cat and Chipmunk Deterrent

U Scram is a beneficial product that helps repel and remove chipmunks out of your yard. Press U Scram cork trees into the ground or anywhere you desire no chipmunks. The effect of the product is immediate.

Non-toxic odors created by the product are offensive and unpleasant for chipmunks. These animals will quickly get out of your property and will for sure keep out of it in the future.

How to choose the best natural chipmunk repellent

How to discourage chipmunks from entering a certain area is a sore subject for many homeowners. Let’s see how to repel chipmunks effectively.

There are many advertised repellents but not all of them are trustful. Learning if others have found these repellents effective is a good idea.
Shop carefully and buy products which are worth trying.

Here is the list of best repellents considering which you will make away with chipmunks easy and without efforts.


Rodent repeller Shake-AwayAre you afraid to kill these cute animals? Just use Shake-away natural repellent.

This effective rodent repellent contains a special blend of specifically formulated natural oils. Manipulate chipmunks’ sense of smell and modify their behavior with this beneficial granular form repellent.

Shake-Away is beneficial because it is not only all organic but also safe and easy in use. What’s more, it will not harm chipmunks and will not make a mess of your landscape. Sprinkle the repellent around the area and avoid the problem.

Repeal chipmunks earlier before they start to reproduce.

Critter Ridder Animal Repellent

Critter Ridder is an easy-to-use, economical chipmunk repellent that is made of all natural ingredients.

Sprinkle the repellent down a garden path or any other needed place like around a flower bed, near ornamental plants or trees for full perimeter protection.

So, how does it work? The scent of this repellent irritates chipmunks and drives them away from the treated area. Critter Ridder is a really unpleasant experience for all the chipmunks and at the same time long-lasting protection for the yards of most homeowners.


This easy-to-use Bobbex-R repellent is safe, natural and works through the use of taste and smell aversion. That’s why the product is great for repelling chipmunks.

Bobbex-R are great chipmunks repelling products

If you need more detailed information on how to remove and get rid of cute chipmunks, you can check it here.

Now you do not have to be an expert to repel chipmunks. Choose the repellent that is best for you and tries it to repel and remove chipmunks out of your property.

You can find further details of Chipmunks Control here.