That’s not a great secret that today there are many different insect and wildlife control problems. It seems that problems aren’t important, if they don’t bother you and your family, but what if bats are right in your house? Tackling them alone can be a pretty nice way out, if you know how things should be done.

We’ve decided to provide all the necessary information and helpful tips on how to eliminate these creatures from your home. So, we’ve managed to select the alternatives that:

  • don’t damage the property,
  • never harm the animals,
  • are absolutely safe for people and pets.

Let’s see what can possibly be done.

How to Successfully Get Rid of Nasty Bats in any House

Remove bats problems in houseI have a bat in my house. This is a very serious statement. Are you really sure about that? Before making haste decisions, you’d better look for signs of infestation:

  • Droppings. The feces carry a fungus that causes Cryptocacaous and Histoplasmosis. If you have noticed any, it means there is an animal somewhere in or around your house right now. Try to avoid direct contacts with the droppings and don’t inhale the air around.
  • Bugs. Bat roosts harbor various parasites like bat bugs that move into the houses and can be confused with bed bugs. Besides, they can bite and transmit diseases.
  • Odor. The urine of the creatures emits strong odor that soon lingers inside your place.
  • Stains. They leave grease marks around the living area.
When flying, bats follow air currents. In case one gets stuck in any room, you must confine it and open all the windows. Then turn off lights not to confuse them.

Bat-proofing a building is what you can do if a bat is in your house. The process includes:

  1. fixing and repairing roof sections,
  2. fixing and repairing loose moldings and flashings,
  3. exterior modifications,
  4. sealing of the soffit line’s perimeter,
  5. screening of chimneys and venting systems,
  6. using the right materials for all the above mentioned processes.

Another popular way of solving a bat problem in house is giving the animals an escape route. This is perhaps the simplest and easiest solution that can be given to them. Whenever you see the creature, open the windows and screens, as well as other exit points. Turn off the lights and give a bat a chance to leave the place.

Of course, there is always a perspective of catching it with a towel or blanket, but normally the procedure like this one causes more damage than good.

Handling bats with bare hands is too dangerous.

If you know there are a few bats in your home, but you cannot find the location, cut off the food supply. Remember that in most cases this is not as easy as it seems to be. The thing is different species are attracted by different food types. Some of them like pollen and fruit, but other give preference to frogs, insects, rodents, fish, blood, etc.

Bat is in the house. What to do? Make sure that all the fruit that has fallen is picked up, the waste or garbage is disposed of or placed in tightly sealed containers.

Snake repellentAre there a lot of snakes in your garden and yard? Then finding a best snake repellent is the first thing you have to do.

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How Fast to Get All Bats out of Your House with Traps and Repellents

Bar removal from the house may include several procedures:

  1. Funneling and exclusion. These ways are the most frequently recommended, if there is the need to eliminate the presence of animals in your house and prohibiting their further access. Funneling can include installation of the netting that is hung over all the openings that allows the bats to exit your property, but leaves no chance for them to re-enter.
  2. Permanent screening method. Netting is used for 14 days only. It ensures that all the animals have left your home. Then a permanent screening method takes place. It is effective in blocking off the openings.
  3. Copper and caulk gauze are the building materials that are approved for usage in case of permanent exclusion.
Don’t try to disrupt the animals when they are young. Forget about traps in the shutter. This can kill them and cause a whole bunch of other serious problems.
The optimal period for flushing out these creatures is from mid-August to mid-May, as they are born in June and July.

Is it allowed to use repellents? Getting rid of nasty bats in your house with the help of repellents is also a nice idea. They are usually non-toxic, if sprayed at the entry/exit points. They repel the animals and assist in preventing re-entrance. However, repellents will affect only those creatures that don’t have babies. Others will look for another root.

Ultrasonic bat repellent devices are absolutely silent to humans. They run emitting ultrasonic frequencies, which interfere with echolocation navigation of these animals. The benefit is that they are never harmed but are really annoyed. This encourages them to start seeking out for much quieter locations.

Ultrasonic bat repellent devices are the most effective against bats.

Ultrasonic bats repellent deviceThe Transonic Pro is one of the best alternatives. It is commonly suited to be used indoors. It manages to cover 3 500 square feet. The Ultrason X is for an outdoor use and covers 3 600 square feet. Today’s market also offers the QB-4 model that can cover up to 6 500 square feet.

This model is even used by the U.S. Air Force, Boeing, Navy as well as the majority of big companies. Such devices are known for being very simple, but still highly effective. They have benefits of an invisible and no-fuss protection. This is mainly why they are required by most customers, who want to know how to remove all the bats from the house.

The Use of Exclusion Devices

Exclusion devices are the most popular choice. They are always installed on all the entry points. As a rule, they are made of various materials and can be of different forms.

  • PVC pipes. They are mostly chosen because they are smooth and slick inside. So, when the animals are inside, they have nothing to grip.
  • Plastic/metal mesh netting. It is a cheaper but not least efficient trap.

Netting is regarded to be a long-lasting and effective bat control option. Most distributors can offer various kinds of exclusion netting. All you must do is install it across openings and protect large areas from the infestation.

Actual Info!
Here many things depend on the kind of the bats you are about to repel. Try to select the right size of the trap that is still small enough for excluding the animals.
What for? Bats can easily wiggle through quite large-holed netting.

Looking for the most popular netting? Then you should get PE-Plus Premium Grade BirdNet. It is well-constructed and tightly-knit. This is why it guarantees protection against picking or tearing by pests.

Bats traps have one common feature: single-way flapIf you pick tubes as traps, place them over the entry points and holes in the soffit or roof. The matter is that such tubes allow the animals to leave your house without any possibility to get back inside the building they’ve left. When the pests are roosting in long horizontal crevices, you can place the tube every 4-6 feet along the distance. This is how you’re going to ensure that creatures won’t get out.

Generally speaking, all the above mentioned devices have one common feature: they are designed with a single-way valve/flap, which means that the pests can exit through this device, but are unable to re-enter.

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Bat Removal Costs

The prices depend on the infestation, number of colonies, methods used, as well as location. Sometimes the price is also affected by the amount of cleanup and seal-up work that is required:

  • As for today, elimination of a small colony or a single pest costs from $100 to $300.
  • At the same time, for the removal of a medium-sized colony you will have to pay from $300 to $1 000.
  • And a large colony will cost you from $2 000 to $9 000, sometimes even more.

Many exterminators offer one more strategy – a bat house. This is a so-called alternative residence that will cost from $20 to $150, depending on the number of creatures.

In any case, when there is a single bat flying in your house, it can be caught without the help of a professional exterminator.

Having read the article, you’ve got acquainted with the principles of work. The job can be done safely and fast, if you buy the right equipment, choose a good repellent or ultrasonic system, seal up all the entry points and cut off the food supply.

You can find further details of Bats Control here.