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Primary Active Ingredient:
11.8% ß-Cyfluthrin
For Use:
Indoor / Outdoor
240 ml (8.12 fl oz)
Time of Action:
Re-apply every 7 to 10 days, if needed
Action area/distance:
  • Indoors: up to 30 gals of finished spray solution
  • Outdoors: up to 30,000 sq. ft.
Active Ingredient Type:
Safe for Pets:

Have you had a nasty infestation of bedbugs in your home lately? Tempo SC Ultra kills bugs faster than most insecticides in the market.

The effectiveness of this pesticide is the active ingredients contained in it. Tempo SC Ultra bed bugs killer contains beta-Cyfluthrin made from organic compounds.

It’s safe to use around children and pets. However, when using Tempo SC, wear protective gear to cover your face and arms to avoid allergic reactions or respiratory problems when inhaled.

If you are tired of the stingy bed bugs hiding in the deep folds in your beddings, buy this pesticide to eliminate the stubborn critters in your home.

Solution for Bedbugs’ Elimination

Tempo SC Ultra comes in powder form. When mixed with water it delivers a strong liquid formulation that kills bed bugs effectively. It is easy to use, as it comes with a bottle sprayer to evenly disperse the solution during application.

Tempo SC Ultra is:

  • odorless and does not stain your beddings or furniture,
  • has a lasting effect, up to 3 months of shelf life,
  • has the highest bed bug mortality rate, requiring fewer repeat treatments on infested areas.

Tempo SC Ultra by Bayer Environmental Science

Tempo SC Ultra will kill bedbugs in your home when sprayed directly on the critters. You need to use a generous amount as prescribed on the product label. It should be applied directly to bed bug hotspots to kill the bugs that encounter the pesticide. However, bed bugs require combined elimination methods such as Raid Max Bed Bug and Flea Killer to make your home safe and bug-free.

Prevention methods require homeowners to heat infested clothes and bedding before using the Tempo bed bug killer. When applied correctly, this insecticide has a high kill rate for all stages of the bedbugs.

The distinction between Tempo SC and Temprid

The difference between Tempo SC and Temprid is in the ingredients contained therein. The active ingredient in Tempo SC contains beta-cyfluthrin, an odorless compound that kills bedbugs without leaving much residue.

Temprid SC, on the other hand, contains two main active ingredients:

  • beta-cyfluthrin and
  • imidacloprid offering a different insecticide that delivers quick killing effects on bedbugs.

The combination provides a robust solution that eliminates bugs when sprayed directly on the critters.

Tempo Sc Ultra vs Temprid
Tempo SC Ultra vs Temprid Instructions

How Temprid SC Bedbug Spray Works

Temprid SC contains imidacloprid and beta-cyfluthrin active pesticide ingredients. These two components act differently on pests when sprayed. When used on bedbugs, Temprid SC provides a powerful control as a neuro-active insecticide that works by destroying the bedbugs’ nervous system. It absorbs the poisonous substance when sprayed directly on the thorax.

Temprid SC Products

The ingredient imidacloprid blocks a neuro path common in insects, which ultimately paralyzes bedbugs, sending them to a slow painful death. Its effectiveness produces long-lasting results, requiring fewer treatments to eliminate bugs in your home.

Using Temprid SC Spray

How to Apply Tempo for Bed Bugs

To perform an effective bed bug management in your home:

  • Remove all the unwanted clutter out of the house.
  • Remove all other fabric items and wash in hot water, or heat to high temperatures in a drier.

Once you have prepared the environment for complete bedbug treatment, follow the outlined steps below to get rid of bedbugs using Tempo SC bug killer:

  • Step 1. Since Temprid SC comes in powder form, mix appropriate proportions with a gallon of water. Use this mixture in less than 24 hours.
  • Step 2. Shake the concoction thoroughly to produce a foggy substance when you turn on the spout on your spray container. A little thin fog is best when sprayed. However, you may use several streams to produce more liquid.
  • Step 3. Spray directly into the affected areas, in crevices and deep cracks, bring the muzzle closer to bed folds, and apply the liquid slowly. Temprid SC kills bedbugs’ populaces that prove impervious to other non-effective sprays.
  • Step 4. For inundated beddings, soak and wash in hot water and dry them in high-temperature heat as well.
  • Bed bugs placesStep 5. Apply Temprid SC to mattresses, creases, and edges until moist. Permit to dry before using the bed or spreading beddings.
  • Step 6. Apply Temprid SC to the bed frame springs, box springs, headboards, and the inner side of the bed edges and joints.
  • Step 8. Spray on the infested parts of your upholstered furniture, tufts, overlays, edges, creases, overlays, and edges. If the bugs heavily manifest in your furniture; pads and folds, lean the seats and use a Temprid SC fume to spray the inner crevices.

Best solution for Maximum Bed Protection
Don’t move suspected bed bug-infected clothes to other rooms before completing the treatment exercise. If your mattress and box spring contain a high bedbug infestation, heat them using a steamer before applying the Tempo SC Ultra treatment.

Cover your bed with a solid mattress encasement to lock out potential bugs from spreading in your room and overall home environment.

Heat all the infested garments on high heat in a home dryer on high heat. In cases of extreme bedbug population with your items such as blankets, soft toys, and stuffed animals, cover these in tight garbage bags or burn them in a heated furnace. This avoids further brooding of the adult bugs that breed and lay millions of eggs. Treat with Tempo SC Ultra for Bedbugs where necessary.

Positive Reviews

  • Carl Matthews on the effectiveness of Tempo SC
    Carl Matthews picked bedbugs from a group discussion on campus grounds where he was studying for his masters’ degree. It was odd since they had never encountered bedbugs in the previous sessions. A friend recommended the effectiveness of the Tempo SC bed bug killer. Carl purchased the powder concoction and mixed it with water as prescribed. He cooked all his clothes in the washing machine and removed all his bedding.
    After applying Tempo SC on practically every inch of the house, Carl left it to dry and slept in late. By morning, there weren’t any bite marks on his skin or any bloodstains on his bedding. It worked like magic! No more bugs since spraying his entire house with Tempo SC bed bug killer.
  • Molly on how Tempo SC helped in relieving discomfort
    Molly brought home stuff she picked up from a storage unit. She never realized that it was BED BUGS infected and by the time, these bloodsuckers got to two beds in her home it was a disaster. Molly’s boyfriend tried three different bedbug killers that never quite worked. Molly read on the internet about Tempo SC bedbug killer. She brought it home and mercilessly sprayed it on her bed and furniture. She soaked the entire house in Tempo SC. “There’s not a bug killer that comes close to Tempo SC. It eliminated all the bloodsuckers in my home in two successive application treatments.” Molly was evidently relieved at the efficacy of Tempo SC.
  • Jared – Tempo SC never disappoint
    Jared has used Tempo SC to rid bedbugs from his car for the last six years. It has worked every time he soaks his car seats in the solution. Jared loves Tempo because bedbug recurrence is near zero percent, and the insecticide does not stain his seats and has no chemical odor.

The success of Tempo Dust on Bedbug Removal

Tempo Dust has received high accolades from users who have benefitted from its results. Bedbugs typically hatch hundreds of eggs at a rate of 4 eggs on average per day, in hidden crevices of your bed or furniture, or worse still in the frames on your doors. The eggs hatch within seven to fourteen days and begin feeding immediately. Tempo dust has consistently produced positive results when applied to bedbugs in all stages. They all die when covered with Tempo dust, proving it as one of the most effective bedbug killer dust in the market.

Pyrethroid-Tempo Dust destroys bugs with every fresh application.

Tempo dust made from (pyrethroid-based dust) continuously destroys bugs with every fresh application. It’s best used on dry surfaces when applied directly to the surface. The dust irritates the bedbug’s soft thorax, sucking up all the moisture, paralyzing it from movements, leading to its eventual slow death. Tempo Dust kills all critters from the bedbug cycle within 24 hours of its treatment.

How to use it

Use a hand duster to apply Tempo dust to the affected areas in your house such as:

  • baseboards,
  • in the mattresses folds and bedsprings,
  • in your furniture.

    1% Dust by Tempo

    You may find Tempo dust a bit messy once applied, but they provide valuable effectiveness in places less accessible using other bug removal solutions.

    Tempo dust also lasts for several months and still kills bed bugs crawling around in the hidden spots such as:

    • Wall electrical faceplates,
    • Bed Headboard,
    • Baseboards,
    • Furniture and drawers,
    • Wall fixtures and lamps.

    For maximum control of bedbugs, use insecticides containing the Tempo Ultra SC ingredient and apply all potential bedbug habitats in your home and compound. Treat all visible cracks, walls, window frames, and carpeted areas. Where possible, use Tempo SC Ultra in your kitchen furniture, away from food surfaces, and near your food storage area.

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    1. This stuff is the bomb. I used it to kill all of my insect pests and they haven’t been back since! The one thing that surprised me was how well it worked on roses too-not just around their base as most people do, but directly spraying this product onto them made for some much healthier-looking bushes with more leaves than usual.

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