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4 rodent smoke bombs
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Primary Active Ingredient:
39.4% Sulfur, 38.8% Potasium Nitrate, 9.3% Charcoal Carbon
For Use:
4 x 1 oz
Active Ingredient Type:
Bonide Products, Inc.

Revenge Smoke Bombs are used in rodent burrows as a suffocating vapor smoke. This gassing method may be used for moles, gophers, woodchucks, rats, squirrels and skunks.

Make sure you close off other exits that might exist. Also, know which animal you are targeting. Some animals are better to target a night and some day time. Some of our customers prefer the Giant Destroyer because it burns brighter, but keep in mind the actives is what kills the targeted animal not the brightness. It is proven that the Revenge brand has more deadly gases.
Top Features
  • Instead of using poison baits, this gasser would eliminate seconary poisoning.
  • Quickly and effectively eliminates moles from gardens and lawns.

How to Use

Application Steps

  1. Read and understand the specific directions for the type of animal that you intend to control.
  2. Collect sufficient soil, rocks or other noncombustible materials to close burrow system after insertion of cartridge.
  3. Make sure the burrow or den hole(s) are large enough for easy insertion of cartridge.
  4. Position yourself so that you can light fuse and promptly insert cartridge into burrow.
  5. The minimum burn time is 5 seconds. Avoid breathing cartridge smoke.
  6. Prepare hold for treatment as specified [on product label] for target animal control.
  7. Insert fuse into cartridge, making sure at least two inches of fuse protrudes from the cartridge (minimum burn time 5 seconds). Working quickly, light fuse and insert cartridge into hole fuse-end first. Never light the cartridge directly [or with less than 2 inches of fuse nor hold a burning cartridge in your hand. Cover hold immediately with rock or sod, taking care not to smother cartridge. Immediately cover all openings from which gas escape is visible.
Prior to application carefully observe areas to be treated. Apply cartridges only to burrow systems or dens currently being used by target species. Do not apply cartridges to burrows or dens known or believed to contain non-target vertebrate animals. Do not use cartridges where vegetation is dry and likely to catch fire.

Follow directions on the package closely. Trap rodents in their burrow by closing off exits. Then, deploy the bombs into the burrow so the rodents will be suffocated and killed inside of the burrow. Use this for a wide variety of rodent pests. Some larger pests may require an extra smoke bomb to complete the job. Do not use inside of your home or near areas where people may gather.

Do not use in, under, or near buildings, homes, porches or any structure.

  • Woodchucks: Locate all entrances. Select one for treatment and close all other entrances with rock or dirt.
    Follow Application Steps 1-6 [on label].
    Consult state game laws before using this product for woodchuck control.
  • Pocket Gophers: Burrow Preparation – Locate a characteristic fan-shaped soil mound with signs of recent activity (e.g., recently excavated soil) at plugged burrow entrances.
    Determine if burrow is active by removing soil plug from center of each burrow entrance. Return the next day to see if the burrow opening has been re-plugged, indicating active use by a pocket gopher.
    DO NOT treat burrows that remain unplugged. Find the horseshoe-shaped depression on one side of the plugged mound. Locate the main runway by probing the ground 15-18″ (38-46cm) from the mound, starting on the same side as the depression. The main runway has been located when friction on the probe is released and it falls into the runway. Using a shovel or trowel, dig down to the main runway, taking care not to block it with soil, to create a hole. Follow Application Steps 1-6 [on label]. Treat all active mounds. One cartridge placed in the end of a runway should be sufficient. One or more additional cartridges should be used if treatment takes place in the middle of runway or if runway is “T-shaped” to reach pocket gophers that may be on the untreated side of the plugged runway.
    Re-treat in 5-7 days if new or residual activity appears.
Do not use this product under a porch, shed, or indoors. It is a possible fire hazard, and it can be toxic to people and animals if not used properly.

Questions & Answers

Can I throw a Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb under my porch or shed?

No, it can only be placed in the burrow of the animal. It is a possible fire hazard.

How does Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb work?

It emits toxic fumes that will kill the animal in the burrow.

How many Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs do I use?

One cartridge per burrow should be adequate. Block off other exits to burrow.

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  1. I used these to get rid of my ground squirrel problem. We waited until dusk counted how many were in their holes and then one by one we put a squirt bottle bomb into each hole (we filled it first). After ten minutes all that was left were two dead critters with bloodshot eyes who couldn’t wait for dark!

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