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Primary Active Ingredient:
Permethrin / Deltamethrin
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6 Ounce / 1 Quart / 1 Gallon
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JT Eaton & Co., Inc.

Bed bugs can be a nuisance to your family. Their bites are painful and can pose serious health complications to allergic individuals. The red swellings occasioned by their bites are painful, and their presence in open body parts may adversely affect your self-esteem. As such, it is important to eliminate the bed bugs from your house completely. This article elaborates on the best elimination method. Read on to know the best insecticide, how and when to use it as well as the safety measures to observe during its application.

The Effectiveness

The Spray is one of the best bed bug sprays in stores. The spray has three formulations that effectively eliminate the bugs.

They include:

  1. JT Eaton Oil-Based Kills Bedbugs Spray (Red Label).
    Its main ingredient is natural pyrethrum. It’s a ready-to-use formulation that quickly yet effectively gets rid of the bed bugs. The product has no residuals, and the bugs have not developed resistance against it. This makes it highly effective in eliminating the bugs. The formula also contains a repellent that makes the bugs get out of their hiding zones thus increasing the chances of contact with the insecticides. When the oil evaporates, the active ingredient also evaporates which leads to zero residual effects. This makes it easy to apply directly to the mattresses and other sections of the house without safety fears.
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  2. JT Eaton Water-Based Kills Bedbugs Spray (Blue Label).
    This is ready to use formulation. Its active ingredient is Deltamethrin. The product takes longer to kill the bed bugs because the water base of the spray takes time to penetrate the waxy surface of the bed bugs. However, it is recommended due to its high safety levels. The low residual levels allow a direct application on mattresses and other sections of the house. Due to this fact, the spray reaches deep into the bug’s hiding areas thus increasing the chance of complete elimination of the bugs.
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  3. JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs Spray (Yellow Label).
    The spray has a water base, and the active ingredient is Permethrin. It takes a whole day before killing the bed bugs due to their water-based nature which takes longer to penetrate the waxy surface of the bed bugs. Its safety is higher compared to other sprays, and it can be directly applied to clothing, luggage, camping gear, mattresses, and other areas around your home.
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The spray has both active and preventive roles in keeping your house free from bed bugs. It is designed to have a long-lasting residual effect that protects your house from bed bug re-infestation for a long time. The product is the most versatile and effective spray in the market.

How Does the Product Work?

JT Eaton SprayJT Eaton penetrates the waxy surface of the bed bugs and affects their protein synthesis mechanisms leading to death. It is an easy-to-use spray and aerosol form with smart cap technology to effectively reach their hiding zones. The rate of bed bug elimination depends on the severity of the infestation and the choice of the spray.

Mattresses carry the greatest risk of harboring bed bugs.

The red label JT Eaton spray has an oil base that quickly penetrates the bed bug’s surface and kills them almost instantly. On the other hand, the water-based JT Eaton has limited penetration ability. Due to this limitation, the penetration may take a whole day but will eventually kill the bug. The insecticide is highly effective and has a success rate of above 99%. The water-based bed bug spray has a 12-week residual effect. This means that after the water evaporates, a microscopic film of the product is left behind. This film continues to kill the bed bugs for 12 more weeks which assures continued protection against the bugs.

JT Eaton Spray for Prevention and Infestation

The product is a residual killer that protects your house from bed bug infestation and covers the house against re-infestation for 12 weeks. During the application, you should apply the oil-based red label bed bug spray to kill the existing bed bugs in the house quickly. After the first application, you should apply the water-based spray which has a longer residual effect. The spray forms a layer on all the surfaces of your house which acts as a protective barrier against re-infestation.

To increase the effectiveness of the bed bug spray, you should follow the following procedure:

  • Study your house to determine the bed bug’s hiding zones. This is to ensure that you direct the spray to the bed bugs for complete elimination.
95% of bed bug infestations will be within five feet of your bed. Also, they can be found in drawer joints.

Most Effective Areas to Apply Kills Bedbugs Products

Most Effective Areas
  • Depending on the degree of the infestation, you can decide whether to directly spray the mattress or use ActiveGuard Mattress Liners and safe encasements. The encasements allow you to apply the insecticide and zip up the encasement for several months. This will suffocate and poison the bed bugs since the air will be filled with the insecticide and they lack an exit route. On the other hand, active guard liners are necessary both as a protective measure or an active elimination method. They kill the bed bugs within three days and prevent re-infestation. It comes in different sizes including single, full, queen, and king sizes with the capability of fitting up to 17 inches in depth.
  • Once you’ve identified other areas, you need to apply the JT Eaton spray carefully. Use the low-pressure spray to harborage regions such as baseboards, loose plaster, beneath the beds, and bed frames. You can spray on the furniture although you should avoid spraying to regions with direct contacts with people or pets including seating or arm placements. In cases you want to apply on cracks and crevices, you should adjust the sprayer to a single stream for easier penetration.

Why Do I Need JT Eaton to Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can become stubborn especially when they become resistant to the available insecticides. To prevent re-emergence, it is necessary that you use highly efficient products.

  • JT Eaton has active pyrethrum derivatives that eliminate all the bed bugs including those that have developed resistance to other forms of insecticides.
  • The spray is made from natural products that are odorless. This assures comfort during and after the application process. Additionally, this makes it environmentally friendly, and it doesn’t affect the quality of life for your family.
  • The spray is ideal for you if you travel frequently and spend time in lodges and hotels. This is because a majority of bed bugs in homes are introduced from clothing used in hotels and lodges. The JT Eaton spray is used on luggage before traveling as a preventive measure. The bottle is conveniently built for portability. It has an easy-to-apply sprayer and a small size which allows you to apply in any location. You should always spray the luggage from outside especially along the zipper.

Review of the Product

The Spray is an effective contact killer with a high potential of eliminating bed bugs from your house.

It has the following unique features:

  • Has both oil-based and water-based formulations.
  • Uniquely designed for use in stubborn cases of bed bugs re-emergence.
  • Made from highly effective pyrethrum derivatives.
  • Has above 99% success rate.
  • Can be used on all surfaces that harbor the bedbugs including wall joints, mattresses, and furniture.
  • Available in different packages with sprayer and aerosol.
  • JT offers a one-year limited warranty on the product.


  • The JT Eaton Bed Bug Spray is easy to apply as it is packaged in the aerosol form with a sprayer for easier access to cracks and other bed bug hiding zones. The quick killing ability and reduced residual effect make the product versatile and highly effective.
  • The water-based JT bed bug spray does not stain your household items including curtains, clothes, chairs, and carpets. This gives you the confidence to apply it in all the bed bugs’ hiding areas thus enhancing the complete eradication of the bed bugs. However, you should always ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the product. This increases the elimination rate as you will use the right amounts of the product. Additionally, you should take precautionary measures by letting the place dry before allowing children and pets into the treated house.
  • Impressive pricing. This is a compelling feature of JT bed bug sprays. It offers great value at affordable prices of between $14.95 and $30 per gallon. The product contains three premium pyrethrum derivatives including Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, and Permethrin. The three active ingredients form a synergy that increases the bed bug elimination rate.
  • Limited Warranty. The spray comes with a one-year limited warranty against any form of defect on the product. This is meant to boost your confidence in the effectiveness of the product.

Bed bug infestation in the house can be frustrating. It’s important to ensure that you eliminate the bed bugs from your house and apply preventive measures to prevent a re-infestation. The spray possesses both active and preventive qualities.

JT Eaton Information

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JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs Spray (Yellow Label) SDS

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  1. We had a bedbug and flea issue, only saw one of each but got this n saturated the joints n underside of couch, some along baseboards and cracks n crevices, used.in conjunction with Earth D and the jt eaton duster our home is now pest free!

  2. This product is effective but the residual last maybe a week. and should not be your only product to use against bedbugs..the JT Eaton kits work best

  3. I have had an on and off problem with bed bugs for almost a year now, tho mostly off, After a spray from my landlord. I thought I was helping with your product on my mattresses and such, but as I sprayed the heck out of one little one in the median between wall and celling. It stayed there moving around a little here and there until I finally squished it about 12 hours later. I wanted to discuss this with someone from your company, but there was no easy access way to do that. I wanted to know if I possibly had a strain that were immune to DDT as it’s a rooming house that has had many owners good and bad in it’s past. I, however was given no such way to do that in informational on the package. I am not impressed with your product, and have seen it only work as a way to flush bed bugs out with flooding not as an actual poison. i bought 3 bottles I seriously regret.

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