For how long have you been trying to eliminate scorpions? For days, weeks, months?

You’ve probably understood that this task is far from being easy, but still, there are no reasons to give way to despair! In this article, we are going to provide full-blown answers to all the questions you have.

Keep reading to find tips and recommendations on infestation elimination. Get the added evidence that there are powerful solutions able to bring your life back to normal.

Say NO to scorpions and the danger they bring with them.

How to Kills Scorpions? Do Preventive Measures Work?

Did you know that scorpions are occasional guests in a house? However, they pose a medical threat to its inhabitants. The most common kind of these arachnids in the Phoenix area is the bark scorpion. This is the most venomous and potentially lethal type in the state.

Today there exist several popular methods of eliminating these little critters from your place.

The procedure includes basic steps:

  • identification,
  • food elimination,
  • harborage sites elimination,
  • exclusion,
  • chemical control.

Still, most specialists are sure that prevention is the best cure. Is there a way to forbid them to come into your living area? Definitely! There won’t be any need in killing scorpions if you get rid of lumber, firewood, compost heaps and rocks.

Make sure you’ve sealed all cracks in windows and doors, checked the foundation of the building and keeping your place free from cockroaches and spider webs. This is the best way to eliminate these creatures.

Regular preventive measures are of top efficiency.
Keep your house free of other pests and scorpions won’t have any food sources to crave for.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Before calling on professional exterminators, address natural solutions. In 85% of cases, they are the best variant, not speaking of their total safety for people and animals. What do we suggest?

  1. Damp burlap bags help to lure critters from the places they’re hiding in. All you should do is dampen the bags and place them in the center of the floor just before you’re going to bed. As it is moist and seems to be a nice place to hide in, the bag attracts scorpions. When the morning comes, just squish them.
  2. Boric acid – another variant of getting rid of scorpions. Its powder form is used for dusting cracks, crevices, and hard-to-reach areas. Normally it adheres to the legs of critters and works as a powerful natural insecticide.
  3. Glue boards – this variant is simple, but impactful. When scorpions walk, they follow walls. Just pick the corners and place glue traps there. Put them in closets as well, as these are perfect places for daylight hiding.

Maximizing Scorpion Control to Minimize Infestation

Scorpion control to minimize infestationAccording to the latest researches, a really powerful scorpion pest control requires consistency and proper treatment inside the walls, as well as outlets, where are these incredibly nimble creatures prefer to hide. FYI, no treatment is 100% effective against them, and that’s mainly why they suggest treating the problem once per month.

These creatures aren’t dangerous, unless humans are too young/old/allergic to poison.

In most cases, this is the matter of lessening the problem. Many pests go for 6 months without eating, and if you don’t notice them, it doesn’t mean they vanished. How to get rid of scorpions? Make your house less appealing to them.

Make sure you’ve checked:

  • lush grass,
  • junk piles,
  • lumber,
  • sprinkles,
  • swimming pools,
  • garages.

These places attract them the most. In fact, it is essential to minimize all the shady areas, remove debris and food sources.

Speaking of scorpion pesticides, it should be pointed out that these creatures gained respect in the pesticide industry. Today’s market offers a whole bunch of products that work against them.

Start with wettable powders for scorpion extermination. The most popular are Cyper WP and Demon WP, as they are specially designed to be used around the house’s perimeter.

You can also pick Delta Dust and Drione Dust, as these two are used in the entry positions and the attic.

Are you about to use pesticides? Use caution, because they contain poisons that are harmful to people and pets.

Professional service is ensures long-lasting resultsCatch-and-trap method is another popular alternative of scorpion extermination. As soon as you notice these beasties in your house, start acting! It is a well-known fact that they like scrawling around wet areas like bathrooms, laundry, sinks, etc. What should you do to eliminate the infestation? Use scorpion traps.

A widely-spread method is catching them and then releasing somewhere far away from your place. One can use a pretty common mouse trap for catching or a live trap. To cope with the task you must know the location where they are hiding. Place a trap along the wall and within a day or two, a few pests will be captured.

If you leave your pest control problems ignored in a timely manner, the cost of infestation treating will be much higher than regular preventative treatments.
This is why wasting your time is not the way out.

Did you notice that all your trying are vain? Call scorpion control company. Professional service is costly, but it ensures long-lasting results.

Natural Repellents

Lavender and cedar essential oil are the best repellents. How to use them? Plant fresh lavender around the house’s foundation and the pests won’t get into it.

You can also mix 20 drops of cedar essential oil with water. Spray this mixture on crack, window holes and around doors.


Many professionals suggest using diatomaceous earth. What is diatomaceous earth? This is a powder that is made of fossilized aquatic diatoms. As diatoms have sharp spines, the structure of the powder is abrasive, and this is the main reason for its efficacy. When these little critters penetrate into your house, the powder cuts them, causing fast dehydration and death.

Chemical control eliminates small pests that are food sources for scorpions.

Efficacy of Brand Killers

Can brand solutions be effective? Yes, in fact, they can solve the problem within one day. Most products are specially formulated to kill small and large creatures on contact. The effect lasts for 16-20 weeks depending on the solution.

Some of them can be effectively used both indoors and outdoors. Before buying read the label to find out whether it’s exactly what you need.

Using Scorpion Sprays

Spraying is another method to consider if natural ones were inefficient. What to begin with? Do the research!

Check the areas:

  • dark corners of closets;
  • along door and window frames;
  • around utility installations;
  • behind/beneath stoves, sinks, cabinets and refrigerators.

Spray as many scorpions as you see. Treat all the parts of the room, where they are hiding. Spray hidden surfaces under sinks, behind food storage areas, fridges and stoves.

You knew that getting rid of scorpions is a hard task to cope with. Now you see that fulfilling it is possible if you have a realistic view of things. Start with pest identification and proceed to their elimination with natural and brand solutions.

Act now! Wasting your time you contribute to fast infestation!

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