Getting Rid of Scorpions and Ways of Pest Control

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For how long have you been trying to eliminate scorpions? For days, weeks, months?

You’ve probably understood that this task is far from being easy, but still, there are no reasons to give way to despair! In this article, we are going to provide full-blown answers to all the questions you have.

Keep reading to find tips and recommendations on infestation elimination. Get the added evidence that there are powerful solutions able to bring your life back to normal.

Say NO to scorpions and the danger they bring with them.

How to Kills Scorpions? Do Preventive Measures Work?

Did you know that scorpions are occasional guests in a house? However, they pose a medical threat to its inhabitants. The most common kind of these arachnids in the Phoenix area is the bark scorpion. This is the most venomous and potentially lethal type in the state.

Today there exist several popular methods of eliminating these little critters from your place.

The procedure includes basic steps:

  • identification,
  • food elimination,
  • harborage sites elimination,
  • exclusion,
  • chemical control.

Still, most specialists are sure that prevention is the best cure. Is there a way to forbid them to come into your living area? Definitely! There won’t be any need in killing scorpions if you get rid of lumber, firewood, compost heaps and rocks.

Make sure you’ve sealed all cracks in windows and doors, checked the foundation of the building and keeping your place free from cockroaches and spider webs. This is the best way to eliminate these creatures.

Regular preventive measures are of top efficiency.
Keep your house free of other pests and scorpions won’t have any food sources to crave for.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Before calling on professional exterminators, address natural solutions. In 85% of cases, they are the best variant, not speaking of their total safety for people and animals. What do we suggest?

  1. Damp burlap bags help to lure critters from the places they’re hiding in. All you should do is dampen the bags and place them in the center of the floor just before you’re going to bed. As it is moist and seems to be a nice place to hide in, the bag attracts scorpions. When the morning comes, just squish them.
  2. Boric acid – another variant of getting rid of scorpions. Its powder form is used for dusting cracks, crevices, and hard-to-reach areas. Normally it adheres to the legs of critters and works as a powerful natural insecticide.
  3. Glue boards – this variant is simple, but impactful. When scorpions walk, they follow walls. Just pick the corners and place glue traps there. Put them in closets as well, as these are perfect places for daylight hiding.

Maximizing Scorpion Control to Minimize Infestation

Scorpion control to minimize infestationAccording to the latest researches, a really powerful scorpion pest control requires consistency and proper treatment inside the walls, as well as outlets, where are these incredibly nimble creatures prefer to hide. FYI, no treatment is 100% effective against them, and that’s mainly why they suggest treating the problem once per month.

These creatures aren’t dangerous, unless humans are too young/old/allergic to poison.

In most cases, this is the matter of lessening the problem. Many pests go for 6 months without eating, and if you don’t notice them, it doesn’t mean they vanished. How to get rid of scorpions? Make your house less appealing to them.

Make sure you’ve checked:

  • lush grass,
  • junk piles,
  • lumber,
  • sprinkles,
  • swimming pools,
  • garages.

These places attract them the most. In fact, it is essential to minimize all the shady areas, remove debris and food sources.

Speaking of scorpion pesticides, it should be pointed out that these creatures gained respect in the pesticide industry. Today’s market offers a whole bunch of products that work against them.

Start with wettable powders for scorpion extermination. The most popular are Cyper WP and Demon WP, as they are specially designed to be used around the house’s perimeter.

You can also pick Delta Dust and Drione Dust, as these two are used in the entry positions and the attic.

Are you about to use pesticides? Use caution, because they contain poisons that are harmful to people and pets.

Professional service is ensures long-lasting resultsCatch-and-trap method is another popular alternative of scorpion extermination. As soon as you notice these beasties in your house, start acting! It is a well-known fact that they like scrawling around wet areas like bathrooms, laundry, sinks, etc. What should you do to eliminate the infestation? Use scorpion traps.

A widely-spread method is catching them and then releasing somewhere far away from your place. One can use a pretty common mouse trap for catching or a live trap. To cope with the task you must know the location where they are hiding. Place a trap along the wall and within a day or two, a few pests will be captured.

If you leave your pest control problems ignored in a timely manner, the cost of infestation treating will be much higher than regular preventative treatments.
This is why wasting your time is not the way out.

Did you notice that all your trying are vain? Call scorpion control company. Professional service is costly, but it ensures long-lasting results.

Natural Repellents

Lavender and cedar essential oil are the best repellents. How to use them? Plant fresh lavender around the house’s foundation and the pests won’t get into it.

You can also mix 20 drops of cedar essential oil with water. Spray this mixture on crack, window holes and around doors.


Many professionals suggest using diatomaceous earth. What is diatomaceous earth? This is a powder that is made of fossilized aquatic diatoms. As diatoms have sharp spines, the structure of the powder is abrasive, and this is the main reason for its efficacy. When these little critters penetrate into your house, the powder cuts them, causing fast dehydration and death.

Chemical control eliminates small pests that are food sources for scorpions.

Efficacy of Brand Killers

Can brand solutions be effective? Yes, in fact, they can solve the problem within one day. Most products are specially formulated to kill small and large creatures on contact. The effect lasts for 16-20 weeks depending on the solution.

Some of them can be effectively used both indoors and outdoors. Before buying read the label to find out whether it’s exactly what you need.

Using Scorpion Sprays

Spraying is another method to consider if natural ones were inefficient. What to begin with? Do the research!

Check the areas:

  • dark corners of closets;
  • along door and window frames;
  • around utility installations;
  • behind/beneath stoves, sinks, cabinets and refrigerators.

Spray as many scorpions as you see. Treat all the parts of the room, where they are hiding. Spray hidden surfaces under sinks, behind food storage areas, fridges and stoves.

You knew that getting rid of scorpions is a hard task to cope with. Now you see that fulfilling it is possible if you have a realistic view of things. Start with pest identification and proceed to their elimination with natural and brand solutions.

Act now! Wasting your time you contribute to fast infestation!

You can find further details of Other Pests Control here.

Did that help you to solve your problem?
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I have been working on pest extermination information for a long time and am excited to share this information with you. I also provide product recommendations for my favorite pest extermination products.


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  1. Thank you!!. My sister has had this problem for a while and never knew how to get rid of them naturally, now I can tell her.

  2. alwaze wonderd how to get rid nd treat these unwelcomed guests but now i know bcoz my family needs be protected nd must feel save in da private space of their home….will start makin use of these tips nd c how it goes tanx 4 da advice thumbs UP

  3. Can’t I get a Particular insecticide for Killing Scorpion?

  4. We have used Talstar, the liquid concentrate that we dilute and spray the window surrounds, doors and the occasional scorpion or waterbug that sneaks through is usually dead or dying when we find it. Its inert but powerful and doesn’t affect our dogs once it dries. Its worked for us for the past 11 years.

    • I submitted at the bottom but I wanted to make sure u got my thank you..u helped me more than the site did

  5. very informative information, I saw some little. Scorpion in my back yard, what is the best spray for outdoor
    Thank you

  6. Scorpions can not climb smooth surfaces. Company – pest borders installs a barrier on your home prevents them from getting on and in.

    • Except I literally just found one chilling half way up on a smooth wall. Kind of the reason I’m looking here…

    • We killed one 7 feet up on our bedroom wall last night. They can climb when they want too.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Just an FYI, Mark Minkowitz owns Pest Borders, the company he is shilling here. He neglects to mention that fact.

  7. No matter how smooth a wall is they can climb it. But they cannot climb glass. Pest Borders surrounds the base of your home and garage with glass barrier the scorpions cannot get on or in.

  8. We go scorpion hunting at night about 8:15. Daughter’s home is in an orange grove and outside and inside was a constant problem with scorpies. Best method is to go out in yard with a flashlight or black light. Shine light on block walls. Be near the wall with a thick board and smash them. We got 48 scorpions in 2 weeks using a 1″ by 4″ piece of wood.

  9. I have a dog and 2 cats. I just found a scorpion walking straight towards me in the bathroom. Can I spray Lavender oil around the baseboards etc to keep the nasty beasts out? I need to spray inside and outside as I live on a mountainside with lots of trees, brush and of course our woodpile.

  10. They can climb alright even on a ceiling, but cant hang on too long before dangling and falling onto couches, beds etc. Good to know about lavender, I use this spray called Harris Scorpion Killer from Home Depot and it kills everything!!! Wish my home was made of glass but really wish for NO PESTS INSIDE MY HOME PERIOD!!!

  11. Talstar made my home bug free from the first day I ever used it. Yet 6 months later I still have scorpions. I got the demon concentrated powder a week ago and dissolved 2 packets in one gallon of water and sprayed the house perimeter and the garage very throughly. I have seen two scorpions in the house since then but their behavior is very different. They dont freeze or play dead and they are sick I can tell. So I am spraying again today focusing on the garage where I believe they have a nest of some kind under the floor out there. As with any chemical insects and other critters do develop a tolerance to these insecticides.. so if they do survive the successive generations will only become harder to eliminate.

  12. Man this stuff freaks me out. I’m visiting a friend in Tucson and will be here for about a month. She lives in about 2 1/2 miles south west of the Tucson Countey Club. She was saying that scorpions aren’t really a problem down here because we aren’t as close to the mountains and are more in the city. How true is this and what can I do to ensure I don’t shit my pants while I’m here…oh and any other critter that may be an issue any advice is much appreciated!!

    • *Country

  13. Diatomaceous earth does not work on scorpions. Or at least not the bark scorpions found all over Phoenix. I caught a scorpion and tested it by putting him in a glass with a ton of diatomaceous earth. He was swimming in the stuff. A week later and the little bugger was still alive.

  14. I live in acapulco mexico. We have dark brown and yellow scorpions. They are everywhere! Impossible to get rid of 100%. Nothing really works. They love the rocks. Been seeing them constantly for 20 yrs. I had a terrarium with about 30+ of them that came from my room only captured late at night. So far never been stung. Good luck!

  15. This is a great article. Thank you. I just discovered that we have Bark Scorpions on our property now. 8 years ago we did not. I had such hopes for Diatematious Earth, but a man has a video on YouTube that shows them still alive after keeping 2 of them in a container on the Diatematious Earth for a week. They were still very much alive!
    I had an experience in NYC of ridding an apartment of German Cockroaches with a mixture of 3/4 Baking Soda & 1/4 Cinnomon. I dusted it everywhere- baseboards, cabinets, closets, etc. The place smelled wonderful and within a week there were NO roaches. I also wrapped all pipes and openings with fine steel wool & duct tape. I am wondering if this will also detur scorpions. They have the same type of body. It gets into their joints & drys them up. I was told they know this and just go elsewhere!

  16. Last year my daughter was put in the hospital because of a scorpion sting. It is a really serious issue. I would get professional help if you have a problem. We have little kids in the house, so we have to keep a close eye.

    • There is a company now called pest borders that installs a barrier around your home outside it keeps the scorpions out.

  17. So, we’re in northeast Oklahoma and just moved out to the country and my husband tells me today about how our neighbor up the road was commenting about his many scorpions they have up there. Now, of course, he tells me this right before falling asleep, so now, instead of sleeping, I’m laying here reading up on scorpions and mourning the loss of my late night bathroom trips that used to be ignorant about potential painful dangers on my floor!! Ugh! I don’t mind admitting that I’m freaking out just a little. I can handle them outside, I just want to be able to walk around my house in the dark if I need to.

    • Don’t worry Christine. I keep a black light beside the bed and use it to light my way to the bathroom. The little buggers glow in the dark with it but make sure you wear slippers if you are going to stomp them.

    • I keep my flip-flops beside my bed and always put them on before getting up during the night. Here in the mountains of far Northern California we have scorpions, especially when the weather gets hot in mid-summer. During the many years I lived in AZ, I never once saw a scorpion in my house or in my yard. I’ve killed several inside my house here….yuuuckkk!! They do freak me out, even though I’ve never been stung by one. I’m thinking maybe I’ll try either Harris Scorpion Killer or Talstar. Good luck, Christine!

  18. Here in central Texas we use the sticky traps designed for mice, in fact, many brands we see around here include scorpions on the label… We put them along the walls, in corners, behind tv, furniture, stove, refridg, etc., they are very effective, however, I don’t know if they are attracted to them or just blunder into them ….. Good Luck

  19. We live in Tempe AZ and never saw any in the 20 years we lived in this hood, nor had any neighbors. Then three years ago this month we have had these hideous creatures in our yard and in the house. We stopped stacking wood for the fire pit but there are rocks on the landscaping. We go out a couple of times a week to hunt them down and kill them and the best spray we found is Terro in the blue & orange can but I want to try the Harris and the Talstar. What demonic creatures these things are!

    • One super important fact! Scorpions cannot climb smooth surfaces like glass. Pest Borders manufacturers and installs a physical glass barrier on the bottom perimeter of home and garage so they cannot even make contact with the home so they cannot enter.

  20. I’m guessing someone nearby dug a new swimming pool and unburied a nest you didn’t know was there. That happened to me. Then we had 14-20 each summer when before it was 2-3. I was stung about 6 weeks ago and have five kids so now on top of spraying, I hunt each night with a black light and a plummers torch because if you just step on them their babies can run away and make the problem worse. I kill about 4 a night but my high was 9.

  21. We had a bad scorpion problem for years and tried everything nothing really worked well until we found pest borders they installed a glass barrier on our house and we havnt had a scorpion since.

  22. Mark do you work for “pest borders?” Lol get the f out with your ads.

    • Nice!

    • Lol! He’s even toned it down to make himself sound like a casual poster.

    • Mark owns Pest Borders. He does this on many websites, pretending he is a customer. Pretty transparent.

  23. I live in the country in south Texas where scorpions are very common. I use the Tom Cat brand of sticky mouse trap pads indoors (placed right up against the baseboard as I do believe they follow along the walls). These pads tend to attract them and once on the pad, a scorpion can’t break loose. For outdoors, Terro is awesome (I think someone else mentioned this, too). It’s a bit hard to find as some Walmarts carry it, and some don’t.

    • I’m in Vegas, where they run rampant. They have no problem walking across the floor in the middle of the room including the kitchen, bathroom and even our master bedroom. Watch out!

      • I’ve lived in Vegas over 17 years and found our 1st one when we moved to sun city. What are you using to control them?

  24. I live on a rock hill in South Central Texas and scorpions are more common to see, on a daily basis, than rain! I’ve tried everything! The sticky traps DO WORK, but other critters get caught up in that goo and it’s a sad situation when they do. A doctor friend of mine recommended Talstar I and it’s the only insecticide I’ve ever tried that kills the scorpion,… directly. Other insecticides are injested by the insects that the scorpions feed on, and then it kills the scorpion…which takes too damn long for me! Nothing I’ve found so far deters the little demons from coming into my house in the first place, so I’m all ears in that department, but you can’t beat Talstar I for gettin’ ’em after ya got ’em!

  25. I just moved into a house here in Chandler, AZ and last night I decided to go out with a black light and Harris Scorpion Killer. I’m sure glad I did! I found about 20 of them suckers all around the yard and outside the house. I sprayed the heck out of them and around the house and garage. Tonight I only saw a few. Lots of baby ones here. No wonder the realitor said as I was signing my lease that pest control was up to me! Looks like I’m going to be hunting every night for awhile and going through lots of ways to get rid of these evil creatures.

  26. Just cut their tail off and let them go! They will their young and die out. We had oodles of these when we moved into a house and after about 2 months no more Scorpians and have not seen any since!! No more babies no more scorpians. Try it, it really works. Good luck,send back a report and others know,Thanks Sharon Percivill Tx

  27. Just moved into a house in Vegas backed up to a wash and a mountain. Found 2 scorpions in the house in the last few days. We have pets and little kids so I am worried. Will try some of these ideas. Wondering which are safe around pets ( we have 6 small dogs and 4 cats)

  28. OR MAYBE He IS someone who has tried the product and knows it really works and is trying to tell everyone about what works! WHY must everyone ALWAYS immediately think negatively towards things. Try thinking Positive for a change, you’ll be surprised at how Happy your life can become! I think I’ll take a look towards Pest Borders! sounds great! Thanks!

    • He does own the company.

  29. I think Mark changed his name to Lisa. Interesting idea about cutting their tails off and letting them easy their young.

  30. We moved into our house in January. We have seen one small and two dead (I’ll have to attribute to our three cats) a couple of months ago. Now this Sunday there was another dead one in the living room and last night I came across another in the kitchen (cats were all stalking it). Of course my husband is out of town, so now I am freaked out to go home and face the night not knowing if I’ll run into another. I really do not like these critters and am terrified. Thank you for all for taking the time, very valuable information here. Joann/San Diego.

  31. My husband stumbled upon our first scorpion in the bathroom last night! We’ve lived here for 19 years (Willits, CA). I’m super sensitive to chemicals in my environment. Which is the least poisonous to humans and pets? I can’t figure out how it got in!

    • Permethrin

  32. lol Joann I live in the country in SE Oklahoma and killed one last hubbys outta town and I’m all freaked out

  33. I have had pest control out 6 times and these things are still coming into our home. We live in Las Vegas and this area is rampant with scorpions. Today, a large bark stung my wife on our couch, 1 foot away from my one year old daughter!!! I’m game to try anything to stop this infestation around my house…. Any new ideas? Is this really all we can do is suffer and keep an eye out?

  34. Been living in our house since February.. And had our first scorpion encounter last week. Our poor boxer got it on the snout. We do have crickets but wasn’t all that worried since its the first of fall (but it is Arizona) and they started being active in the spring and haven’t seen one. Now my neighbor is out hunting and killed 4!!! After 2 were in his house this morning. Not taking chances. I’m calling for device tomorrow morning! No way am I going out back to look for them on purpose!!!

  35. Calling for service.. Autocorrect demon!

  36. we just moved into our new house in El Paso TX, it all began with my wife finding 3 inside the house, then the guys doing some remodeling in the house said they had killed about six in the room being remodeled. needless to say, I called my pest control company (planning to do this every two months instead of every quarter). I also ordered a Loftek UV light from amazon, last Saturday my son and I went hunting for scorpions at night (earlier during the day my son had killed six while moving a pile of bricks) that night we killed easily about 12-15 more scorpions. I have been scorpion-hunting since Saturday every night and I have killed at least 4-6 per night. I spot them with the light, then I use a 2-foot long stick to kill them, if they back up into the crevices, I spray insect (ant) killer and either they come out at that moment dying or I find them outside the hole/crevice the next day dead. I spot some of them crawling blatantly on my carport or on the wall or some other ones kinda hiding at the base of my oleander/rose bushes. They are so very easy to spot with the UV light, even the ones that are semi-hidden in rocks/crevices and in the garden plants or the little ones. I’m determined to eradicate them from my property and will continue to hunt them until they are in the endangered, vulnerable, and threatened list of arachnids!!!!

  37. In Arizona….My pest company said to buy a roll of metal window screen and cut it to fit inside your bathroom/laundry room exhaust fans in the ceiling. I hot-glued the edges to make sure they were secure. He said the bark scorpions (the ones that climb) in my bathroom are possibly falling from the ceiling and coming in from the roof through the exhaust fan openings. I also go out right after a rain storm and recently found a couple trying to find a dryer space on the block wall. I spray Terro or Raid bug spray into the cracks and behind the I-block in my block wall…within 5 minutes, the scorpions that are in those cracks come out and I spray them again to stun them. Then I snip them in two with a long-scissors. My pest company told me today that they are not allowed (by law) to spray any higher than 18 inches on a house or block wall to keep the chemicals from being air-borne. So, I spray bug killer (gallon jug size) in the cracks and on the walls above the 18 inch mark. Most of the scorpions I’ve found with a blacklight (also around 8:00 pm when it has been dark for about an hour) are above this 18 inch line as they are avoiding the chemical themselves. Some have suggested getting chickens for your backyard if your neighborhood allows it, but then you also invite coyotes which can jump high block walls themselves. It also doesn’t solve the front yard scorpion problem. Uggghhh. I also find the $1.00 glue-pads for mice at the “99 Cent” stores (2 per package) are much stickier than the ones provided by the pest control companies, so look there and save $$$ as they are about $4 at Wal-Mart for a 2-pack and are much smaller. Hope this helps!

  38. from El Paso TX again, as time goes by I’m finding less and less outside the house; however I found three inside the house on Saturday. One of them ran and hide underneath the aluminum transition base of the door (will be sealing both ends with silicon to keep them from hiding there). I have been killing/spraying long legged spiders, which I read somewhere are “food” for scorpions, getting rid of the food will discourage them from continue to come

  39. I found three scorpions in my house….just now I found a scorpion on my laptop bag….please advise me a chemical to rid of this and no harm to dogs and humans

  40. Just found one on my pillow as I was getting ready to go to bed. He/she seemed very spry and we exterminate regularly and live in a new home. However, the exterior of the home is Austin stone and we live in the country on the edge of Texas Hill Country, so they will always be a problem. I just don’t want them in my bed. Creepy!

  41. Just had a new home built in Magnolia Texas. In less than 10 days and have killed two scorpions and missed one. One of the ones I killed had a white shell and was about twice the size of the other two brownish scorpions. Cannot find any info on the white scorpion. Any ideas?

    And thanks for all the tips about extermination/habitat cleanup.

  42. We have lived in our house in Tempe 3 months and have found scorpions inside several times. We got scorpion spray at Baseline Bug and Weed and also go out and hunt them once a week. We haven’t seen any outside in a month and I thought they were gone, then I found one in my bedroom two days ago. Freaked out. I do a blacklight scan of my entire house every night before I go to bed

  43. Does anyone know if there is a way to TREAT MY FURNITURE prior to moving out of a scorpion infested rental that is fool proof and guaranteed to prevent relocating these horrid things? I would lose everything if there is not some way to make sure I have no hitchikers and just take this nightmare wherever I go?


  45. TalStar and Boric acid is a dream come true. Separate applications anytime. Had many and all gone and dead now.

  46. So glad people think just think that they are or there is any way of keeping scorpions out! Unless you step on them there is no other way. They are evil and I actually know of two families that had to move from their house. They were right by a mountain and there was nothing to deter them. The fan had a huge one that flew into their bed! No lie. Cats don’t always kill them but somehow lizards I think can and do if they are not stung.

  47. Fact not fiction…
    The liquid solvent called “trichloroethylene” is a hazardous, extremely potent media that instantaneously killed every insect I tried it on.

    Except scorpions…

    Crawling across a concrete floor, I doused a dark brown scorpion down here in México with enough tricloroethylene to make a puddle. The creature managed to crawl SIX FEET further leaving a liquid trail. Then it expired. This has left no small impression on me.

  48. Buy an industrial sprayer at Home Depot or Lowes, around 30 bucks. Then get a spray called Onslaught, order it from internet for around 50 bucks, it kills scorpions, spiders and anything else the moves about. It is very strong, so you just mix once gallon of water in the sprayer with a cap full of the onslaught, go out with a black light to find out where they are. When visually seeing them, then spray with normal bug spray from aerosol can, then spray everywhere with the onslaught, you will soon see them laying dead everywhere. spray once a month with the onslaught for maintenance, during the winter, probably dont need to but once.

  49. It’s December in Colorado front range. 35 degrees outside. Scorpion cruising across my floor like he’s going to the convenience store. I just burned about 10 tons of old almost dirt lumber in the backyard over the last month? Seriously, get a black light or 5, buy a pony keg and challenge your friends to a winner takes all scorpion challenge. Then spray some crap that makes you blind and your kids cross eyed……

  50. I covered all the vents on my roof in phoenix with window screening and that cut down the indoor population of scorpions and other bugs quite a bit. The bifenthrin the pesticide guy put down around the house perimeter two months ago seems to have put a stop to all of ’em for the moment.

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