Do they wipe out your flowers and crops? Although deer appear to be harmless, these hungry creatures can do lot of damage to your precious greenery. You can stop these destructive animals from eating your bellowed garden with the help of deer repellent solutions.

Don’t know what deer repellent to use to make your garden or yard inhospitable to deer? We’ll provide you with the best repellents to crack your deer problem. Learn how to repel deer with natural and homemade repellents.

How to repel deer

Hungry deer can quickly wipe out crops, foliage and flowers in short order. Some people even want to use deer poison to stop these destructive critters. However, this method is inhuman and will cause painful death of the animal. The best method of deer control is using humane deer control repellents.

Deer can pick up the faintest of odors.

There are many excellent commercial deer repellent products proven to repel destructive deer. These animals have high senses of smell, sight and taste. The more senses you can apply with your deer repelling plan, the more deer will want to avoid your garden.

DIY Deer Natural RepellentWhen it comes to commercial repellent, they usually contain such active ingredients as:

  • Putrescent egg;
  • Garlic oils;
  • Capsaicin;
  • Dried blood.

Let’s see what you can use to repel those nuisance pests.

1. Granular Repellents

Use granular repellentDesigned For: Creating a barrier around shrubs and low-lying plants.

Usage: sprinkle granules around vegetation – like ground cover, flowerbeds, seedlings, small shrubs, grasses, vegetable gardens.

Where to use: in locations where deer may forage – shrubs, flowerbeds – closer to the ground.

What to buy:

  • Deer repelling pellets by DefenceDeer repelling pellets by Defence – contain the biggest concentration of dried blood and putrescent egg deer deterrents.
    Price: $14.00
    Effectiveness: The product repels deer by scent, causing them to avoid the protected area. The repellency continues – for up to 90 days after application – until the pellet disappears.
  • Deer Scram granular by Enviro ProDeer Scram granular by Enviro Pro – discourages deer from returning into protected areas. The product has the odor that deer associate with their dead kin.
    Price: $101.54 for 25 pounds
    Effectiveness: odorless to humans, Deer scram repels pests before they nibble on plants.
  • Granular Deer and rabbit repellent by Nature’s MaceGranular Deer and rabbit repellent by Nature’s Mace – long-lasting and odorless granular that effectively repels deer from gardens, landscapes, shrubs, flowers and trees.
    Price: $32.97

2. Repelling stations

This is for sure the ideal repellent for plants and your vegetable gardens. As far as the active ingredient – 100% dried blood – is safely secured inside, you can protect your edible crops and vegetable gardens from hungry deer without any repellents coming into contact with fruits or leaves.

We suggest buying:

  • Havahart Deer Off repellent stationsHavahart Deer Off repellent stations – perfect for larger properties.
    Price: $19.99 for 6 Pack
    Benefits: Deer repelling stations are applied one time per growing season. The product has discreet color. You can place stations in planters/pots, tie them onto fencing or branches or stake into the ground.
    For best result: Place repelling stations four or six ft. apart as a perimeter treatment or throughout the protected area.

3. Liquid Deer repellents

  • Deer repellent by Liquid FenceDeer repellent by Liquid Fence – long lasting solution, effective at repelling deer. It will surely stop deer from eating your plants, vines, shrubs and trees. The product can be used on edible crops.
    Price: $31.21
  • Liquid Fence Deer and rabbit repellent by Wetsel – easy-to-use, biodegradable solution that repels deer from garden and landscape areas.
    Price: $31.24 for 1 gallon.
  • DEER OF Deer repellent concentrate by HavahartDEER OF Deer repellent concentrate by Havahart – economical solution, triggers deer’s both senses – taste and smell – stopping them from feeding on your plants.
    Price: $41.99 for 32 oz.

Oh deer! Want to keep them out of your precious garden? Here is how to do it effectively.

Natural repellents

It’s very difficult to fence the entire area – with many perennials and ornamental shrubs – for those who have large property.

The most effective way is using natural deer repellents. Here is what you can use:

  • Bobbex Deer RepellentBobbex Deer Repellent – effective deer control repellent that contains such natural ingredients as putrescent egg, proteins and added-for-odor control non-protein ingredients. The key to this product’s success is the use of six ingredients.

    Best for: Huge deer damage

    Safety: natural active ingredients of the product make it extremely safe for use on your sensitive plantings. What’s more the product is harmless to humans and wildlife.

    How it repels deer: This solution works by taste and smell aversion, and actively repels deer from causing damage to ornamental trees and shrubs.

    When selecting deer control repellent, think over how much deer damage you are getting and how much you can spend to control the damage.
  • Soap on fenceDial soap deer repellent
    It has been proven to be efficient and the lowest-cost alternative available on the market.
    Best For: Light deer damage areas
    How the solution works: The strong odor from the bar of dial soap creates a natural deer control barrier that repels hungry deer. Attach the bar to a shrub or tree and it will work great. Using the soap as a deer repellent is the easiest and cheapest method of deer control.
    Effectiveness: The soap is more effective during late fall and early spring.
  • Plant Saver Organic Deer Repellent by Cedar CreekPlant Saver Organic Deer Repellent by Cedar Creek – 100% organic solution that lasts up to 6 months.
    Price: $31.85
    Safety: Safe to use around humans and wildlife. Safe to use on veggies and fruits.
    Where to place: in any place you have a deer problem. You can hung the small bags in your fruit trees or place them in a planter of strawberries etc.
  • Deer Stopper by Messina WildlifeDeer Stopper by Messina Wildlife – pleasant-smelling, organic deer repellent   that prevents deer from foraging damage to edible crops, flowers, shrubs, turf areas and fruit trees. The solution works by smell and taste.
    Price: $31.46
    Safety: Made of organic ingredients the product is safe to use around veggies and fruits.

Top 10 Deer repellent plants they can’t stand

There are many plants that are not attracted to the four-legged herbivores. Repellent flowers and plants are an excellent solution to make away with hungry deer. These critters avoid plants with irritating textures, strong fragrance and plants that are bad for their stomachs.

Below is the list of plants that keep deer away:

  • Bleeding hearts
    Bleeding hearts plant
  • Alchemilla or Lady’s Mantle
    Lady’s Mantle deer repellent plant
  • Lantanas
    Lantanas flowers
  • Lily-of-the-valley
    Lily-of-the-valley for deer away
  • Digitalis Candy Mountain
    Digitalis Candy Mountain in your yard
  • Echinops Blue Glow
    Echinops Blue Glow flowers for deer control
  • Basket of gold (Aurinia saxatilis)
    Aurinia saxatilis
  • Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus cvs.)
    Snapdragons flowers
  • Angelonias (Angelonia angustifolia cvs.)
    Angelonias deer repellent plants
  • Globe amaranth
    Globe amaranth flowers

Homemade repellent solutions

Although fencing is excellent way to deter deer, there are a huge number of homemade deer repellents that can fend them off.

Here are 2 great tricks to deter deer:

  • Mothball deer repellent

    The use of mothballs is a good way to deter deer. You can place several mothballs in stockings and put them around your yard or veggie garden. The smell of chemical will keep hungry deer away from your property.Mothballs must be replaced on a regular basis.

    Mothball to repel deer

    Mothballs have a very strong odor that can affect humans. As far as this product is poisonous – especially when eaten – you are to keep it away from kids.
    Note that the use of mothballs to repel deer goes against the law.
  • Spicy Stench DIY Deer Repellent
    As far as these beautiful critters have a keen sense of smell, stinky ingredients is a good solution to keep them away. You can take 4 hot cayenne peppers, 6 eggs, 10 cloves of garlic and 6 cups of warm water. Blend all the ingredients together and leave the mixture out in the sun for a couple of days until it begins to stink. You can also spray the solution around the specific areas.

You don’t need to be an expert if you want to deter deer. Learn everything about efficient deer deterrent here.

Top 8 natural repellent sprays

  1. Deer B GonDeer B Gon Deer by Ortho – ready-to-use repellent spray that relies on rotten egg to repel deer. The product delivers rain resistant and long-lasting performance.
    Price: $11.94
    Safety: This natural product is safe for people, plants and your pets.
  2. Havahart Deer OffDeer Off by Havahart – organic spray made of organic ingredients. Contains concentration of putrescent egg solids with a combination of capsaicin flavors and garlic.
    Price: $19.48
  3. Deer OutDeer Out by Deer Out – this efficient dual deer repellent works by smell and taste. The strong peppermint scent is too strong for deer noses. A menthol burning sensation of this solution is very unpleasant for these animas and the combination of ingredients create a strong smell and flavor they find unappetizing.
    Price: $16.99
    Safety: The product won’t harm the deer. It will only stop these critters from eating your plants.
  4. I Must Garden deer repellentsAll Natural Deer repellent by I Must Garden – reliable solution to keep deer away. Perfect for repelling deer year round. The solution is long-lasting and has been proven to work under all conditions.
    Price: $15.00
    Usage: Just spray all of your delicious-to-deer shrubs, plants and perennials with the product and you will see the difference.
  5. Bonide Deer and Rabbit repellentDeer and Rabbit repellent by Bonide – effectively repels destructive deer. An all-natural deer control formula works by irritation and taste to repel deer out of gardens, shrubs and flowers. You can even use it on edible crops up to the day of harvest.
    Price: $13.86
    Safety: The product is natural and safe too use around humans, pets and plants.
  6. Plantskydd by Tree worldPlantskydd by Tree world – convenient spray that is not harmful to the environment or humans. The product doesn’t contain synthetic additives. Deer will avoid treated-with-Plantskydd plants before they eat, not after.
    Price: $22.99
  7. Sweeney’s Deer repellentDeer and Rabbit repellent by Sweeney’s – contains high concentration of habanera pepper, natural sulfur and garlic oils. The product is very natural and effective, just spray the solution on the area you want to protect.
    Price: $15.22
  8. Havahart Critter RidderCritter Ridder by Havahart – great protection against deer that repels nuisance creatures by irritating their senses of touch,smell and taste. The product will surely condition unwelcome deer to avoid your precious greenery.
    Price: $29.99 for 32 oz
    How to use: simply spray the solution across your precious garden. Apply the solution to your yard, soil and grass to quickly deliver protection and nutrition to your bellowed landscape.

What is the best deer repellent?

Frankly speaking the most effective deer repellent must be approved for organic gardening. Repellent sprays, granules, powders and concentrates that go organic in gardening work magic to keep deer from your lawn or garden without the use of harmful chemicals.

Havahart Deer Off productsThe best method to keep hungry deer away from your property is by using dual deterrent formulations with scent and taste barriers as Havahart repellents do. Havahart Deer repellents are proven to be the best ones.

Putrescent Egg’s scent that mimics the smell of a dangerous decaying animal and the taste of capsaicin ingredient – made of chili peppers – is what set Havahart repellent products apart from others on the market.

Havahart repellents repel in 2 ways – by scent and taste and are considered dual-deterrents. Whether you use granular or liquid Havahart deer repellents, the results are worth the cost.

You can find further details of Deer Control here.