Once deer are attracted to your favorite flowers, discouraging them becomes a puzzling task. However, there are excellent ways to reduce deer damage. Certain products can deter deer effectively. We suggest using special deterrents which work great to keep hungry deer away from devouring your plants and destroying your yard.

Take our expert tips for deterring unpleasant guests from your garden or yard and achieve environmentally-friendly deer control by implementing human tools like fencing options and deterrents. Don’t let those critters destroy your green and abundant outdoor space.

How to deter deer from garden: Deterrent devices

Deter deer out from gardenThe effectiveness of deer deterrents varies greatly on how quickly deer adjust to them.

Gardeners can effectively scare pesky deer away with such common deterrents as:

  • hair,
  • blood meal,
  • mothballs,
  • garlic,
  • thorny branches.

Another effective option is noise deterrents. These include:

  • flags,
  • electric wires,
  • noisemakers,
  • whistles,
  • radios,
  • firecrackers.

Using electronic deterrent devices is a good non-poisonous alternative to harmful pesticides. These battery-operated or solar-powered tools will condition grazing deer to stay away from your property.

Here is what deterrents you can purchase to keep these critters away:

  1. Predator Guard Deterrent LightPredator Guard Deterrent Light – excellent choice to make deer immediately flee from your property. Deer only feed in a safe area. They don’t like to be noticed. A pair of flashing lights – like a set of eyes – disrupts deer sense of safety making them leave the area.
    Price: $22.99
    The product will effectively protect your yards, livestock and plants from caused-by-deer damage. It is safe and made with the highest quality components.
  2. Aspectek Yard SentinelAspectek Yard Sentinel – offers great deer protection for almost everywhere. Using advanced deterring technologies, Yard Sentinel helps to deter deer that have been invading your privacy.

    Price: $39.99

    Electronic deterrents can effectively control hungry deer.
  3. Hoont ultrasonic deterrentHoont™ – ultrasonic flashing light deterrent that blasts a range of ultrasonic sounds and flashing LED lights to frighten and scare pesky deer and a wide variety of pests. The product can run continuously or become active only when it senses motion. No dead animals, chemicals or pesticides. Now you can deter deer humanely through a mixture of ultrasonic sounds and powerful lights.
    Price: $39.95
  4. Deer GardDeer Gard – human, ultrasonic deer deterrent deviceDeer will be safely kept away from your beautiful yard or garden without traps or chemicals. Easy-to-operate, this motion activated device is good for any garden or lawn. High-frequency soundwaves of Deer Gard – silent to humans – irritate pesky deer making them seek untreated area.

    Price: $98.00


    • Green and non-toxic;
    • Energy-conscious;
    • Water and weather resistant;
    • Safe and easy to operate.

    The device is great for use at: lawns, backyards and gardens.
    Deer Gard is extremely beneficial when combined with multi-sensory attack. Using special repellents and visual deterrent can also help a great deal.

Did deer chew all the leaves of your plants? Here is how to protect your outdoor area using best deer repellents.

Deer protection ideas

Want to protect plants from deer? You can deter them from eating your bellowed plants by using well-known motion-activated sprinklers.

Here is why using these options is effective:

  • Water sprinklers are safe, chemical free and can be effectively used to protect almost any location including shrubs, flowerbeds, deer paths, ponds, trees, plants and vegetable gardens.
  • Sprinklers are known as one of the best deer control options as they deter deer physically.
  • Hose-free version allows convenient and discrete use.
If you want to protect outdoor space of high deer pressure, using multiple sprinklers is a good idea.
It is also recommended to change the position of the sensor periodically.

You can purchase:

  • Spray Away Elite IISpray Away Elite II – excellent pest control solution which is created to protect any part of your yard from shrubs to gardens. Completely portable, the product uses quick bursts of water to scare away intruders.
    Price: $179.99
  • Spray Away by HavahartSpray Away by Havahart – conditions pesky deer to stay away from your lawn or garden by frightening them off with a blast of water. Detects deer movement up to thirty-four feet away.
    Price: $69.99

Another effective deterrent to destructive deer is to fence these critters out of a garden or yard. You will need to surround the entire location and leave no openings. When it comes to fencing it can be made of wood, plastic mesh, chain link or wire. Plastic mesh is much less expensive than metal mesh or wooden one, but is not very durable.

To eliminate deer it is better to use durable fences like:

  • A standard deer fence with a minimum height of 8 feet.
  • A slanted deer fence that uses a combination of height and width.
  • Double row fence (the gardener can use the space between the fences for planting).
  • Electric fences.

Do deer graze in your garden? Now you can stop them from eating your plants and flowers and find out how to keep hungry deer out of garden here.

Best deer deterrent – great wireless solution

Havahart Electronic deer repellentAlthough fencing is a very effective solution, it is also a very expensive option. We suggest using Havahart Electronic deer repellent. No need to use expensive fencing solutions. Now you can protect your property from destructive deer with a wireless solution that give deer harmless shock. Electronic posts work like an electric deer fence but without wires. Deer will for sure leave your landscape intact.

Here is why repelling posts are so effective:

Train destructive creatures to stay away

Individual repelling posts will lure deer with an irresistibly scented lure – sweet acorn. When the curious animal contacts this electronic solution, the post delivers a quick, mild static shock herding the deer away from your property.

Electronic solution

Deer don’t like to cross hedges and force their way through dense shrubs with firm branches and thorns.
By massing plants you can discourage deer from grazing in the center where you can plant more susceptible plants.

Deter one deer and make away with the entire herd

Irresistible lure attract deer short range!Deer communicate with one another while travelling in groups. When one deer touches the deer-deterring posts, the entire herd will get the message to avoid the location and stay away. What’s more, the lure holder is of red colour which attracts pesky deer and gives caution to the shock area.

Price: $53.17

Place deterrent postWhere to place posts? Proper electronic deterrent placement is KEY! The goal is to force deer touch the unit. You can move the units from certain areas of your property to protect new entryways. Place the posts between hedges, around deer paths, entries, yard perimeters and around plants deer are likely to encounter.

Safety – these electronic options are safe for the target animal – like deer – as well as for accidental contact.

Remember, deterrents are extremely efficient at deterring deer when used alone, but even more effective when used in a combination with other deer deterrent devices. The more methods and products you use to deter deer, the better your defense.

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