How to Deal with Stray Cats’ Problems: Efficient Cat Repelling Plan

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Stray cats can cause huge damage to your plants and wildlife. They will leave offensive scent markings to mark the territory and prey upon birds and wildlife.

Keeping destructive cats out of your property and preventing damage is possible with a special repelling plan. The article will offer solutions to stop nuisance cats from using your lawn or garden as a litter box and from causing great damage to your plants, grass and trees. We’ll help you to choose the best stray cat repellent solution for the best long-term results.

How to repel destructive stray cats with distasteful-to-them repellents

Stray cats damageAre you really interested in how to quickly get rid of cats? It is not a secret – cats are extremely territorial, so keeping them out of garden or yard areas can be a bit puzzling. Cats will mark your outdoor space by urinating and depositing pheromones from their scent glands. If your yard or lawn has been frequented by stray cats, the first thing you are to do is to remove cats’ feces.

Want to stop stray cats from using your nice yard? You can eliminate any cat in your yard by using repellents. As far as these animals are very habitual by nature they will be successfully repelled if you will use several forms of discouragement.

Not only stray cats are unpredictable, but they are also very territorial.
For long-term cat control, using multiple repellents at once is the best solution.

Cats’ sense of smell is fifteen times that of a human’s. These animals are a walking nose. Due to many evolutionary impulses cats have strong likes and dislikes.

Citrus fruitsHere are citrus smells – cats hate – that can effectively repel them:

  • Limes,
  • Oranges,
  • Grapefruits,
  • Lemons.

Cats can’t stand citrus fruits because they are toxic to them if ingested. So you can use these repellent fragrances as cats’ repellents.

Hot pepperSpicy scents can also be used as cats’ repellents. They hate the smell mustard and hot or cayenne pepper, and with good reason. Such peppers contain very-toxic-to-cats capsaicin.

Cayenne pepper is what sends stray cats running. Therefore many people use it as an outdoor cat control repellent for their yards and gardens. However this can be very harmful to cats. We suggest using organic granular repellents that you can sprinkle to create a working barrier around your yard, garden or lawn.

You can apply cat granules in any area that you don’t want stray cats to cross like: gardens, porches, barns yards, flowerbeds, lawns, garages.

What to buy:

  • Critter RidderCritter Ridder – unique solution that sends cats running. The solution is derived from 3 hot peppers that irritate cat’s senses of smell, taste and touch After a couple of visits, cats associate this irritation sensation with your garden, yard or lawn and learn to stay away.

    Price: $12.00 for 1.25 lbs

    Defense: 1 application of the solution lasts up to thirty days. For more protection you can spot-treat grass areas and more with just a sprinkle.

    Where to sprinkle the solution: around the perimeter of your flowerbeds or along yard pathways.

    Cats communicate through scent spraying to mark the territory.
  • Havahart Cat and Dog Granular RepellentCat and Dog Granular Repellent by Havahart – uses specialized formula that effectively repels cats without harming them. The scent and taste of this solution irritate cats, causing these destructive animals to avoid the protected location.
    Price: $7.99 for 1 lb
    Defense: 1 application of Cat and Dog Repellent provides up to sixty days of powerful protection.
  • Sweeney’s small cat control repellentSmall cat control repellent by Sweeney’s – effectively repels cats. Used to create a special barrier around gardens, lawns, foundations, pools etc. The product creates naturally distasteful-to-cats smell.
    Price: $5.99
  • Ropel GranulesRopel Granules – great for nuisance cats, designed to stop animals from leaving their feces around your property. The product neutralizes cats’ odors, so animals are not attracted to scenting spots. The smell of Ropel is irritating to stray cats. That’s why they will move along looking for another more convenient place to stalk.
    Price: $20.00
    To achieve the best results: Replace Ropel every couple of months.
  • Dog and Cat Repellent by Grant’sGrant’s Dog and Cat Repellent – releases odor, cats don’t like. You can use Grant’s Granules anywhere cats are crossing into your yard. This may be along tree line, flower bedding or hedge row. Be sure to apply granules where cats are most likely to travel.
    Price: $20.00
  • Cat control repellent granules by Shake AwayShake Away Cat Control Repellent Granules – creates the illusion that predators like coyotes and foxes are present on your property which causes cats leave the area. Only a few shakes and the cats are repelled.
    Price: $22.47
  • Dog and Cat B GoneDog and Cat B Gone – stops nasty cats from spraying, bedding and foraging and delivers long lasting performance.
    Price: $20.41

Natural cat repellents: Organic cat control

Most gardeners know that using chemicals and such homemade repellents like cayenne pepper or mothballs can hurt cats.

However to keep these animals out of yards you can use gentle but effective DIY cat repellents like:

  • Cats, stay out of my Freaken GardenCitrus peels – just cut up some good lemons, grapefruits and oranges. Spread around your yard or garden or sew peels into cloth sachets and place in problem areas.
  • Vinegar and soap solution – you are to mix 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup liquid soap and 1 cup water. Remember – the proportions should be equal.
  • Citronella oil mixture – Make an outdoor spray by combining twenty drops of eucalyptus oil, one quart of water and twenty drops of lemon oil. Shake the repellent mixture, then use around areas you want destructive cats to stay away.

Cat control repellent plants

Lavender plantsPlants that cats hate is another repelling alternative. By incorporating not-attractive-to-cats plants in your garden you can easily resolve your cat problems.

We recommend planting such plants around the perimeter of your lawn or garden as:

  • Rosemary,
  • Lavender,
  • Rue,
  • Pennyroyal,
  • Scaredy-cat plant.

Top 4 effective cat control repellent sprays

Critter Ridder in useToday’s market offers a variety of working cat deterrent and repellent solutions that can help to prevent damage from stray cats.

If you want to prevent cats from eating your garbage or plants, digging in your yard and stretching at trees, spray liquid repellents – sprays – onto outdoor surfaces, such as:

  • Shrubs,
  • Trees,
  • Soil,
  • Mulch,
  • Trash bags,
  • Garbage cans,
  • Grass.

Here is what you can use to keep nasty stray cats out of your property:

  1. Messina Wildlife Cat StopperCat Stopper by Messina Wildlife – pleasant-smelling, spray cat control repellent that can be used on all shrubs, flowers and other areas stray cats use to leave their droppings or bed down.

    Price: $13.73

    You can use it: indoors or out.

    Safety: Made of organic ingredients. Convenient, safe and efficient to use around your veggies and fruits.

    Garbage is one of the best food sources for stray cats.
    If you want to deter nasty cats from dining on your garbage, spray your waste containers and trash bags frequently.
  2. I Must Garden: Dog and Cat repellentDog and Cat repellent by I Must Garden – organic, natural cat repellent made of botanical and other oils. Spray the repellent on the areas – garden beds, trees, trees, flowerbeds, shrubs – where stray or neighbors’ cats don’t belong.
    Price: $21.97
  3. Critter Ridder New Animal Repellent with NitroplusCritter Ridder New Animal Repellent with Nitroplus – improved formula that includes more powerful active ingredients against nuisance cats. A few visits is really all it will take to condition cats to avoid your outdoor space.
    Price: $22.99
    Benefits: This is the only cat repellent that has the power to restore vegetation. Not only you can repel cats from your garden and lawn but also encourage your plants growth with 1 easy-to-use formula. New Critter Ridder delivers nutrients to your plants and grass and effectively repels destructive stray cats.
  4. Ropel RepellentRopel Repellent – an odorless spray with a bad-to-cats taste. If you have a house, tree or fence which destructive stray cats use to sharpen their claws, Ropel Spray is the best solution to stop them. The product tastes terrible, so the cats will quickly leave the treated territory.
    Price: $19.99

Cat odor problems

Pooping catThe smell stray cats can leave around your property is offensive. This happens when they are active and leave scent trails on flower beds or trees.

Another problem is when this smell lures other cats which in its turn add their scent. What’s more the smell gets worse after the rain.

The following stray cats’ behavior can be a problem:

  • Cats pooping on your property;
  • Male cats spraying, leaving strong foul odor;
  • Flea infestation.

Solution – to remove cat smell outside we suggest using the following:

  • Quick ActionQuick Action – a clear spray solution which can be sprayed to remove cats’ odor. Just spray about anywhere a cat has gone to neutralize the odor.
    Price: $10.00 for 32 oz.
  • Deodorizer EpoleonDeodorizer Epoleon – water based odor destroyer that works well at killing cat smells, urine and feces. The product is safe and organic.
    Price: $50.00

Best cat control repellent solution

What is the best cat repellentIf you want to make your cat removal successful, the best way to do it is by using dual area protection. We suggest using Critter Ridder Dual Protection Bundle, which will surely help you with feral cats’ problems.

You can purchase the combination of these two effective repellents for $31.99. The product is effectively used by homeowners, farmers, gardeners and animal control professionals.

Critter Ridder - number one repellent

The best repellent for cat control is the one that targets both senses of taste and scent.
Repellents with pepper-based ingredients are really proven to repel nuisance cats in this way.

Why Critter Ridder combination is effective: Solid and liquid Critter Ridder cat control repellent is the best combination to protect your property from nasty cats. With the help of liquid Critter Ridder repellent you will effectively protect such surfaces like sheds and garbage cans. The solid solution will help you to create a special cat control barrier around your yard, lawn or mulch.

Use it for best defense2 Modes of Defense: The combination of both products creates a great defense against feral cats. Just spray liquid solution directly onto your plants, soil, trash or areas where you see signs of cat activity. Create a barrier with granules along lawns, flower beds or pathways and the work is done. Discomfort brought upon by organic Critter Ridder solution will make cats unwilling to return.

Removing stray cats is not easy. But you can always discourage these nuisance animals by using repellents. Placing natural repellents like the peel of some citrus fruit, spraying liquid repellents and sprinkling granules around your home can effectively remove unwanted critters.

You can find further details of Cats Control here.

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  1. 2 of my 3 cats have recently been attacked by neighbouring cats causing an almost instant infection in them both !I am going to try the Diatomaceous earth with around 0.5 Crystalline silica !( Food grade ! ) And at the same time I will also try the citrus barrier around mine and my adjacent neighbours,as they also have been affected by this/these rogue or feral cats ! I live in a very rural part of Cornwall,England, I’m surrounded by livestock of every kind. And there’s a lot of farmers who keep feral cat’s to keep down their rodent problems but,they will use British thoroughbreds to do the job ! As you can imagine,this makes spotting them very difficult !it is not unusual for farmers to spend hundreds/thousands on pedigree cat’s just to let them become feral,while at the same time everyone who keeps cats around here keeps mostly thoroughbreds,in whatever animal’s they keep,and it’s bloody hard trying to work out who’s tame and who’s feral ! It’s only after having to take my other cat to the vets after being attacked that I’m starting to get some idea of what cat/s are doing all the damage!I was thinking that it could have been a Badger but, when I have seen a cat that has been attacked (always killed) by a badger, there is usually not a lot left of the cat ! But most cats can outrun most things apart from pine Martin and some other relatives like ferrets and polecats ! (And perhaps a very determined small dog who doesn’t get out much !) Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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  3. I kust moved into a multi-tenant house, i have never had indoor cats before, my previous cats have all taken their business outside. Getting back on track, there are 13 cats, all are sick and sneeze cat snot everywhere, plus the spraying.
    The oder is becoming. Very overwhelmingly unhealthy. My question is how can this affect the humans health and the danger of a newnorn infant?

    • Yes it can be harmful an that many cats I’d be scared to leave my baby alone even if your very clean the hairs they leave your baby can breath it in the spraying smell can be to strong for your baby as they have a hi sense of smell an your kitty litter is known to have parasites an drs suggest you don’t change kitty litter while pregnant for that reason

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