Are you tired of a consistent experience of the loss of the aesthetic appeal of your lawn? The beauty of your lawn should never be compromised. Here is the surest way to keep the moles in check. The moles dig underground tunnels that easily dislodge the plants and the grass on your lawn. It makes the root dry up leading to massive destruction. While their negative effects on your lawn cannot be overemphasized, it’s imperative to use environmentally friendly mechanisms to eliminate them. This article will outline numerous natural ways that will perfectly eliminate the moles while maintaining the serenity and safety of the environment. These methods combine an outstanding efficacy and simplicity to offer you valuable moles elimination tips.

How to Recognize and Remove Moles in Your Yard

The earlier you recognize the presence of moles in your yard, the easier it will be to control them.

You should always be on the look out to identify early signs including:

  • one to two inches runways on the surface;
  • mole holes and drying of the grass around the mole hole.

The development of mole hills indicates that the moles have already infested your yard. It is a clear indication of the existence of tunnels. At this juncture, the moles should be controlled immediately to avoid damage to the plants on the lawn.

Top 6 Natural Methods

The need to get rid of the moles from your yard arises when they start to burrow and raise mole hills. This greatly undermines the growth of grass on the lawn and makes it ugly.

Moles are blamed for lawn destruction.

The proximity of the lawns to your house makes it necessary to identify and use methods that are safe for human beings and the surrounding environment. The surest way is to avoid toxic substances and use natural methods that are readily available and equally effective.

Different natural methods that use other methods apart from harmful and corrosive chemicals and reagents include:

  1. Trapping: Scissor trapThis is the most effective and reliable method of controlling the moles. The traps are designed in such a way that they can fit in the tunnels. They can also be stationed around the mouth area of the mole hole. You should put the traps immediately you notice the tunnels. Study the tunnels to notice signs of recent activity; you should aim at setting the trap in the most active tunnel.

    The intention is to identify recent activities on the tunnel. This can be signified by the changes in the size of the mole hills or the tunnels. You can detect these changes by making marks on the burrow. You can then observe whether the burrow is raised after some days.

    Also, moles dislike light entering into their tunnels. You can make a small hole on the top of the raised tunnel. If the tunnel is active, the hole will not be there the following day. If inactive, the hole will remain. Additionally, you can use your heel to crush a small section of the raised part of the tunnel.

    • Use a landscape flag to mark the spot.
    • Avoid crushing the whole tunnel since it can translocate and dig a fresh tunnel elsewhere in your lawn.
    • After 12-48 hours, check whether the mark is still there.
    • If its tunnel is active, the damage will be repaired. Vice versa is true.
  2. Repellents: Natural mole & vole repellentSpray natural mole repellents such as castor oil repellents around your lawn. When they cannot withstand the prevailing conditions, they will disappear into a friendlier environment.
  3. Chewing gum: Mole and chewing gumThere is a general belief that chewing gum has an attractive smell that entices the moles to ingest it. The gum is strategically placed at the entrance of its hole. When ingestion occurs, the mole chokes on the chewing gum and dies. However, there is no proof whether this method is effective. The premise of the doubts on the efficacy is the fact that the moles are insectivores.
  4. Ultrasonic and Vibration Devices: Ultrasonic repellentThese are devices that use electric current to produce intermittent vibrations. There also exist devices that use solar energy. The moles don’t like excess noise. The vibrations irritate the moles and they escape from your lawn.
  5. Removal of grubs: GrubEx by ScottsOne of the surest ways of chasing away the moles from your lawn is by starving them. This can be achieved by getting rid of the garden pests such as Japanese beetle grubs, which serve as their main food source. Environmentally friendly chemicals should be used to get rid of the grubs.
    GrubEx is an ideal product to eliminate the grubs and starve the moles. You should use it annually to prevent Japanese beetle infestation. It is recommended that you apply GrubEx during spring/early summer before the insect’s hatch. The product has enhanced ingredients to ensure total elimination of grubs and consequently a natural death of the moles.
  6. Putting Physical barriers: This method involves the use of physical barriers such as trenches and wire screening meshing.
    • Screen meshTrenching involves digging a trench around the lawn. This is practical for small lawns as opposed to big gardens. The trenches prevent the moles from accessing your lawn thus making it safe from the attack.
    • The wire screen mesh can also be put to prevent the mole’s access to your lawn. The barrier needs to be 30 meters deep and extend 5-6 inches above the ground. This method is laborious and may be impractical in large lawns.

Natural methods of controlling black moles

The black moles are majorly found on the ground surface. It becomes very easy to repel them since they are not hidden in holes. The repellents are placed anywhere or sprayed on the surface of the lawn and the smell will chase the moles away.

Due to their habitat, it is easy for the black moles to be detected by cats. You can also attract other predators to hunt the moles and kill them.

Removing the ground moles

The ground moles are majorly found in tunnels making it relatively difficult to control them. You need to select a method that can penetrate deep into the tunnels. This may include strong smells that will repel it. Additionally, you can use traps strategically positioned at the entrance or inside the tunnel.

Differences between Black Moles and Ground Moles
There is a striking difference between black moles (also called voles) and the ground moles. The voles are rodents while the ground moles are insectivores.
Damage differenceAs such, the black moles feed on the landscape trees, grass roots and flower buds. They are majorly destructive during the winter; they are uncomfortable with a warm environment. They have the potential to completely destroy the landscaping plants of the lawn. To help it achieve this, they have protruding front teeth for chewing the bark and roots of the lawn plants.
The ground moles, on the other hand, are a summer problem. They feed on small insects on the lawn as well as earthworms. This explains why they prefer shady and cool areas where there are plenty of worms. They form underground tunnels from where they form evident burrows resulting into mole hills.
These differences make it necessary to use different natural methods to control the two types of moles.

Do You Need Natural Repellents for Moles?

The market offers tremendous options of natural mole repellents.

The following are the recommended options:

  • Mole and Gopher Repellant
    Mole and Gopher Repellent Sprayer by Sweeney’sPrice: $21.9.
    This is a top ranked mole repellant. A single application of the repellent keeps away the moles for up to 4 months. It has the required tunnel penetration making it easy to reach the moles in whatever depths.
  • Yard Gard Organic Moles Repellent
    Price: $43.95.
    This is a natural method of repelling the moles. It is made of natural ingredients; Contains castor oil, limestone, red pepper and binding agent. This makes it environmentally friendly and safe to use for a long time. It is advisable that you water the lawn before application for a long lasting effect.
    Natural mole deterrent by Yard Guard
  • Defenders Mole Repellent Scatter Granules
    Mole Repellent by DefendersPrice: $7.5.
    It is a biodegradable repeller granule that are humane and can be used in the presence of children and pets. The pellets aren’t harmful to the plants making it ideal for a plant-covered lawn. Its main ingredients are plant oils. When applied in the field, they taint the mole’s food source leaving them with scarce food. As a result, they migrate to find other conducive environments.
  • Lawn Mole Castor Oil
    Lawn Mole by MolEvictPrice: $54.25.
    This is a simple and easy-to-use natural repellant. It is environmentally friendly. It is effective against both black and ground mole. It has a long repelling effect that can last for months.
    Further details can be found here.

Natural Recipes

There are various DIY mole removal methods that can be used at home to eliminate the moles. These methods are easily prepared at home before application.

They include:

  • Castor Oil,
  • Cayenne pepper
  • and liquid detergent.

This causes major irritations to the moles. They can’t withstand its presence and they will quickly migrate to colonize other places. You can easily prepare the mixture by quarter cup castor oil with 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper and 2 tablespoons liquid detergent. Add six tablespoons of water and seal until fresh mound appear. You then spray it in your yard, the mole hills, and the tunnels.

Mole bait

  • Mole Plant. This plant should be planted at the edges of your lawn. It has a mole repelling effect. It is also effective against the larval stages of Japanese beetles, which is a primary food source for the moles.

    The plant is invasive. Always ensure that you remove the flowers before seed development.
  • Neem oil, garlic and plantNeem Oil. This oil works by reducing the food source for the moles. It significantly reduces the population of grubs. This starves the moles and they move to other places in search of food.
  • Garlic. The moles hate strong smells. You can successfully use garlic to repel them. This is achieved by crushing the garlic and placing them inside the tunnel or at the entrance of the hole. Other smelly substances including rotten food or walnut leaves can also be used.

How to Eliminate Lawn Moles Fast

Are you desperately in need of the quickest method to eliminate lawn moles? The surest way to get rid of the moles is to kill them. This may be controversial but it offers a guarantee that there are no recurrence chances. Visit here to know how to kill moles.

While other methods are effective in chasing away the moles, they do not offer a permanent solution. This is due to the fact that the repellents are only active for a certain duration of time after which they lose their repellant properties. As a result, the moles will re-invade your lawn. It, therefore, becomes expensive to keep repelling away the moles.

Moles are creatures that can be both beneficial and destructive. They help in soil aeration thus boosting the productivity. However, they can destroy your plants and reduce the aesthetic value of your yard. Moles’ removal is the only way out to save your yard!

You can find further details of Moles Control here.