Find Out the Top Mouse Exterminator Service Providers and the Cost of Involving them in Eliminating Mice from Your House

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It’s devastating to live in a mice-infested house but it’s even worse when all your efforts to eliminate the rodents bear no fruits! Mice are cunning and can devise creative methods to overcome all the traps and baits that you apply. This unique character makes it extremely difficult to eliminate the rodents completely. The problem becomes complex when your busy schedule cannot allow consistency in your elimination efforts. As a result, you may fail to address the root problem leading to re-infestation. You can avoid the stress by involving a mouse exterminator. We will enlighten you on where to get a professional exterminator, the cost, and the benefits of involving them in your extermination efforts.

Mice Removal Service

There are specific features manifested by mice that make it challenging to remove once they find their way into your home. First, they are small-bodied which allows them to enter through small openings and hide in small crevices. As a result, it’s difficult to identify their entry points as well as destroy their nests. You can, however, discover the secrets on how to get rid of mouse nest here. Secondly, the mice have unmatched agility! They can move fast once they detect danger. This character enables them to escape the traps you set for them as well as cunningly avoiding cats and owls. Finally, you should never ignore a single mouse inside the house. The rodents reproduce quickly which can result in a faster-than-imagined infestation. The higher their numbers, the more difficult it’ll be to control the rodents.

These unique characteristics make it crucial to involve a professional exterminator to prevent infestation. The mice removal service not only addresses the mice menace but also seals all the loopholes that may cause a re-infestation.

Mice Removal Service

The professional exterminators perform the following duties which you may not be able to perform alone at home:

  1. Inspect your home. They critically look for signs of mice presence in your house. This exercise is aimed at determining the severity of the problem. They start with the garage which acts as the primary entry point. Visit here to learn more on how to get rid of mice in garage.
  2. Apply Expert Inputs. It’s a fact that the more you undertake a task, the more you learn the minor details that make all the difference! The mouse exterminators have experienced individuals who will outsmart the rodents. They possess the finest elimination tips that will deliver you from the hassles of unsuccessfully using baits and traps.
  3. Reduced chances of poisoning. Handling poisonous baits is a risky affair that can lead to the death of your children and pets. While mice are a nuisance in your house, you shouldn’t compromise your family’s safety. You can take away all your fears by involving professionals in eliminating the mice. They handle the chemicals with utmost care and there are almost null chances of poisoning.
  4. Mouse removal services offer the best alternative to you especially when you are too busy to handle the problem or you’re afraid of handling the mice. Their involvement reduces the chance of re-infestation significantly.

How Do Mouse Exterminators Get Rid of Mice?

Mouse exterminators are trained to expertly study the habits, social behaviors, and senses of rodents. They possess top-notch techniques for using baits, poison, traps, and glue boards.

The most qualified exterminators use the following techniques to achieve immense success:

  • Perform a thorough house inspection. This is always the first and the most crucial step for an exterminator. The primary aim is to establish the cause and the magnitude of the problem; the entry points as well as the severity of the damage caused by the rodents.
  • Identify the travel routes. The location of the traps is instrumental in achieving the complete elimination of the mice. The exterminators determine where to set these baits by thoroughly studying the rodent’s favorite routes.
  • Use of tricks to set traps. The exterminators apply unique tricks after evaluating the sociological characteristics of the rodents. They place the traps in areas where the mice cannot dodge thus enhancing the chances of catching or killing them. These regions are particularly along the walls and in dark, quiet corners. Also, they may decide to place un-set traps on specific areas to allow the mice to take the bait freely and eliminate their natural fears.
    Mice exterminator with traps
  • Mouse-proofing your house. This involves sealing all the entry points and creating an environment that repels the mice rather than attracting them. This reduces the chances of re-infestation and ensures a mouse-free house!
  • Consistent follow-ups. Most homeowners succeed in partially eliminating the mice but they are never consistent in their efforts to achieve a fully mouse-free house. When you take a break, the mice will creatively devise methods of coming back. Never relent until you are satisfied that there are zero mice in your house.

How Much Does It Cost?

The first step before identifying a suitable mouse exterminator is determining the cost of the entire process. There are several factors that the exterminator considers before determining the exact cost. However, we can confidently give a broad range of $100-$350.

The cheapest exterminator is not always the best!

Different companies may quote higher or lower than the given range depending on the following factors:

  • Home size. The exterminator needs to inspect the nooks and crannies harboring the mice in your house. The bigger it is, the more inspection work needed which translates to a relatively higher number of hours. The increased labor requirements raise the cost as the size of the house increase. Some of the regions that the exterminator check includes the garage, attics, rooms, walls, doors and kitchen cabinets. If you live in an apartment, you’ll need to consult the landlord before the exercise, some of whom may agree to foot the bills.
  • Preventive work needed. Sealing the entry points presents a tremendous expenditure for the exterminators. The cost of materials required to seal these points as well as the amount of work required determines the extermination cost. The higher the preventive work needed, the higher the extermination cost.
  • Cost of damage repair. Are mice dangerous to cause so much damage to the house? Well, the mice will chew items and destroy PVC wires! The exterminators include a cost to cater for the replacement of items destroyed by the mice as well as for cleaning up their droppings and urine.
  • The magnitude of infestation. The higher the number of mice in your house, the higher the elimination cost. The baits and traps used in the process determine how much is required to eliminate the mice completely.
  • The number of follow-up visits required. There is a need that the exterminator visits your home to reset the traps, remove dead mice and re-inspect your house. The higher the visits required, the higher the cost will be.

Before you start the process, ensure that you get the exact quotation and that you agree on what the cost will cater for.


There are numerous companies that competently eliminate mice. The top companies include Orkin, Mouse Exterminator NYC, Terminix, Massey Services Inc., Sprague, Green Pest Solutions, and Porch. All these companies have specific interests in pest elimination. Some of them serve international markets while others are local.

Exterminator companies

Note Better
There are companies that have specialized with mice elimination. While this fact does not necessarily equate to top-notch services, it’s crucial that you consider them first. Compare the quality of services they offer with those offered by integrated companies to make an informed decision.

As such, it’s crucial that you evaluate the benefits and limitations of each company before determining the one that you’ll contract to eliminate mice from your house. Below, we’ve discussed some of the mouse exterminators:

Mouse Exterminator NYC

Are you in NYC and wondering how to keep mice out of your house? There are several extermination companies that can rescue you from stress! You need to carefully go through the reviews of each company to decide the best for you.

They include:

  • Positive Pest Management.
    Logo: Positive Pest ManagementThis company receives numerous positive reviews from their users around the New York City. Some of the positive comments linked to the company include high efficiency, agility, and cost-effectiveness. The company has many representatives who will assess the situation in your home and guide you on the steps to follow to achieve absolute mice elimination.
    Phone: +1.800.294.3130
  • One Hour Pest Control.
    Logo: One Hour Pest ControlThe exterminator is famous in the New York City. They serve all the regions that surround the city. Just as their name suggests, they intend to begin the process one hour after you seal the deal to ensure a quick extermination process. Other companies that serve around New York City include Green Earth Pest Control and City Express Terminating.
    Phone: +1.800.578.4156 (toll free), +1.646.568.7150
  • M&M Pest Control.
    Logo: M&M Pest ControlThis company is ideal when you reside in Long Island City. It’s, however, paramount to note that the company may decide to send their representative in other regions depending on your agreement.
    Phone: +
  • At Last Pest Control.
    Logo: At Last Pest ControlThese mice exterminators serve the regions around the Bronx and all the surrounding areas. If you’ve tried numerous times to eliminate mice from your house in vain, you will, at last, have a mouse-free house by contracting this exterminator.
    Phone: +1.718.635.2067
  • Three Blind Mice Exterminating.
    Foto of Three Blind Mice ExterminatingYou should consider this company if you live in Eltingville. Unlike the majority of the exterminators, this company specializes in mice elimination which gives them immense experience in the field.
    Phone: +1.718.605.4477

These companies were selected based on the reviews from previous users. There are many other service providers that you can use within New York City. You should, however, perform due diligence to ensure that you get the best.

Orkin Mouse Control

If you’re convinced that you need a mouse exterminator but you are not sure where exactly to start, then you should contact the Orkin mouse control unit. They offer their control services in the entire United States and more than 30 countries around the globe. Their superb services have enabled them to spread over many regions with expansion happening every year.

When you reach the Orkin mouse control center, they will take the address to your home after which a representative is sent to assess the situation and determine the amount of work needed. The inspection performed on your home determines the approximate cost of the entire process. Once you commit, they will develop a comprehensive elimination plan after which they will embark on a thorough elimination process. The entire cost ranges between $150 and $350 depending on the amount of work required.

The best company

The Best Exterminators

The best mice exterminators are the individuals who guarantee complete removal of mice from your house as well as a mouse-proof house. When selecting the company to handle your home, you should be keen to look at the reviews and the satisfaction level of previous clients. Based on our assessment of all these factors, we can authoritatively vote for Orkin and Terminix as some of the best mice exterminators to approach when you have mice infestation. However, you should do your independent research to determine what suits you best.

Never assume that you can handle the mice infestation problem alone! While you may successfully manage to do it, it’s highly likely that you’ll not seal all the entry points thus allowing a re-infestation. Mice exterminators are professionals who go beyond mice elimination! They ensure that they seal all the loopholes and create a highly unconducive environment for the mice to thrive.

You can find further details of Mice Control here.

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