Think you have Albino cockroaches? Keep in mind, all newly emerged roaches are white for a couple of hours. What then? Once the skin of a roach hardens, it creates a typical color most of these guys have.  A roach-infested apartment means a huge number of allergen levels. These “antigens” are usually located in the kitchen, but they can also “relocate” into other rooms of your house and become ground into furniture and rugs.

Do you know that 37% of children are allergic to cockroaches? Sounds scary? We know how to stop them. Read our instructive tips and find out why roaches are dangerous, how to eliminate these “troublesome guests” and what steps to take for most efficient control.

Life cycle of white cockroaches: How do they appear?

Cockroach larvaeA white cockroach or as it is often called an Albino cockroach is a nymph (larvae) which has “successfully” hatched from an egg. Below is a picture of cockroach larvae.

The nymphal stage is the second phase of the cockroaches’ life cycle. This stage of roaches’ development is very easy to identify by the unusual white color of roaches.

All nymphs go through the well-known process of shedding the skin which is called molting.  As you can see from the cockroach larvae pictures below, the bodies of roaches at this period of time become white and soft.

Cockroaches life cycle

As a roach develops it goes through periods known as instars. At this time feeding is followed by the shedding of roach’s old cuticle.

1 German cockroach female can produce nearly 400,000 roaches per year.

Once the cockroaches shed their skin, they are transformed into milky color roaches for a couple of hours or days depending on their species. During this stage, these white guys are very vulnerable due to their soft skin. The color of Albino cockroaches maybe cream, white or light tan depending on the amount of time the roach has been in the stage. Once their skin hardens, it creates a typical reddish or dark brown color most roaches have. The amount of molts depends on species of roaches and the conditions in which they are found.

If German Roaches are found during the day – in non-food areas – you are facing a large infestation. Embrace the new German roaches’ solution with this excellent information you need to read right now.

Why they could be dangerous

There is no such a roach as an Albino cockroach. In fact, it is a collective name for a great number of developing cockroaches. However, the problems with Albino or white cockroaches do exist.

So, what the problems are. Here are some of them:

  • Transmittable diseases that can be carried to humans and pets;
  • Incessant hunger and shedding of white roaches;
  • Damage to the house.
Cockroaches are the main cause of kids’ asthma in cities. Never kill roaches inside a house where people have allergies.
Killing the roaches inside a building will make their allergies even worse. Either trap roaches or vacuum them up.

Albino cockroaches shed several times during their development stages. Their shedding skin and feces can be your allergens. Dead bodies, cast-off cockroach skins, and droppings can intensify allergies in kids and sensitive individuals. When these unpleasant guys have been discovered, eliminating and treating the main source of the problem is the first thing that should be done.

Albino roaches as well as adult cockroaches – live or dead – their feces, shed skin and saliva all contain allergens. These insects can infect the air with aeroallergens causing allergic reactions in humans. Do cockroaches bite? Get the latest information here.

Asthmatic dangerousCommon disease pathogens include:

  • Streptococcus;
  • Staphylococcus;
  • Salmonella (food poisoning);
  • Clostridium;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Infectious hepatitis B;
  • Cholera;
  • Respiratory infections;
  • Typhoid;
  • Gastroenteritis;
  • Pneumonia;
  • Leprosy.

It was found that children in infested buildings have the most severe cases of bronchial asthma. Almost 50% of asthmatic kids are sensitive to roach allergens.

Efficient Control of Cockroaches

No matter how many times cockroaches have been professionally exterminated from a building, they continue to reappear. So, how to control these terrible pests?  To know how to effectively control cockroaches you need to learn all the habits of each one. Some roaches are active at night when they go out from their hideout to find some source of food. Some roaches are gaily colored and some consume only vegetation. Want to know effective products to kill them? Read this.

Each roach has its own nesting area. These guys spend about 70% of their time in cracks and crevices.
That’s why you must first find them, then vacuum, heat, power wash, dust or enzyme and then patch all openings and caulk all crevices. The preferred harborages of these guys are those that have high relative humidity and are located near food and water sources.
To control the roaches in the house, control these conditions.

Just say no to cockroachesMost cockroaches that inhabit houses eat not only food but also a large variety of materials such as: leather, glue, paste, dead animals, shoe polish and dirty clothes.

Remember, cockroaches have their habits and nesting areas different from each other.

For efficient control of these troublesome guys do the following:

  • Learn their habits;
  • Find them – then vacuum;
  • Wash, Steam or dust them out;
  • Properly store food, water and garbage;
  • Repair all moisture problems – cockroaches like high humidity.

Control Strategy Plan

With only 2 steps of our efficient strategy plan, you can successfully eliminate cockroaches in the house.

Take these steps into consideration:

Step 1. Sanitation

  1. Inspect all incoming merchandise – drink cartons and groceries – and use a caulking gun for sealing all cracks where these black or white guys can hide.
    Almost 40% of Americans are allergic to various cockroaches’ allergens.
  2. Apply a power washer with enzyme soaps or cleaners in all infested areas. We suggest using diluted solutions like:
    • Mop Up Boric Acid insecticideMop Up Boric Acid Insecticide.
      Cost: $ 49.89.
      The product contains an odorless, non-flammable powder that helps to control cockroaches’ infestations and is mainly used in commercial locations. Apply Mop Up only to floor areas. Add this powder to the rinse water, then mop.
  3. Eliminate all visible food and water sources. Why? Keep in mind, the poorer the sanitation of the house – the greater the amount of “unwelcome guests” in your house. Eliminate plumbing leaks: faucets, pipes, etc. Store the food in refrigerators, roach proof containers, freezers. Daily remove trash, debris, newspapers, and boxes that provide perfect hideouts for troublesome cockroaches.

Step 2. Individual Control

  1. Routinely steam clean infested areas with enzyme cleaners.
  2. Use bait stations inside appliances, computers etc. Try the following products:

    • Avert Dry Flowable Cockroach BaitAvert Dry Flowable Cockroach Bait.
      Cost: $24.75.
      If you need one of the most cost-effective and potent baits, you are lucky to find the one. Unlike other gel baits, this one doesn’t dry out. The solution is sure to remain really working for up to a year.
    • InVict Gold Roach Bait GelInVict Gold Roach Bait Gel.
      Cost: $23.90.
      This powerful product provides rapid control of troublesome cockroaches. The bait is for use in or around homes, hotels, schools, apartments and commercial buildings. Do not apply the bait in surfaces where food is handled or processed and in frequently-washed-down areas.
    Most cockroaches are attracted to locations with high humidity and moisture. Once you move out and stop sweating, breathing, showering, cooking and washing the humidity drops – most cockroaches move away to a more humid place.
    Here is a control secret: Install and maintain dehumidifiers or air conditioners. Repair moisture problems in the house and you will easily crack your roach problem.
  3. Use dusts of food-grade DE (diatomaceous earth). DE is effective in killing roaches. It destroys their cuticle, causing the insect to dehydrate and die. Dust products can be applied from a power-duster, a bulb duster, an aerosol or sprinkled from a feather duster or a small container.

    You can purchase one of these products:

    • Mother Earth DustMother Earth Dust.
      Cost: $77.95.
      Made from highly purified freshwater, the product is all-natural. It works with great residual efficiency and effectively controls roaches.
    • CB Borid Boric Acid DustCB Borid Boric Acid Dust – one pail (25lbs.).
      Cost: $134.95.
      It is a natural insecticide. The product is odorless, effective and long-lasting. It is proven to control cockroaches.

Once control of these troublesome guys has been started, you are to evaluate the efficiency of the cockroach controls being used. Purchase and use traps for inspection. This helps to determine if further roach control is necessary. If the roach population persists, revaluate the situation.

Make sure that water and food sources are removed; all entryways are blocked and continue eliminating their hideout. Even when all populations are exterminated, continue to inspect and monitor your house with baited traps. Why? To be certain a re-infestation is not taking place. By taking our tips into consideration you will surely crack all-white cockroach problems.

You can find further details of Roaches Control here.