Best Ways of Effective Water Bugs and Roaches Identification plus Prevention and Extermination

Identification, difference and extermination of cockroaches and water bugs

Water bugs are often called roaches and vice versa. Some species of these insects are similar in appearance and therefore often mistaken for each other. In fact, they are quite different. Water bugs prefer to live in your swimming pool while cockroaches are common insects in your house.

Do they bite and spread diseases? What control methods to use for their elimination? Before we answer your questions, you’d better think how to identify them. When you know what type of insect you have on your property, you know what effective treatment to apply. Remember, control methods differ for each of these guys. Read and find out how to identify roaches and water bugs and what methods you can use to eliminate them →

Top 5 Effective and Safe Roach Killer for Home Use

Effective roach killer methods

Is that really so bad to live with roaches? Many people aren’t bothered by their company, but still, there are a few serious reasons why they should be controlled. So, what’s the best cockroach killer? Here I suggest a comparison list of best products with…

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Best Way to Kill German Cockroaches Forever

How to Get Rid of German Roaches Forever: Best Way to Kill Cockroaches

German cockroaches are the most widespread roaches in the USA, and you may find them all over the world. They are so numerous due to their high reproductive capacity. And the main problem with them is that their favorite diet consists of remnants of people’s food (though actually, they can eat almost anything).

That is why these nasty little creatures tend to live as close to people as they can, and their favorite accommodation is a human dwelling. How to Get Rid of German Roaches Forever: Best Way to Kill Cockroaches →

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