Top 5 Effective and Safe Roach Killers for Home Use

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Is that really so bad to live with roaches? Many people aren’t bothered by their company, but still, there are a few serious reasons why they should be controlled. So, what’s the best cockroach killer?

Here I suggest a comparison list of the best products with different brands for your consideration. If you require additional information, just look at the links provided next to each product’s title.

Our Recommended 5 Best Roach Killers of 2021 Comparison Table

Our #1 Rated
Combat Max Defense System Small Roach Killing Bait and Gel review
Combat Max Defense System Small Roach Killing Bait and Gel
  • Type: Bait Station
  • Active Ingredient: Fipronil
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Check Price
Combat Max Source Kill Roach Killing Gel review
Combat Max Source Kill Roach Killing Gel
  • Type: Bait Gel
  • Active Ingredient: Fipronil
Check Price

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Our #2 Rated
Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait review
Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait
  • Type: Bait Gel
  • Active Ingredient: Indoxacarb
Check Price

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Bayer Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Gel Bait review
Bayer Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Gel Bait
  • Type: Bait Gel
  • Active Ingredient: Fipronil
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Gentrol Point Source Insect Growth Regulator review
Gentrol Point Source Insect Growth Regulator
  • Type: IGR
  • Active Ingredient: Hydroprene
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What is the Best Roach Killer in September, 2021? – Your Expert Buyer’s Guide

Controlling roaches has always been very important. The first and foremost reason why we should exterminate them is that they are a health hazard. It’s known that most of you go to the nearest store and buy pesticides that promise fast results and long-lasting effects. Do you know most of them are dangerous and you can’t use them around children and pets? Are you aware of the fact they can cause serious health problems and even lead to a fatal outcome?

In the following article, we are going to tell you both about safe and effective extermination methods, mentioning how to use the latter ones safely. Find out what you are to get before doing anything.

And remember: you should contact professionals if you are not sure about something or are scared. They will help you to avoid harsh consequences.

Frankly speaking, most solutions available in today’s market are pretty effective. The only problem is that they are falsely used and that’s why they do not affect. While looking for the best roach killer for home, you are to pay special attention to various baits.


1. Combat Max Defense System – Best Killer Bait Station for Small Cockroaches (Editor’s Choice)

See More ImagesCombat Max Defense System
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Using Combat Max cockroach killer baits, you don’t have to touch chemicals and spread them around. Today this option is regarded to be one of the safest both for children and pets. In most cases, baits are valid for up to 12 months. This fact makes them the longest-lasting options available.

All you have to do is set the purchased Combat Max bait stations around your place. FYI, there is only one critical drawback: the traps are pretty small and can become effective just in the case of small or medium-sized cockroaches. When you are dealing with larger species, you’d better opt for another roach killer that works.

Alternative Remedies

If you are looking for an alternative remedy, you should pay attention to boric acid. Today this is one of the most effective control agents. If used correctly, it ensures the best results. As most people do not follow the most straightforward instructions, they fail in the process of elimination and state that boric acid leads to nothing else, but a complete disappointment.

Boric acid should be applied to those areas, where cockroaches enter/leave your house or apartment. As a rule, these are electrical outlets and baseboards.
The spread powder sticks to the bodies of roaches and kills them as soon as they are trying to lick it off.
When combined with baits, boric acid is the most effective option.

As has been mentioned, the key to success is the correct application. You’d better apply the powder in a thin layer that is barely visible to the naked eye. Roaches avoid heavy accumulations as they don’t want to walk through a snowdrift. Shake the container with powder and puff a small quantity of it into the target area.

Another possible alternative is petroleum jelly/vaseline. It is a live trap that cannot be escaped. All you have to do is rub jelly on the inside wall of a non-transparent glass. Place rotting food on it. The pests will climb for food and water, but they won’t get out because of the jelly. Though it works, the process is rather messy. It is why before using this method, you’d better weigh all pros and cons.

Starting Roach Extermination

Before you come to the extermination procedure, you’d better think of proper roach extermination preparation.

When you know what type of roaches you have in your flat, you know where to focus the inspecting efforts. The very first task is to find the source with the help of sticky traps.

It is recommended to use a flashlight as well as a small mirror to peek under and behind the cabinets and other appliances.
There you will find dead or living roaches, their skins, droppings, and egg cases.

Fighting against roaches includes:

  • Limitation of food sources. Pet and human food must be kept sealed in airtight containers. Never leave dirty dishes on counters or in sinks overnight. Make sure you sweep all crumbs off the counters and floors regularly, as well as take out all the trash at the end of the day.
  • Killing living creatures and their debris. In case you find living creatures there, you’d better use a vacuum cleaner to suck them all as well as their debris up. It is possible to find all their hiding places if you enter a dark room at night and watch where they are running after you turn on the lights.
  • Limitation of water sources. Pay special attention to the areas of standing water, as they attract roaches as well. These may be puddles on kitchen or bathroom floors, water bowls for pets, etc. Empty them every evening. Some people even seal their faucets and drain pipes in old buildings that are prone to leaks. Even a slow drip underneath your washing machine or counter will soon create an environment that attracts roaches to settle in and build their families in there.

Killing all living roachesThe roaches that sneak indoors will never make a permanent home there, unless there is plenty of food and water sources. They can even survive without nutrients for a large period. It is the reason why it is of top importance to keep your place clean and tidy so that it won’t attract cockroaches anymore.

What about roach extermination cost? Things go pretty cheap if you manage the issue on your own. However, when there is nothing you can do about the infestation, you hire a professional, whose work must be well-paid:

  • Initial Services. An exterminator charges from $75 to $250 for initial service. The process may also include a follow-up service that comes with a 2-3 month’s warranty.
  • Commercial Needs. Roach extermination prices for commercial buildings are much higher. At times the cost reaches $500-$1,000 per one visit.
  • Quarterly and Monthly Services. Most companies provide additional roach control services in case of pests’ reappearance. Some of them steer homeowners towards quarterly or monthly service contracts, $75-$125, and $30-$60 respectively.

Are There Roach Poisons Safe for Pets and Humans?

To begin with, the majority of poisons available on the market aren’t strong to kill your pet, however, it should also be marked that some of them have ingredients that lead to minor/serious complications:

  • Hydramethylnon. It is an active ingredient in many types of roach poison. This substance is harmless in small doses, but when pets are eating it causes gagging and vomiting.
  • Chlorpyrifos. This very ingredient leads to stomach pain, vomiting, excessive drooling, uncontrollable urination and defecation.

Opt for slow-acting baits that have Sulfluramid, Hydramethylnon, Boric Acid, or Fipronil.


2. Combat Max Source Kill

See More ImagesCombat Max Source Kill
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Among the options of roach killers safe for pets, we suggest Combat Max. It is safe and isn’t placed in areas where your pet can get it.

Perhaps one of the greatest improvements to control these pests is the use of bait products sold in drugstores and hardware shops, home centers and discount stores, supermarkets, and the Internet.

Combat Max insecticide bait gel is sold in a syringe. It’s safe for the environment and triggers no adverse reactions in people or pets.

Always follow the directions on the label carefully. Use products labeled for in-home use.

Finding the Best Roach Killer Gel

It seems as if we’ve already discussed possible safe and effective solutions, still there are a few other options worth mentioning. One of them is cockroach killer gel. Most people choose Advion Gel Bait by Syngenta.


3. Advion Cockroach – Best Roach Killer Bait Gel for Indoor and Outdoor Locations (People’s Choice)

See More ImagesAdvion Cockroach
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It is a powerful substance, and when it is used correctly, its results last up to several months.

The gel-like this one should be applied to crevices and cracks. It doesn’t kill on contact. Besides, you don’t have to kill roaches either. To get the best results from the gel, allow the pests to share it with their colony.

Waiting till this cockroach killer paste starts working may be very irritating. Also, the paste may leave signs on the places where applied. However, this is the most effective variant.

The roach gel works well, but you must buy 3-5 tubes to treat a whole house.

4. Bayer Maxforce FC Magnum

See More ImagesMaxforce FC Magnum
Read Verified Customer Reviews

Maxforce gel is bait, not repellent. But it will give you much better results. Cockroaches are easily repelled it’s know as avoidance, what you really want is for them to be killed.


5. Gentrol IGR

See More ImagesGentrol IGR
Read Verified Customer Reviews

The one thing not mentioned was an IGR. It stands for Insect Growth Regulator. You cannot control a serious German roach problem without it.

Gentrol is your best choice. It comes in a few forms, but plastic discs are best. Use these IGR roach control devices underneath drawers and in the hinges of cabinets.

This only works if you consistently repeat it and remove all other food sources including grease around stoves and ovens. Also, make sure no water leaks exist.

Questions & Answers

What is the most effective way to kill cockroaches?

Combat roach bait has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to kill cockroaches. This type of poison is much less invasive than many other methods and can actually be used around food without worry. You simply place it on the ground where you know the populations are heavy, leave it for a few hours, and then come back to see if your fighting strategy has worked!

Combat Roach Bait was designed specifically for noxious roaches when applied according to directions will break down the insect's digestive system causing death by dehydration and starvation.

This product is made with quality that doesn't merely drive these insects from kitchens or bathrooms - but drives them into an early grave!

How often do you need roach poison bait?

Combat bait stations are designed for long-lasting effectiveness, to protect a home or business against roaches that wander in from the outside for up to 12 months.

It is recommended to use the Combat Bait Station as often as once a month to maintain optimal effectiveness. Reapply your bait every 3-4 weeks if you see roaches, or more frequently if the roaches in question are especially stubborn species, such as German cockroaches.

What is the best roach killer safe for pets?

There are many roach killers that are safe for pets. They include boric acid, lime powder, cinnamon or cayenne pepper.

The roach killer that is best for your pets is boric acid. Boric acid leaves no residue around the house and will eliminate any future infestation, but this method does not work if you have an old colony established in a wall or under cabinets where they are hard to reach.

One option is to vacuum up the bugs and their eggs. It's important to be thorough in the initial vacuumings because eggs can hatch into larvae quickly. For people who prefer not to use pesticides or chemicals for their home pest control routines, a couple of other options might be worth trying out as well with either cinnamon and water solution or ground black pepper and water solution both work well at killing roaches.

You should not use poison to kill rodents because it will cause some serious health concerns for you and your family.

Why is roach poison so dangerous to some people?

The poison is dangerous to some people because roaches carry a lot of nasty bacteria, so ingesting the poison can lead to life-threatening food poisoning.

It's not only the roach that's affected by toxic bait; any man, woman, or child who eats anything containing roach toxin will be poisoned and may die. For this reason alone it should be avoided at all costs.

When using roach poison, take care to avoid coming into contact with your eyes and mouth. Most insecticides that are safe for most people may not be safe if you have a chronic exposure - i.e., use them every day or at high doses over a long period of time.


What else should you know? Well, it is important to mention that none of the methods mentioned above can be referred to as entirely foolproof. You must be very careful when dealing with special baits, sprays, pastes, gels, and other toxins to exterminate cockroaches.

If there is a pet or small children in your house, choose the safe method or put the pesticides in those places that aren’t accessible to little paws and hands. Keep in mind that a single-time treatment is effective for 2-3 months only. For better results, it should be repeated several times. This is when complete extermination is guaranteed. However, when all your efforts are useless, call in professional help to avoid endangering those who are occupying the space.

You can find further details of Roaches Control here.

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  1. Where can this be purchased or ordered..the roach repellant

    • address or phone number to purchase the best roach reppellant

      • Combat is over the counter, Advion just searches it you will get several sites. I prefer bayer maxforce magnum though.

      • I need a good repellent i just moved to Philly and my neighbor has them bad and they are starting to come over to my house and ill be damed . Combat gel doesn’t work for me it’s like there use to it they dont die

        • Don’t know if this will help you, It seems to be working with me. Take powered sugar and baking soda and mix together equal parts and spread everywhere. in cracks on counters on floors. Then take same mixture and add water to make a paste and stick around under counters and around the hinges of cabinets etc. the theory is sodium bicarb. when roaches eat it then drink water it creates a gas bubble that roaches can not expel so it blows up their stomach. and the other roaches eat that one that has sodium bicarb in it’s system and they die too. it takes awhile cause they have to eat it thus the powered sugar to entice them to eat it and they can’t discern the sugar from the baking soda. I have had it spread for a week now and have seen a significant drop in their population. and it cost a whole $1.55 plus tax to have enough to dust my entire house. Hope it helps. Good Luck!

        • Try the Combat Defense System if you can find it. Cost about $15 though

  2. One of the most important things in killing your little pests is identifying the type to have the best attack plan. About two years ago, the city was testing the sewers, and the smoke drove a lot of roaches up. They infested every house in the neighbor hood. I did some research and found that they were Asian cockroaches. They are smarter than the average American cockroach, and have eyes on top of their head, and small, round black bodies with a yellow mark, they also run really fast, thus making them a lot harder to kill. They are primarily attracted to water and bright lights, but hide in dark places. They only come out at night, and love to be warm. They also go dormant in the winter. They are near impossible to get rid of, even professional extermination fails to work. Later, about a few months ago, we got American cockroaches. These are the nasty ones that are typically portrayed in pop culture and carry disease. They are small, long, brown roaches. They are attracted to water, food, and places to hide. Luckily, these are easier to get rid of. Get rid of all the places to hide, and get rid of all food sources. We managed to get rid of them, but not before they mated with the Asian cockroaches. Now we have cross-bread roaches running around that I don’t know how to get rid of. But because I knew how to get rid of the American cockroaches, we have one less issue to deal with. Make sure to kill them when ever you get the chance. Especially the females. The females have two small hook like things on their bottom, or an egg sack after they have been mated with. Killing these are SUPER IMPORTANT to population control.

  3. The best instantaneous cockroach killer is original PINE SOL diluted 25% with water in a spray bottle.

    • Or you can fill a spray bottle with water and then add enough dish soap to make the water change color. Swish it around a bit and spray on roaches. Works just as well.

  4. BORIC ACID IS NOT SAFE FOR PETS!!! And the gel may be hidden from MOST pets, but not PARROTS. They walk around the floors of homes, and chew underneath wood surfaces. Always consider all animals, not just typical dogs and cats and take precaution.

  5. My wife & I just recently moved into a new place together, we keep running into the Big Water Roaches… Whts the best thing on the shelf to prevent them from coming in at night…

  6. best to use ” isopropyl rubbing alcohol 99% or 70% just put it in a spray bottle & spray where they laydown their eggs, & every time you see them just spray it on them they die so instantly. for beds bugs you have to spray it every two day in your beds, …for 1 months & after that you can use every week.

  7. Wd-40 kills roaches on contact

  8. I have been battlling a german cockroach problem for about two years. I have tried the gel, roach hotels, raid, boric acid, spectricide bug stop, clorox, windex, vinegar, soapy water, bombed and a pricey exterminator. I sprayed pesticide in all the plumbing holes and filled with spray insulation. I’ve siliconed the cracks n crevices and just seem to keep moving the problem around. They are not in the bathrooms or laundry room, only the kitchen. Does anyone have any advice what I should try next? Thank you

    • 1. Remove everything from cabinets. Take drawers out.
      2. Treat every corner (cabinets, bottoms of drawers, everything) with a cockroach bait.
      3. Pull appliances away from wall. Treat around appliances with bait.
      4. Treat cracks and crevices with residual spray.
      5. Very important. Repeat process every 30 days using products with different active ingredients until satisfied with the results.

      German Cockroaches develop resistance to pesticides over time. If you use the same active ingredients all the time it will get to where they are worthless in your home. This is why some people swear by certain products, which are ineffective for others.

    • My parents moved to florida in the 80’s and they had the same problem as everyone else. They used demon WP and that ended their problem. I lived in Michigan and used it in crawl space under newly built house and never even had a spider under house and as anyone knows about crawl spaces they are always loaded with creepy creatures. also sprayed inside house and no mosquitoes, flies or any spider webs in corners of rooms. This can be found on line for under $10.00, it is in water soluble packet, put in sprayer and kill all your bugs..


    • Get geckos about 4 they will eat them or can try iguanas

    • As the article said, gentrol is your best choice it comes in a few forms but the concentrated bottle along with point source stick able plastic pucks are best. If you use an IGR you should use a non repellent pesticide like cy-kick or phantom mixed with it.

  9. Well for cg I been looking up for myself moved in a new house and be hold I found not so good friends living with me not paying rent lol…. Try wet coffee grinds in small cup and get a large glass jar fill it half way with water and put small cup with wet coffee grinds in side of lg jar you have to make 3 to 6 of these and put them where you see most of it friends and change when you see needed meaning alot of roaches in the jar you will see in 2 to 3 weeks less and less keep it up but keep doing it and you should not see none in 2 to 3 month’s

    • What is the best solution for killing German roaches I tried everything they keep coming back please someone help me

  10. If the building you live in is infested within the structure the only way to eradicate the population is to have the landlord,/owners bag the entire building and treat it professionally unfortunately this is very costly so most won’t do it…these insects go back to the age of the dinosaurs and we will never ever be free of them completely best you can do is what everyone here is saying keep it clean keep it sealed and keep it dry treat your perimeters outside and by what works for you it’s all about being persistent lol

  11. i need to no how to get a round of roachs and i have them brown ones and they only come out at night and i hate them

  12. Boric Acid is the bomb. I’ve used it in a large house and was able to have a pest free room despite being over a garage that had palmetto bugs. I think it’s awesome for apartments cause you may live around invested apartments and not have to worry they will come visit. A great barrier!

  13. When I see a large water bug, I spray windex all over it, and it’s dead in seconds

  14. Okay so I live in a beach house that has a crawl space I’m assuming there is water down there but I don’t think a lot.. Anyways I find a palmetto bug here and there and it’s like a life or death situation when I see one. I spray raid on it and they die slowly but then after I clean it all up my wonderful dog likes to lick in that area. Is there any homemade safe stuff I can spray around the house to prevent them from coming in and if I see one in the house what to spray on it to kill it pronto.

  15. Advion did NOT work for me, the roaches will not eat it. I’m sure it’s effective if they do, but mine are too smart I guess.

  16. When you sleep in a roach infested home, they come out at night and particularly enjoy drinking from your mouth as the spit pools on one side, therefore it is imperative that you only lay on your back with your head facing the ceiling. In this position the spit slides down your throat, instead of pooling on the side, and they have to climb down your mouth for a drink. That is bad for them because your body’s reflex is to crunch and swallow anything that tickles your tongue. Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t forget to bite, bite, bite!

  17. Ortho works the best. You must be safe in placing product where pets can’t get to it but, it will take care of anything you got. It smells like cabbage and as someone who has COPD I am careful about how much to use in my bedroom. You want to be done with this war? Pull out the big guns and use Ortho, many restaurants and other professional buildings use it as well.

  18. My dog just suffered kidney failure.i lived in condos with severe palmetto bug problems. Since built in 70 a lot of pluming issues through coplex. When changing plumbing disturbs nest. Some were in the walls,falling on u in shower. It was so severe the professionals came weekly to spray boric acid,dust.numerus treatments of different chemicalsL.
    Then the 8 yr Maltese became ill and went into kidney failure. Has this happened to anyone else s pet ?

  19. For what its worth.

    I burned some popcorn in the microwave one time. The smoke was billowing out of the bag. My entire apartment filled with burned popcorn smoke. Anyways, for a month after that I saw no more roaches. I wonder if the smoke smell made them leave for a month. I don’t suggest burning popcorn in the microwave, but I was just wondering if anyone ever heard of that before. The smoke aspect of the story.

  20. Well upstairs neighbor brought in freaking cockroachs has if i didn’t have enough issues with the mold in my ceiling..
    When they went upstairs to poison it up.. roachs obviously all came down.. because like a retard my landlord sprayed everyones apartment except ya Safe land here i come…
    i never leaved lights opened too so was a heaven for them.. now my kitchen lights are opened 24/7
    What makes it worst is that my bed and living room is in my kitchen…since i have no other choice..
    and ya there is mold+ simple unclean environment for sleeping in general + now fkin cockroachs.
    And Those Poison Are not safe at all.. Landlord came to spray twice and now my ankles and feet are inflatting like ballons Nonstop the second my feet touch the ground in the morning…
    since 3 weeks and my skin burns.. this shit is dangerous… Not safe at all or im about to simply die from something else due to sleeping in a fkin molding roach infested kitchen..
    i dunno but it started with the poison being sprayed around.

    Also to answer the guy above, i only smoke in my pc room which has the washer/dryer exit in and is on the other side of my kitchen.
    So i am quite sure Cockroachs would easily come on this side threw the pipes if they wanted to.. But since i smoke herbs 24/7 and there is a light opened 24/7 has well, maybe your Smoke theory is true since i never saw one in this room

    Anyhow.. now a real extermination team is coming in an hour.. forcing me to leave for 4 hours when i know nobody and have nowhere to go… cockroaches are forcing me to leave my own apartment yet we cannot get rid of them.. quite ironic and pissing me off since i am not the cause of the problem and already had my own issues..
    Those fkin neighbors.. they already broke my TV with a water leak and they have 6 kids so ya wtf is sleep? she does laundry right above my head at midnight or 6am.. and now Brings fkin cockroachs i swear worst neighbors i EVER had

  21. Awhile back I read that hedge apples will keep roach’s away. Ever heard of them? And if they work? Think it said they grow only back east some place ??

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