Mites… What do you know about them? These eight-legged creatures refer to a group of insects. Some of them bite, some cause irritation to humans and some parasitize animals. People used to think mites are dangerous. However, there are many useful mites. Remember, mites are essential components of the ecosystem and it is impossible to eliminate them completely.

By means of this article you will find out what types of mites are, which of them are visible and invisible, what mites are dangerous and what are beneficial.

Types of mites: beneficial and dangerous

There are more than 45,000 of tiny eight-legged insects called mites. Some of them feed on organic matter, while others feed on animals or humans. It is important to distinguish these types and know that mites feeding on plants like spider mites species, for example, cannot reproduce and feed on human beings.

Extreme cold or heat kills mites.

Even though, most mites can be dangerous or a nuisance for people, there are many beneficial mites. Some of these insects are essential organisms to humans and animals.

We can divide mites into 2 groups:

  1. Important mites:
    • ones that help to return dead organisms to the soil;
    • predatory mites that keep population of plant pests and insects in check.
  2. Dangerous mites:
    • humans’ or animals’ parasites;
    • mites that attack crop plants.

Let’s check out some types of mites.

Predatory mites

2000 predatory mites for biological controlPredatory mites are beneficial pests that feed on plant pests. They are often used as biological control for spider mites. Living and breeding on plants, these pests do not harm flowers or plants. They are searching for destructive plant pests on the underside of leaves.

Small numbers of predatory mites are present in every garden. If you have severe spider mites infestation in your garden or yard, you can increase the number of beneficial predatory mites by purchasing and releasing them on your plants.

Purchase the type of predatory mites that is native to your region to ensure they can thrive in your climate. Before releasing predatory mites, spray the soil around plants with water.

You can purchase such predatory mites as:

  • Phytoseiulus persimilis (are used to eliminate two-spotted spider mites);
  • A. Fallacis (are used to eliminate European red mite, spruce mite, bamboo mite);
  • M. Longipes (are used to eliminate spider mites on plants in greenhouses);
  • G. Occidentalis (are used to eliminate spider mites and eriophyid mites), etc.

White mites

White mites are not insects. They refer to spider mites known as plant pests. Similar to spider mites they live and feed on plants and spin webs.

A lifespan of a mite is one month.

Non-insect white mitesThe presence of white mites can be seen by a white residue left by them on plants. If left unchecked, these destructive mites can damage vegetation and outdoor plants. Moreover, they can become a nuisance inside the house.

Due to their small size and neutral color they are often difficult to see. Having white mites indoor? Vacuuming, removing carpeting, laundering curtains and linens and using pesticides are good methods of white mites’ eradication.

Black mites

Many people suffer from black mites. Not only do they bite humans leaving red bumps but also they are a source of possible infections. Being extremely small for the eye to see, black mites can do many problems for any homeowner.

Vacuuming and spraying the area with safe insecticide like mite killer is a good idea.
To prevent return of black mites, mite killers should be used every month.

Many people use foggers for killing black mites. But before using the product, all humans and pets must be removed from the house.

Invisible tiny mites

Mites can be divided into two groups:

  1. Small mites that we can see like clover mites.
  2. Microscopic mites that are impossible to see due to their microscopic size.

There is a huge number of microscopic mites biting people. Most of us have thousands of these tiny creatures living in our hair, skin and even in our eyebrows and eyelashes.

If you have pet in the house, it should be checked for mites.
It often happens that mites move off pets and start feeding on humans causing biting or itching sensations.

Usually people have a tolerance for microscopic mites. However, high populations of such itty-bitty bugs can cause serious problems. If you are interested how to kill and eliminate skin mites on humans, read this.

People often complain that something has bitten them. A great number of mites does occur in our homes and workplaces.

Microscopic mites in your home

We carry thousands of mites on us not realizing it. Some of them like Follice Mites live at the base of our hair and in our pores. Some mites can be found in structures and definitely bite humans. There are 3 types of mites that can bite people.

They are:

  • Scabies mites,
  • Bird mites,
  • Rat mites.

The first type which is often called mange mite is microscopic mite that burrows into the skin causing intense itching and skin rashes. When it comes to bird mites, these tiny arthropods can bite people when birds are unavailable. Interested in bird mites treatment? Read this.

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Most people who come in contact with tiny invisible mites experience no symptoms at all. But if you have a comprised immune system, you may experience skin irritations. To prevent the spread of mites among people, home treatment is necessary. It doesn’t include too much. Washing towels in Borax, frequent change of pillowcases, sterilizing phones with alcohol and checking your pet for mites will help you to protect yourself from possible allergies, skin rashes and other problems caused by bothersome mites.

Now you know some common types of mites. Dangerous or beneficial, you need to control them to avoid possible problems. Knowing their types will help you to know how to distinguish and control these insects.

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