Wondering how much damage spider mites can do to your plants? In fact, they are everywhere – eating your houseplants, outdoor plants and your favorite tomatoes. How to keep leaf eaters away and how to stop them?

This article describes what to do if you have light or heavy infestation of mites on your plants. What products to use and how light solutions can put an end to heavy mites’ infestation.

Find out what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to mites’ elimination. Follow our simple pieces of advice, make your plants spider mites free and grow an assortment of fresh undamaged tomatoes.

How to kill spider mites on plants and what to use for their removal

There are several smart ways on how to get rid of troublesome spider mites on house plants and other types of plants. Let’s see how you can treat your plants.

What to do first: Using oils (neem oil) diluted with water can efficiently kill spider mites.

Benefits of using oils are:

  • They can be effectively used on fruit, flowers, vegetables, ornamental plants and houseplants.
  • They are safe, and don’t make harm to beneficial insects.
  • The oil can interrupt the reproduction cycle of mites and kill eggs.

What to do next: If you have severe infestation, purchase miticides (specific mites pesticides). Choose specific products. Remember, you need the one that can kill not only live mites but their eggs as well. Before purchasing any miticide, read the label. For optimal results, spray your plants five days after the first application.

What not to do: Frequent usage of insecticide can kill different types of bugs feeding on spider mites. Don’t often use chemicals. This can INCREASE mites’ population.

When spraying spider mites with mites’ control products, be sure to spray really well. Remember, quantity is important.
Another key thing is to make sure that spray goes the undersides of plant leaves where mites build up.

Farmers know chemical solvents are dangerous. Here is a variety of natural products that can eliminate mites safely, effectively and quickly.

Neem oil

Derived from the neem tree seeds, Neem oil is a perfect natural product that can be successfully used for spider mites’ removal. This oil is used by many growers not only to remove mites but also to prevent their appearance. The main reason you need to give this product a try is that Neem oil is completely natural and safe to use.

Spraying with Neem oil gives great results if you use the oil correctly. Below there are some tricks on how to use Neem oil in the right way:

  • Before spraying the plants remove them from the direct light.
  • After spraying keep the plants in the dark for at least 5 hours.
  • Make new solution of Neem oil every time of use.
  • Apply Neem oil every 3 days for 3 weeks.

There are 2 types of Neem oil which you can purchase and use. The first one comes in the concentrated form that should be diluted. Usually it takes 2Tbs of concentrate per gallon of water. The second type comes in the form of ready to-use Neem oil spray. Below there are two efficient solution products that solve spider mites’ biggest problems.

  1. Neem Oil ExtractNeem Oil Extract by Garden Safe
    This concentrate is used for organic gardening. You can use it up to day of harvest. The product does a good job and is indispensable for tender plants.
  2. Neem Oil by Bonide
    From flowers, spices, vegetables to trees, houseplants and shrubs, this product will kill all stages of spider mites including larvae and eggs.

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Azamax is a natural, effective product with a broad spectrum control of pests. By using toxic pesticides, growers can kill not only spider mites but also such beneficial insects as honeybees and earthworms. With AzaMax you can decimate spider mites’ population without using chemical solvents. It can be used either in a spray or a reservoir.

Azamax eradicates mites’ infestation in 9 days.

AzaMaxAzaMax is made of completely natural organic ingredients that cannot harm the plants or buds. Having no hard chemical solvents, Azamax is an odor-free product.

It is really safe and natural and you can apply it even on the day of harvest.

This great systemic product controls spider mites through growth disruption and starvation.


Can’t find some fast-acting, organically acceptable insecticide? Your real solution is Spinosad. Due to its safety to the environment and beneficial insects Spinosad is known as one of the safest and highly-effective products. This organical product can be used on vegetables, fruit trees, lawns and outdoor ornamentals.

How it works? After ingesting the active ingredients of spinosad, spider mites die within 2 days. Spinosad is a perfect choice for gardening and organic farming. It is easy to use. Spinosad concentrate should be diluted (4Tbs per gallon of water). Apply Spinosad to the leaves’ tops and bottoms with a sprayer.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earthWhite diatomaceous earth is the remains of microscopic ocean plants. Dangerous to mites, diatomaceous earth is safe for plants and harmless to roots.

It can be used indoors or out on vegetable plants, houseplants, ornamentals, around the foundation of the home, etc.

Being safe for animals, pets and kids this white powder helps prevent and control spider mites and other crawling insects.

Don’t put diatomaceous earth around any flowers.
Why? The honeybees would get on it and they can be killed or injured by the product. The product is better to use on vegetable plants like cabbages, tomatoes, etc.

Diatomaceous earth is your defence in organic pest control. It is easy to use. Just sprinkle it below and around your plants.

Keep in mind, the product can harm any insect in your garden. So, be aware what is in your garden before you use it.

Smart strategy: How to get rid of spider mites on weed plants

Spider mites are one of the worst types of pests for weed plants. They can easily destroy the whole crop. However, there are some smart methods to resolve this problem.

Are your weed plants in a vegetative state? If yes, then spraying them with water is the simplest way to eliminate mites. This method works if mites’ infestation is in early stages.

If your weed plants are already infested, look for some non-toxic spider mite spray like SM-90. The product is perfect at killing leaf eaters on weed plants. It has a pleasant smell and is very safe to humans and animals.

Benefits of using SM-90:

  • The product can be used to prevent mites’ problem or to stop mites’ attack.
  • SM-90 can be used in vegetative and bloom stages.
  • The product protects leaves from mites and white powdery mildew.
  • It kills mites’ adults and their eggs.
  • SM-90 is bio-degradable and contains only natural plant oils.

Mix one part of this beneficial product with five parts of water. Spray SM-90 directly on weed plants’ leaves. Spray weed plants every three days for up to three applications.

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How to control pesky mites on tomatoes

Nothing beats the flavor of delicious tomatoes. However, once you allow pesky mites to enter your tomato garden, your favorite tomato plants are in GREAT danger. How to protect tomato plants? Get 6 smart tips to save your tomatoes from pesky plant pests.

  1. Tip 1. Knock them down with water

    Strong jet of water is the first smart tip to knock these pests off the foliage. When sprayed with water mites can’t hang on the plants.

    Spray tomatoes with waterIdea
    Spray tomatoes with a high stream of water EVERY MORNING.
    This is a simple and effective way to control mites’ infestation on tomatoes.
  2. Tip 2. Cutting
    Found mite colonies under the leaves of your tomato plants? Cut highly infested leaves away immediately.
  3. Tip 3. Control them organically
    You don’t want chemicals to get over your tomato plants.  No need to use harmful pesticides. Tomatoes can be protected by organic products. Neem oil and horticultural soap are perfect spider mite solutions.
  4. Tip 4. Biological control
    Predatory mites and lady bugs can effectively control pesky plants. These enemies of mites do a perfect biologic control.
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  5. Tip 5. Deadfast Green Smoke Generator
    Greenhouse tomatoes often become an ideal condition for red mites. To control these pests in your greenhouse, purchase Deadfast Green Smoke Generator. Leaving no visible residue and smell after use, this product works immediately, killing all mites on your tomato plants.
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  6. Pyrethrum 5 ECTip 6. Pyrethrum 5 EC
    Suitable for use in organic/natural farming, Pyrethrum 5 EC effectively works controlling pesky plant pests on tomato plants.
    The product has low toxicity and is environmentally friendly.

When it comes to mites’ removal, miticides are the most effective products. However, using miticides on vegetables is not the best option as the plants will consume it. It is better to use organic products like diatomaceous earth and neem oil.

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Effective tips and products to knock down mites on your houseplants

House plants attract spider mites indoors. Want to make these mites miserable?

Check out these clever tips:

  • Tip 1.
    Put your indoor plants in the bath. Use a plastic bag to cover the soil and spray the house plants with lukewarm water. Most of the plant pests will be washed away.
  • Tip 2.
    Wait a week after spraying. Then apply Horticultural oil. This will help to treat the mites that are left.

In addition, try one of these products for complete removal of mites.

Neem Repel

Neem RepelNeem Repel will be ideal for indoor use on house plants.

Organic and non-toxic it is suitable for controlling spider mites, black spots and powder mildew.

Indoor plants can be protected by keeping humidity up.

Bug-Spray for houseplants by Miracle-Gro

This fast-acting spray can effectively kill red spider mites on your house plants. Use the product at a first sign of mites’ attack or infestation and repeat as required.

One of the most essential rules of successful mites’ elimination is spending some time in your garden every day. Orchard management is also important. Remember, a day can make a HUGE difference.

If you notice that something is eating your plants, check the bottoms to see if you have sucking insects like pesky spider mites. Then apply the right products that were mentioned in this article. It doesn’t take much. Good management and right products are all those things your plants need to grow healthy.

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