The best way to suppress mites’ population is to combine chemical control with organic. Chemical control can be encouraged by keeping plants healthy and by natural enemies of mites.

It often happens that some chemical insecticides increase the population of mites. Why? How to avoid it? Read this article to find out how.

Here we will provide beneficial information for you. Find out what chemical control involves, how organical control can reduce the need for chemicals and what products you can buy for a long-lasting natural control of spider mites.

How to control spider mites and make your garden mites-free

How to make your garden spider mites freeAs soon as spider mites’ activity is diagnosed, the right control of these plant pests should be implemented.

Chemical control of spider mites involves using miticides and insecticides. Effective control should take several treatments. However, only nymphs and adults can be killed by labeled miticides. As far as some sprays don’t affect eggs, treating once a week for several weeks is very important.

Control of spider mites is based on many factors including species of mites, growth stage of the crop and level of mite’s infestation. First of all, determine the species of mites present in your garden and then purchase a suitable application. How to distinguish spider mites? Find out here.

Before applying any control product, identify mites’ species.
Products like Abid will be effective against two spotted mites and when it comes to Forbid, this product will be good on ornamental plants but selective against mites.

Let’s consider some of the best products for spider mites’ control.

Mighty Wash

Mighty Wash productMighty Wash is a perfect spider mite killer solution. Ready-to-use formula of Mighty Wash allows resolving infestation of mites during all their stages of development. The product can be used in the flowering and growing cycle including the day of harvest.

Mighty Wash is really beneficial as you don’t have to dilute it. Have first signs of mites’ problem? Spray the leaves of flowers, fruits or any other plants and your mites will be fully eliminated. In case of necessity, you can spray the plants every 3 days.

When using Mighty Wash, make sure the sides, tops and bottoms of targeted surfaces are given intensive soaking. Having strong anti-resistance properties and fast nature of attack it immediately paralyzes spider mites making them unable to build up a defensive barrier and produce eggs.

Bifen I/T (Bifenthrin)

The product can be used on various agricultural crops and inside the home. Bifen comes in many sizes and efficiently works on spider mites. Using a synthetic pyrethrin, Bifen I/T is completely odorless.

Treat all the plants that have mites’ infestation. Cover them all with the product. Remember, the more plants will be covered, the better protection they will get. Being gentle on treated plants, Bifen is really active on spider mites.

When it comes to household plants, Bifen I/T is beneficial to use. Take your household plants outside, treat and dry then bring them back inside.

Can’t find what kills hideous spider mites? Use this information to choose the best products for their elimination.

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Organic control effectiveness

Most gardeners prefer to apply insecticides to have an impact on mites’ numbers. However, it sometimes happens that the use of insecticides can AGGRAVATE spider mite’s problem. The reasons are simple.

  1. Insecticides can destroy not only spider mites but their natural enemies as well. The fewer enemies, the more numbers of spider mites you will see.
  2. Some insecticides increase nitrogen level in leaves and as a result spider mites start to reproduce faster.
Don’t treat only infested plants.
Remember, treating plants around the ones that are infested is a necessity. To catch mites’ activity, inspect and treat all your plants.
Using treatment before spider mites cause damage is a good practice.

As you see not only chemical control is important. Organical or natural control also plays an important part in spider mites’ elimination. When undisturbed by pesticides and insecticides, predators of spider mites can efficiently limit the population of these plant pests.

Biological control in the form of spider mite predators

Being about the same size as spider mites, their natural enemies (predatory mites) are more active. They don’t feed on foliage and provide effective biological control of mites.

10 spider mites are controlled by one predator.

To create favorable conditions for mites’ predators do the following:

  • avoid dusty conditions,
  • avoid frequent usage of insecticide sprays.

Another way to increase the number of predators is to purchase them on the market. Predators for sale are frequently used by gardeners.

You can purchase Phytoseiulus persimilis that are fast, active and love eating mites or other types of predators like:

  • M. longipes,
  • N. californicus,
  • Feltiella acarisuga,
  • Amblyseius andersoni, etc.

Let’s see the best product for effective, organic spider mite control:

  1. Natural contrl with spider mite killer packsSpider mite killer packs
    If you need natural and long lasting control, buying these killer packs is a good idea. The pack contains tiny and almost invisible phytoseiulus persimilis that hunt out spider mites.
    You can purchase standard and large spider mite killer packs.  Standard pack contains 1000 little killers and large pack – up to 2000 killers.
    The pack is easy to use. Release the predators onto leaves and let them do their work.
  2. Bags for spider mites removalSpidermite Killer Release Bags

    Having HIGH numbers of red spider mites? Purchase spider mite bags product.

    The bag contains mites’ predators called Amblyseius andersoni that can be found throughout Europe. Being cold-resistant this predatory mite can be effectively used indoors and outdoors on different types of plants including orchard fruits, soft fruits, conifers and herbaceous plants.

    These predators are supplied in bags which you can easily hang on your plants. Each water resistant bag contains up to 250 predators and lasts for up to 6 weeks.

    Biological control of plant pests reduces the need for chemicals. Predatory mites help growers to reduce the use of miticides and oil spraying.
    This helps to save growers and farmers about a million dollars a year.
  3. Live Adult Predatory Mites by Bug Sales
    This product is beneficial because it is perfect for all growing conditions.
    A package includes a mix of predator mites (P. persimilis, M. longipes and N. californicus). Being harmless to vegetation, these three different species of predators will do a 100% organic spider mite control. You can purchase packages that contain 1000, 2000 or even 5000 of predators.

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Do ladybugs eat spider mites?

Ladybugs love eating spider mites. Therefore, these insects are a MUST-HAVE for organic control of mites.

If you have spider mites infestation use ladybugs and they will for sure clean up the mess. Two weeks and ladybugs will be the only critters left in your garden. These live predators can be purchased in stock.

Below there are some of these products:

Live Lady Bugs by Hirt’s

This product includes up to 1550 of live lady bugs and Nature nectar. Before releasing these insects, spray the foliage with natural nectar (nutritional supplement).

Ladybugs really work eating all of the destructive pests. They keep on eating until all of your spider mites are gone.

Adult lady bug eats up to 9 mites for an hour.

Lady Bugs by Orcon

Lady Bugs by OrconContainer includes up to 1500 live lady bugs. The bugs will not harm your vegetation and will help to control all of the mites on your property.

Now you know that by choosing specific pesticides, using efficient organic control in the form of predatory mites and lady bugs you can effectively control plant pests and don’t let them rule your garden.

You can find further details of Spider mites Control here.