If you are looking for the best methods to eliminate disgusting rat mites, look no further. In most cases, the source of rat mites’ problem is rats and their nests locating in the attic, basement or walls. If you have pet rat, guinea pig or rabbits at home, they may be also infested by rat mites.

Things become worse when rat mites start feeding on humans. Usually this happens when rats cannot be found. Red and itchy rat mites’ bites become noticeable and when this happens, removal of dangerous rat mites should be done immediately. Check out the most-effective options and crack your rat mites’ problem right now.

Getting rid of rat mites: rat mites’ problems and solutions

What to do if your pet has rat mites: An increased need to stretch and inflammation of pet’s skin are 2 common signs that show your pet has rat mites.

You can protect your pets purchasing these two great products:

  • Easy treatment with beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot-OnAnti-Parasite Spot-On by Beaphar

    This easy to use treatment can be used for rats as well as for guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets.

    The product contains four easy to apply pipettes. Each of them lasts for up to four weeks.

    To control rat mites, squeeze the content of one pipette onto the back of your pet.

    Pets may carry rat mites that can be transmitted to you. Transmitted mites can burrow under your skin. As a result you may experience itching.
    If you’ve noticed that your animal is infested, the pet needs to be treated.
  • Mite and Lice SprayMite and Lice Spray for rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs
    Food and water must be removed from the cage before spraying. The cage should be sprayed thoroughly to prevent rat mites’ infestation. Spray the fur of your pet.
    When using the product avoid spraying it into pet’s eyes or face.

What to do to eliminate rat mites in your house: Rat mites are too small to see them. Therefore, it is difficult to know if you have these insects in your house.

However, if you experience painful lesions and red itchy rashes on your skin, chances are high that you have rat mites in your house.

Do the following:

  1. Look for rats and their nests in attics, basements and walls and remove them. If necessary, trap them with kill traps or glue boards. Spray the dead rat and its nest with a disinfectant.
    Removing mites’ source (dead mice, rats, and abandoned nests) is very important.
    Unless you remove their source, rat mites will continue to seek human host infesting your house.
  2. Dr. Ben’s Evictor natural mite killer productsSpray carpets, beds and infested areas with Dr. Ben’s Evictor.
    This natural mite killer is formulated for control of burrowing insects. The product is perfect to use by people who often come in contact with infested areas.
    You can use it on mattresses, carpets, pillows and in any place.

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Rat mite bites’ treatment

What can be more disgusting than being bitten by rat mites? These tiny insects reside close to rat nests. They prefer to feed off rats.

Rat mites’ bites can cause dermatitis.

But when rats die or abandon their nest they will feed of humans. There are three types of rat mites that can bite people.

They are:

  • the house mouse mite,
  • spiny rat mite,
  • tropical rat mite.

The house mites suck the blood of mice and can bite rats as well as people causing skin rash around the bite.

Spiny rat mites usually hide in cracks and crevices by day and feed on rats at night.

The third type of rat mites is one of the most dangerous. Bites of tropical rat mites cause itching, skin irritation and even pain.

Want to know more about skin mite’s symptoms? Read this.

Rat mites can cause itching for up to 6 days. The bites of these mites can be seen on your body in the form of pimple-sized marks. Usually they disappear within three weeks.
If you experience severe reactions to rat mites’ bites immediately consult a doctor.

For rat mites’ bites treatment use this:

  • Safe permethrin 5% creamPermethrin 5% cream
    This neurotoxin works by paralyzing muscles’ nerves of mites causing their death.
    Safe and effective, this cream should be applied at night from the neck to the bottom of soles. The cream can be left on for fourteen hours then washed thoroughly with soap and water.
    You can use this treatment for 2 weeks if necessary.
  • Effective sulphur soapSulphur Soap

    This soap is very effective.

    Why? It is cheap and can be purchased for about $6; you don’t have to spend much money. What’s good it is very toxic to rat mites.

    Sulphur soap helps to kill rat mites and heal the rash caused by them within six weeks.

    Rat mites can survive several days without feeding.

    Use sulphur soap for several months even if signs of rat mites’ rash have disappeared.

    Why? The soap doesn’t kill the eggs left behind. Repeated use of soap must be done to kill the newly hatched eggs.

Don’t let rat mites infest your pet and house. Removing rat’s nests, spraying your pets’ cages and treating infested areas with special insect sprays will help you to prevent rat mites and their painful bites.

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