Spending time with your favorite dog or cat is one of the great joys you can have – but seeing your pet’s sufferings due to ear mites is surely less fun.  Instead of using home-remedies that are often ineffective and can cause harm to your pet’s ears, consult your veterinarian and purchase ear mite medication that is effective, available and relatively inexpensive.

Not only do ear mites cause such problems like excessive itching and inflammation of ears but they are also highly contagious. This means other pets in your house may be infested. So before these unpleasant crawling creatures cause ear infection and many other problems, treat your pet with our smart strategies.

Ear mites in dogs: Common symptoms and ear mite treatment

Do you know that several types of mites can live in your dog’s ear? Usually, they feed on the oils and wax in the ear canal of your pet. Otodectes cynotis is the most common type.

Dog’s ear mites are tiny little creatures with eight legs living on the skin’s surface. They will cause your pet to shake his head and scratch the ears.

Dog’s ear mites cause intense itching.

Want to check if your cute dog has ear mites? Take a swab from the ear of your dog. Empty the debris onto white paper and examine it with a magnifying glass. If you see tiny white specks, your dog has a great number of ear mites.

Once you have determined the problem, start treating your pet. The process of getting rid of ear mites on dogs is a necessity. Why? When your dog scratches vigorously, yeast and bacteria are rubbed into his skin. This leads to the development of secondary bacterial infections. To prevent this, treat ear mites in your dog when you notice the first symptoms. Let’s consider some of the dog ear mites’ symptoms you should never ignore.

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Dog mites’ symptoms you shouldn’t ignore

A dog with pesky ear mites will shake the head and scratch around the ears. If your pet often shakes his head and scratches his ears, it means the dog has severe ear mites’ infestation.

If you noticed blood inside the ear canal of your dog, it can be the sign of advanced infestations.
Examine the pet’s ears. A build-up in dog’s ears that resembles coffee-grounds is the first indication of ear mites.


Tiny ear mites on dogEar mites are tiny, bothersome parasites. They are common in dogs and can occur at any age, but most of all in puppies. Why? Puppies have not built up a strong immunity.

In addition to the blood inside the ear canal, ear mites can cause skin infections and even permanent loss of hearing.

Below there are symptoms of invading ear mites in dogs:

  • Itching of the ears;
  • Frequent shaking of the head;
  • Excessive ears’ scratching;
  • Coffee-ground like build-up;
  • Abrasions on the back side of dog’s ears;
  • Strong odor from the ears.

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Dog mites’ treatment that will make your pet’s ears healthy

Dog mites treatmentDog ear mites’ treatment is usually based on pesticides containing thiabendazole and pyrethrins. You can consult a veterinarian and apply medication based on his instructions or simply buy some available treatment in a drugstore.

Before applying the medication clean the ears of your dog with some cleansing solution. You can treat your dog without breaking the bank. Consider these 8 excellent and affordable products that can treat ear mites in your dog efficiently.

  1. Dog Ear Cleaning by Pet Pilicity
    This Dog Ear Cleanser is a perfect treatment for ear mites’ infections. With this product, you can stop your dog’s sufferings. Itchy irritated ears caused by ear mites can be eradicated easily if you buy this perfect cleaning.
    Dog Ear Cleaning is available in most drugstores for around $23.
  2. Ear Drops “Dogs n Mites” by Dogs n Mites
    Cost: $ 14.95.
    Miticide ear drops by Dogs n Mites are fast acting and effective. Drops can stop irritation and itching of dog’s ear canal, treat Otodectic Mange, eliminate ear infections and its symptoms and kill ear mites.
  3. R-7M ear mite treatmentR-7M Ear Mite Treatment by Gimborn Pet Specialties
    Cost: $11.37 for one ounce of R-7 ear cleaner and one ounce of ear mite treatment.
    Being an extremely gentle and natural pyrethrin insecticide, this treatment effectively kills ear mites in dogs as well as in cats.
    The product should not be used on kittens and puppies less than twelve weeks old.
  4. Ear mite treatment by Bio-Groom

    Cost: $11.25 for 4-ounces of ear mite treatment.

    This is an effective, non-sticky lotion made with aloe Vera. Due to this quick treatment you can efficiently kill ear mites in your dogs.

    Products that kill ear mites will work more effectively if you will remove the discharge ear mites hide in.
    Pick up the debris using cotton swabs and mineral oil.
  5. Ear-Rite, Insecticidal Ear Wash for Dogs by Lambert Kay
    Cost: $7 for 4 ounces of insecticidal ear wash.
    The product contains Aloe Vera that helps to soothe irritated skin and pyrethrin that controls not only ear mites but ear ticks as well.
  6. Ear Mite treatment by Adams
    Cost: $ 6.85.
    Adams treatment is another efficient medication that is not expensive and can be purchased at any drugstore. The product contains lanolin and aloe vera and kills pesky ear mites on contact. Adams product includes such active ingredients like pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide.
  7. Four Paws ear mite remedy for dogsFour Paws (Ear Mite Remedy)
    Cost: $5.99 for a 5-ounce pack.
    Four Paws efficiently eliminates irritation in the dog’s ears and kills invading ear mites. Five drops of solution should be applied to the dog’s ear.
    The treatment should be repeated every other day until your pet’s condition is relieved.
  8. Ultra Guard Ear Mite treatment for dogs
    Cost: $3.78 for 3 tubes of treatment.
    Want to soothe irritated skin and kill ear mites in your dog’s ears? You can do all of this with Ultra Guard. The product is enriched with aloe extract that helps in soothing irritating skin and pyrethrin that efficiently kills ear mites.

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Ear mites in cats: smart strategies for mites’ elimination

Otodectes ear miteEar mites can infect not only dogs but cats as well.

These spider-like parasites burrow into the cat’s ear causing irritation, inflammation, and itching. If left untreated, they will cause an ear infection.

There are 2 species of pesky mites that can affect a cat’s ears.

They are:

  • Otodectes (infect cats as well as dogs, rabbits and ferrets);
  • Notoedres (infect the body and ears of cats).
Ear mites often cause ear infections in cats.

Excessive scratching, dried blood inside the ear canal, unpleasant odor, white dots inside the ears and excessive shaking of the head are all those symptoms that show your cat has ear mites.

Ear mite medication can bring your cat a huge relief from eight-legged parasites that are crawling in their ears. To kill and get rid of mites on cats naturally use these simple strategies:

Clean the ears of your cat: Cleaning is the first thing you need to do before applying any medication. Choose one of these products for thorough cleaning of cat’s ears.

  • pi-Otic advansed ear cleanerEpi-Otic Advansed Ear Cleaner
    Cost: $14.99.
    This non-irritating ear cleaner works effectively to prevent bacteria’s build-up.
    The product prevents irritation, eliminates odors and softens the outer layer of the skin.
  • Oti-Clens
    Cost: $17.
    Good ear hygiene of your pets’ ears is possible with this non-toxic ear cleaning agent. You can use it up to three times a day.
  • Nolvasan Otic
    Cost: $ 49.99.
    Easy to administer, Nolvasan Otic helps rid your cat’s ears of debris and dead skin.

Treat your cat’s ears with medication: After cleansing apply the treatment medication to the ears of your cat.

Check out these 3 products:

  1. Otomite Plus ear mites eliminatorOtomite Plus
    Cost: $7.49.
    Elimination of ear mites can be effective, safe and gentle with excellent Otomite Plus.
    The product has non-greasy and non-irritating formula including the highest levels of pyrethrin to eliminate bothersome mites without irritation.
  2. Eradimite ear mite treatmentEradimite Ear Mite Treatment

    Cost: $28.

    The product is good for cats as well as dogs and rabbits over 12 weeks of age. Eradimite contains aloe vera and efficiently kills ear mites. Having more pets in the house? Treat them all at the same time even if they are not infested at the moment. Remember ear mites easily move from pet to pet.

    If the irritation after using the ear mite treatment develops, discontinue the use of the product and consult a vet.
  3. Revolution cats productRevolution for cats
    Cost: $43.19.
    The product can fight both surface and internal parasitic infections, effectively control and treat ear mites. This is a prescription medication that should be applied once a month. You can use it to eliminate ear mites in cats of 8 weeks and older.
    Before using Revolution, consult a veterinarian.

Getting rid of mites on catsWhat to do after the medication is applied: After the treatment, allow your cat to shake his/her head. Massaging the medication into cat’s ears is a good idea. Why? This helps to break up all the discharge.

Repeat ear mite treatment (depending on the product instructions) to eliminate newly hatched ear mites.

Even if your pet has a severe ear mites’ infestation, it can be treated with effective products. Remember that any treatment or remedy should be repeated after 1 month to prevent the next generation of bothersome ear mites that will surely have hatched by then.

Ease the scratching of your pet by using good treatment and bring relief to your pet which will be 100% noticeable within a short period of time.

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