There are many methods to reduce dust mites. Most people use efficient sprays and powders to rid of these insects.

However, the first, most important step to reduce these microscopic insects is to cover your bedding with zippered dust-proof covers. Anti dust mite bedding covers can tremendously improve your allergic conditions as they are made of a material with such small pores that it is impossible for dust mites and their wastes to pass through.

With special pillow and mattresses covers you can easily control these insects. Read how to do it.

How to get rid of dust mites in bed in a simple way

Dust mites removal from bedAre you experiencing itchy eyes, a stuffy nose, itching skin or some other allergic symptoms? Then you can be allergic to dust mites. Feces of dust mites are the main reason of your allergy.

What is the solution of the problem? It’s quite simple – using special covers for your beds, pillows and mattresses is the fastest and simplest step to protect your health.

Benefits of using these covers are great. First of all, you can keep allergens caused by mites inside the pillow or mattress. Secondly, you can efficiently alleviate all allergic symptoms. In addition dust mite covers are ideal for sensitive skin.

How to kill dust mites in bedding: 4 proven methods

  1. Checking
    Check the levels of allergens using rapid allergen test for dust mites. There is a huge number of available test kits such as Acarex. If test shows the positive result, then start acting.
  2. Kill the enemies
    If your mattress is not new, vacuum it with a high efficiency vacuum like Raycop anti-Allergy Vac. that can suck all mites and their feces. Spray mattress with proven sprays like Steri-Fab or Essentria Broadcast Insecticide. Natural products sprayed on your mattress will efficiently kill small enemies and their eggs. Dry-clean or replace the pillows. More information on dust mite killing products can be found here.
  3. Place a barrier
    When it comes to mite infestation, dust mite proof bedding is a necessity. Place proof cover over the mattress. This will help to keep the mattress sanitary and safe from skin cells, mold, liquids and dust mites.
  4. Change a bed
    Change a bed every week with hot-washed, freshly-cleaned comforter covers or duvet covers and bed linen. Wash and dry proof mattress cover every 2 weeks.

Why do we need a mattress cover? Your allergy relief

It’s difficult to get rid of dust mites. They live in pillows, carpets, bed covers and even clothes. But one of their favorite places to live and breed in is a mattress.

Up to 100,000 dust mites can live in mattress.

Let’s find out how to get rid of dust mites in mattress. Many people use vacuum cleaners to remove stains and mites. However, this method is not always effective. Mattress protector and mattress cover are the best things to use. They provide protection from irritants and allergens.

Protect mattresses with mattress coversThe main purpose of dust mite proof mattress covers is to protect mattresses. There are different styles, sizes and materials of covers.

You can purchase:

  • vinyl cover (this cover is waterproof),
  • natural cotton cover with zipper (every inch of the mattress will be covered), etc.

When it comes to mattress protectors, they can not only protect mattresses but also provide additional comfort and padding.

Mattress protector can:

  • offer protection between the sheet and the mattress,
  • provide protection between you and allergen,
  • reduce mold development,
  • keep mattress clean from sweat, dead skin and dandruff,
  • provide extra support, comfort and protection against dust mites.

When buying a protector, consider the type and material of a protector.

There are 3 main types of protectors:

  • Fitted
  • Elastic strap
  • Zippered

Elastic strap protectors help to keep your mattress fresh and clean. To protect mattress from dust mites use zippered protector as it is the one that can offer complete protection.

Mattress protectors come in different size: full, queen, king, California king, twin, twin XL and crib size.

Need the best protection?
Purchasing a pore size protector is a good idea. Look for the one with a pore size of 8 microns or less.

If you suffer from sensitivities to several fabrics or allergies, buy hypoallergenic protector. Those people who want additional comfort and support can purchase comfort mattress protectors. Extra info on dust mite allergy can be found here.

Protecting covers for pillows to stop dust mite allergens

The great majority of dust mite allergens come from pillows. Encasing pillows in protective covers is a great idea. Purchase dust mite resisting pillow cover and separate yourself from dust mite population. There are many brand covers available like:

  1. BedCare allergy pillow covers
    With BedCare anti dust mite pillow covers you will surely have total protection and comfort. The pore size of these covers is 2.6 microns giving you and your family complete protection from allergens caused by dust mites. These covers come in different sizes and fabric choices and are of the highest quality.
  2. Pillow coversAllergEnd Plus pillow covers

    AllergEnd PLUS pillow covers allow you to have full comfort and protection from dust mites. Their range of luxurious, fully encased zippered and 100% cotton covers gives peaceful dust mite free sleep.

    Cotton barrier covers by AllergEnd Plus combine softness, breathability and comfort with efficient dust mite protection.

    Due to the dust contained in dust mites’ feces, many people have allergic reactions.
    To avoid the inhalation of these allergens and prevent people from coming in contact with them, using covers is a necessity.
  3. Home Essentials dust mite pillow covers
    With an incredibly small pore size of 3.86 microns, Home Essentials covers provide a guaranteed barrier against mites, the size of which can be 10 microns. Due to nylon zippers the covers are easy to take off and put on.

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Dust mite bed covers: benefits and effectiveness

Allergy bed covers against dust mites include pillow encasings, mattress encasings and covers, duvet covers and box spring covers that are designed to protect you from dust mite allergens in your bed.

Reproduction of mites can be interrupted by bed covers.

Dust mite allergy bed covers are made of fabrics that do not allow allergens caused by mites or bugs to pass through. With these great bed covers your bedding is protected from mold spores, animal dander, bed bugs, pollen and dust mites.

There are 2 different styles of covers:

  • Membrane. This fabric doesn’t allow allergens to pass. It is waterproof and is recommended for children’s beds.
  • Micro-weave. This type of fabrics has tightly woven fibers that can create a barrier against dust mites.
Dust mite bed covers prevent new mites from coming in such bedding.
Not only it is important to eliminate the existing insects but also to be sure the new ones will not pass through.

By covering your bedding you eliminate the main source of dust mite allergens. Remember, fewer allergens mean better health and sleep.

You can find further details of Dust Mite Control here.