Dust mites are those types of insects that adore eating dead skin of humans. They don’t suck your blood. Dandruff, dead skin and hair are the only things they want. However, many people complain of having dust mite bites in the form of red, itchy bumps. The reactions they have to these bites are similar to mosquito or bed bug bites’ reactions.

So what is eating you? Is it a dust mite? What to do to prevent these bites? The article will provide surprising information and the latest options to get rid of possible dust mite bites.

Do dust mites bite humans? Surprising Facts

Have red, itching bumps on the skin? Are you scared of dust mite bites? Don’t worry, they DON’T bite people. Surprised? If you notice blood marks on your sheets in the morning, then you may have bed bugs.

People might think they are being bit by tiny dust mites, but actually they are having some allergic reaction to these insects. The red and itchy skin is in fact an allergic reaction to the proteins found in waste products (feces) of dust mites. Allergens which are produced by dust mites often cause skin reactions and irritations that can resemble insect bites.

25% of allergies are because of dust mites.

Dust mites are so tiny that it is impossible to see them by the naked eye. They live in mattresses, pillows, carpets and furniture. They breed on dead skin cells of humans. We always have dead skin on us and this is the MAIN REASON of having dust mites in places we live in. The droppings of dust mites are the most dangerous as they often lead to breathing problems.

Dust mites love rugs and carpeting. So, vacuum the carpets weekly.
To really ditch possible dust-mite allergies leave the floors bare.

Allergy is the most common symptom caused by these tiny insects. There is a huge number of people who react to dust mites’ feces. Stuffy nose, asthma, skin rash, itchy eyes, wheezing and many other symptoms are all those allergic reactions they can suffer from. Find out how to control allergy caused by mites here.

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Helpful tips on how to get rid of dust mites bites and their droppings

As it was mentioned before, a “biting dust mite” is a myth. Many humans suffer from skin irritations that feel like bites.  So, what is a treatment to rid of this unpleasant feeling?

Here is a list of your best defence tips. Try a few of them and maybe you will not have a necessity to hit the pharmacy at all.

  • Flip your mattress and pillows regularly.
  • Keep the rooms cool and well-ventilated.
  • Wash and clean stuffed toys.
  • Keep your house clean.

Dust mites home places

Cleaning the house is VERY important. Your home, especially bedroom, has dead skin that comes off your body. As far as most of our time we spend in the bed that contains a lot of dead skin (perfect food for dust mites), the population of these insects here may be huge.

Mattress is the dirtiest place in the house.

Remember, the cleaner your bedroom and other rooms in your house are, the less food for dust mites there is.

These days there are many efficient products specially created by exterminators to kill these insects. Sprays, powders, fumers, detergents and many other efficient things are effective weapons in the process of decreasing dust mite population.

Allergies hide in many unexpected places. Cut down on dust mite allergic reactions by cleaning your house.
Wash bedding in 120-degree water every week.
  1. Raycop Anti-Allergy Bed Vac. Let’s consider effective weapon against dust mites. So, if you have millions of dust mites in your bed, you can kill them with Raycop Anti-Allergy Bed Vac. This vacuum cleaner kills dust mites and sucks up these insects as well as their feces into a cartridge filter. You can use it on bedding, mattresses, soft furnishings and carpets.

    With Raycop you can:

    • kill dust mites, their feces and bacteria in your bed,
    • suck up dead mites and feces,
    • reduce symptoms of dust mite allergy and feelings of biting.
  2. Dust mite controllerDust Mite Controller. Another good product that will help to crack dust-mite problem is Dust Mite Controller.This powerful device disrupts feeding as well as reproduction of dust mites by emitting ultrasonic sounds. The sounds reduce the population of insects and the allergens they produce.

    Dust Mite Controller works well to:

    • kill dust mites,
    • decrease dust mite population,
    • prevent allergies and their symptoms.
    Mattresses puff up dust mite excrement particles when people move on them. These particles pass through bedding landing on our skin. People breathe these particles in and as a result may have allergic reactions.
  3. ChemDry. Another great weapon against mites is ChemDry. This Dust Mite Anti-Allergen will effectively:
    • neutralize dust mite droppings and allergens,
    • provide relief for allergy sufferers,
    • make your home and people living in it healthier.

Want to find out what products for dust mites decreasing are the most efficient? Read this.

Now you know that dust mites cannot bite but simply cause allergic reactions. By using good anti-allergen products and keeping the house clean you can always take control over them.

You can find further details of Dust Mite Control here.