It can be tough to eliminate bird mites, but with smart strategies, you can improve the situation and eradicate these insects completely.

When it comes to bird mites, there are 2 problems:

  1. The first problem is bird mites can quickly generate big populations and infest your house. They cannot survive on people, but they will bite you leaving red itching bumps on your skin.
  2. The second problem is that these insects like to bite people at night when they sleep. What could be worse than tiny insects crawling on your skin and feeding on your blood?
Bird mites don’t live on humans.

It is really puzzling to eradicate this “nightmare” problem. However, your bird mite problem can be resolved. Here’s how.

What You Need to Know About Bothersome Bird Mites

Bird mites are small, very mobile and barely visible insects. They are oval in shape and semi-transparent in color. Usually, these unpleasant biting mites are found in warmer regions, in places where birds and their nests are located. Starlings, pigeons, sparrows, and poultry are their perfect host to feed on.

There are 3 species of tiny bird mites that can bite humans.

They are:

  1. the northern fowl mite (known as Ornithonyssus sylviarum);
  2. the chicken mite that is often called the red poultry mite (Dermanyssus gallinae);
  3. the tropical fowl mite (O. bursa).

The most problematic mite is D. Gallinae. It is really difficult to eradicate these mites as they are more resistant to miticide chemical and can live for a long period without blood food.

Why Do They Bite Humans?

Bird mite's bites on humansWhen the original food source of bird mites disappears (it can happen when growing birds leave the nest), they move into living spaces to find meal.

From farmers raising chickens to people with a nest of birds near their houses or people living with infested animals – anyone can become the victim of bird mites.

Bird mites’ saliva is the reason of intense itching.

Bird mites’ bites are difficult to diagnose.

They cause such unpleasant things as:

  • Itching and severe irritation;
  • Reddish spots on the skin;
  • Discomfort and swelling;
  • Infections from scratching.
Bird mites don’t live on humans. They can feed on humans but they don’t live under their skin.
To avoid the bites of these insects apply some insect repellent that contains diethyl meta-toluamide.

Are you bitten at night? Wonder why? Bird mites are active at night and can cause you many nights of lost sleep. Bedding material is a perfect breeding source for bird mites that will hide inside when not active and bite people during the night. To protect their eggs they prefer fabrics and cotton.

Their bites often lead to intense itching and severe irritation. Unless bird mites’ treatment is taken to control the infestation, symptoms from mites’ bites will continue.

Bird Mites’ Treatment Strategies You Need to Try

A female bird mite needs blood to reproduce. When their original host disappears, bird mites become very aggressive and start biting humans.

Once your home is heavily infested with these blood-feeding mites, getting rid of bird mites becomes a difficult process.

Follow these smart strategies to eradicate bird mites and get a better night’s sleep.

4 No-Fail Strategies to Eliminate Bird Mites

  1. Identificate and remove the source of bird mites. Nests of birds can be found in roof spaces, on window ledges, in walls’ cavities, in chimneys, around porches, in foundations and basements, etc.
    Wear a mask and a pair of gloves when removing bird nests.
    This should be done to prevent bacterial infections and transfer of bird mites.
  2. Consult a veterinarian to examine chickens, gerbils and exotic birds (if you have any of them at home) for bird mites. If you want to examine your bird for having mites at home, cover the cage with a white sheet. Do this at night. Examine the sheet in the morning for white or black specks.
  3. Use zippered vinyl protectors for encasing box springs, mattresses and pillows. This should be done to prevent infestation. Clean the walls, floors, and ceiling as often as possible with a good miticide.
  4. Apply an insect repellent to avoid bird mites’ bites. Reduce irritation associated with bird mites’ bites by using an anti-itch lotion or cream.

Does your favorite pet (dog or cat) suffer from crawling ear mites? Consider these ear mites’ free tips and keep your pet from scratching his ears all season long.

What is the Best Product that Helps to Crack Bird Mite’s Problems?

Here I suggest Best 5 Mite Killers of 2019 with different brands for your consideration:

ProductActive Ingredient
UltraCare previewUS Editor’s Choice:
UltraCare Mite & Lice Bird Spray
Pyrethrins 0.03%
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Ivermectin by Pharmaq previewUK Editor’s Choice:
Pharmaq Ivermectin Mite Drops
Ivermectin 0.1%
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I.G. Regulator previewMartin’s I.G. Regulator (IGR) ConcentratePyridine 1.3%
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Onslaught Concentrate previewOnslaught Micro-encapsulated Insecticide ConcentrateEsfenvalerate 6.4%
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Sawyer previewSawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect RepellentPermethrin 0.5%
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ELF previewEco Living Friendly Non-Toxic Natural KillerClove Oil 0.03%, Peppermint Oil 1.0%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 1.3%
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1. UltraCare Spray – the Best Treatment for Caged Birds

UltraCare Mite SprayView on Amazon

UltraCare Mite & Lice Bird Spray is based on natural pyrethrin and helps to eliminate and control mites on caged birds.

If you live in the UK you can try this caged birds treatment:


Ivermectin Mite Drops – for UK only

Ivermectin by PharmaqView on Amazon

Pharmaq Ivermectin is for use on small ornamental birds. The appropriate dose of this treatment should be applied on the back of the neck of small cage birds to treat mites.


2. I.G. Regulator Concentrate – the Best Insecticide

I.G. Regulator by Martin'sView on Amazon

I.G. Regulator concentrate will prevent mites’ infestation in your house. With this product, you can be sure bird mites’ population is controlled and will be completely eliminated.


3. Onslaught Concentrate

Onslaught Concentrate by MGKView on Amazon

This insecticide has exceptional performance in contact kill as well as in residual control. You can use this product indoors, outdoors and even in bedrooms and food-handling areas. Fast-acting, broad-labeled, and long-lasting Onslaught will efficiently control bird mites without giving them an opportunity to reproduce and infest your house.

Treat infested areas and pet resting areas to get rid of biting bird mites.

Even if you use correct chemicals to treat bird mites, treating them correctly is very important.
Remember, if treated in the wrong way, bird mites can become resistant to the products you use.

It is recommended to spray the places adjacent to the nests with residual insecticides that are labeled for flea control. When mite infestation has widely dispersed from the nesting site, space treatments are useful. To eliminate bird mites that crawl on open surfaces use a cloth moistened with alcohol or a vacuum cleaner.


4. Sawyer Products – the Best Repellent

Permethrin Repellent by Sawyer ProductsView on Amazon

Not only this permethrin product repels insects but it actually kills mites and other kinds of insects. You can apply it to your clothing and gear. It is odorless when dry and will not stain fabrics, clothing, plastics, etc.

Before using the product follow the directions on the package label.


5. ELF Killer

ELF SprayView on Amazon

This unique and non-toxic product can efficiently control mites. It is safe to use around pets, kids, hotels, hospitals, etc.

You can spray this product on your skin, pets, wash with it and use anywhere in your home as it is absolutely safe.

Bird mite infestation can occur everywhere. The species of these mites may vary, but the problem and symptoms are the same. Don’t wait until the problem will become more difficult to treat.

Use smart strategies to knock down biting bird mites immediately and prevent their infestation.

You can find further details of Mites Control here.