There are many species of mites. They are small, tiny and destructive. Most of them are almost unnoticeable. But did you know that these small insects can cause skin itchy rashes, allergic diseases, eat human’s dead skin and damage plants?

Mites can live on our skin, infest our homes and even bite humans. How to prevent them, what methods are the best for mites’ control and how to kill these small dangerous insects? Get the latest information on how to eliminate mites plus special tips on how to knock down clover mites and bed mites.

How to kill mites: What methods are the best ones

There is a huge number of mites’ species. They are so microscopic that are unnoticed for most of us. Dust mites, spider mites, rat mites, ear mites, bird mites, clover mites and bed mites are one of those species of mites you can have big problems with.

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There are thousands of mites’ species. But only a few of them become parasitic on people or animals and affect humans.
These mites find their way to your home accidentally.

Mites can cause allergenic diseasesMany species of mites can colonize our skin and cause allergenic diseases. Scared? No need to worry. We provide all necessary information for you to know. By reading our articles you will surely remove any type of mites and find out how to get rid of mites in your house. Learn how to eliminate ear mites on cats and dogs by reading this information.

Some species of mites live on plants (spider mites), some on animals (ear mites) and some on humans (dust mites). A large number of mites can live in water or soil.

Many mites are parasitic on animals and plants.

If dust mites can be a problem for humans, spider mites are a huge problem for gardeners. Looking like tiny dots, these pests accumulate on plants. They suck leaves contents and can completely damage plants. Getting rid of them is not an easy task as they quickly grow in high populations. But if you read this information, you will 100% eliminate them.

Getting rid of mites is a great challenge. Some mites are notorious for painful skin condition, some for the allergies. There are also such ones that will invade your yard or garden. You can’t get rid of these insects using the same methods.

How do you kill mites? There is no one incredible method or one perfect product which will help you to kill any type of mites. Remember, different methods of extermination should be used for different types of mites.

Why? Below there are the answers:

  • You can use some chemicals to eliminate mites on plants but not on all of them. Using chemicals on fruit and vegetable plants is not recommended as it can be harmful for your health.
  • If some mites can be effectively suppressed by chemical control, there are such ones that should be eliminated only by organic or biological control.
  • Insecticides and pesticides are a good weapon but not on pets and humans.

Therefore, before starting the battle you need to know what type of mites you are dealing with. By reading this information you will find out what types of mites there are and how to distinguish them.

Two best tips on how to get rid of clover mites

Clover mites in your homeDo clover mites invade your home? These plant pests can be the greatest nuisance to many housekeepers. They are red, small but unlike some other species of mites, noticeable. They don’t attack humans and don’t damage your property. The only thing they do is gathering in tremendous numbers on your floor, ceiling, windows, furniture. Clover mites will be traveling along your window sills and your door frames in great numbers.

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When you smash this mite it leaves reddish bloody looking stain. Some people think this is blood. But they don’t feed on blood and are not threat to human’s health. If not blood, then what do they feed on? These reddish mites feed on clover, grass, agricultural crops, and flowers outside.

Clover mites feed on plants, not on human’s blood.

But in spring clover mites become active and start migrating. If it is dry, they seek for moisture and it can be your house. If it is wet outside, they start migrating to a better place looking for your house. This way or another your home is a perfect place for them to hide.

So, how to kill clover mites and make your house red mess free? Different methods and products must be used depending on where clover mites are inside or outside the house. Remember, you can’t use chemicals inside the house to eliminate these pests. Below there are 2 perfect tips that will help you to eliminate this reddish nuisance.

Tip 1. When clover mites are around your house

Plants, fence rows around your home attract clover mites providing them with food and shelter. The best way to eliminate these pests is to apply such great products like:

  • Bifen I/T - professional insect control productBifen I/T – professional insect and termite control product. You can purchase this product for $22.20.
    When applying Biffen be sure to treat on every side of the house. Treat all the plants (flower beds, shrubs, etc.) that are infested with clover mites.
    Bifen provides fast knock down of clover mites with long-lasting residual.
  • Backyard Bug control by Cutter – this ready to spray insect repellent will effectively kill annoying insects like clover mites and provide an excellent control for up to eight weeks.
If you have regular annual infestation of clover mites you must seal exterior holes and cracks. These are the places where adult clover mites may deposit eggs.
Treat cracks, holes, building foundation, etc. This will significantly reduce clover mites’ problem.

Tip 2. When clover mites are inside

Whitmire Tri-Die AerosolFirst of all, find out where these red pests are coming from. Window frames, the ceiling, a door way, the carpet – they can come from any entry point.

By knowing their entry places you can get quicker results treating mites directly.

  • Use diatomaceous earth around cracks, windows, doors, etc. It will coat clover mites and kill them.
    The product is natural and can be used in any place inside the house.
  • Use Whitmire Tri-Die Aerosol. Naturally derived active ingredient of this product makes it a good weapon against clover mites inside your house.
    Contact, repellency and long-lasting residual effects are three perfect control ways offered by Tri-Die.

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How to get rid of bed mites easily

Suffer from bed mites? Do you know what bed mites are? People often use the term bed mites. However, these are dust mites. They are often called bed mites because bed is their favorite breeding spot.

Bed mites (dust mites) are very dangerous for asthma sufferers. Exposure to dust mites can make their symptoms of asthma worse.

Dust mites live within buildings in mattresses, carpets, and pillows feeding on human’s dead skin. If you suffer from allergies, they can be the reason. Want to protect yourself from dust mite allergy and learn how to make your house mites free? Read this.

Getting rid of bed mites

Mites are everywhere. Almost any house has some types of mites. But when they get out of control, they can cause serious problems.

By knowing how to deal with them you can always take control over these small, bothersome insects.