Amazingly how the ‘silent destroyers’, named termites and measuring just 1 cm + a few millimeters in length, may secretly hide and thrive in your home or yard.

The key thing to know is that all of these pests consume cellulose food and dead plants/trees. This ability is exactly what causes serious concerns in every dwelling.

More so, their feeding habits cause 100% costly damage to any property, including furniture, shelves and books!

Consequently, a termite problem usually starts from the appearance of either winged or swarming termites as the 1st indication. Despite there is no immediate danger to your home structure yet, you are warned about the house attack by termites, due to the source they are actually emerging from.

In fact, this is high time you made an inspection. On the one hand, you can do it yourself. On the other hand, you can call a professional to perform it for you.

Anyway, do not let termites destroy your home!

The faster you identify them, the less damage they will bring. Unfortunately, termites do their horrible work without detection. So, the best way to stop that severe damage to your home is making your termite inspection not annually, but right now!

Home Termite Control: 5 Steps to Identify Pests in No Time

  1. Home termite controlBasic Inspection
    Check all the grounds, rests on, and places where the wood is near. These can be weather boarding, basement window frames, wood supports, door casings, and sills.
    Take a hammer or a screwdriver, and look for the soundness by light tapping or probing. Hollow wood, for example, is the result of your home termite infestation.
  2. Outside/Exterior Inspection
    The termites live underground, and they won’t be crawling around in the open. So, check your foundation wall base.
    There must be some mud between the construction joints, as well as around chimneys and planters against the foundation wall. The wood-to-ground contacts are also good places to look for termites.
    Do you have any wood touching your home/ground? Then watch for wood steps, porch posts, crawl door frames, wooden decks, or stiff knee supports.
    In addition, they can get into the fence and then come right to your home.
  3. Interior/Indoor Inspection
    While checking your outside perimeter, you must notice any small dobs of dirt, damaged baseboards, dirt filled holes in the sheet rock or window/door trim.
    Therefore, inspect the laundry, kitchen, bathroom, and utility area and check around the pipes and wiring. Also, open your bath trap door, looking inside.
  4. Attic Inspection
    Check either around chimneys or plumbing pipes for any termite mud tubes. Furthermore, probe and sound the suspicious wood with your screwdriver butt.
  5. Crawl Space Inspection
    Termites are rather crafty; so they build their tunnels unseen. Thus, you have to look very hard here and there.

Your Termites’ Inspection in Due Form

termite-controlGetting ready for such an inspection needs a special dress for this occasion: a hard hat, a dusk mask, gloves, boots, and safety glasses. More so, you may need a flashlight and a screwdriver.

Here is some useful advice for perfect inspection:

  • Start by heading around the wall foundation.
  • Scan the area before crawling for dangers like broken glass and debris.
  • Move about 5 feet, stop and inspect.
  • Look for termite tubes & mud tunnels in the foundation wall, each support pier, above wood, sill wood portions, outside headers, sub-flooring and floor joists.

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4 Favorable Conditions of Termite Infestation

  1. Wood & other wood touching areas.
  2. Ground connections.
  3. Water leaks from pipes.
  4. Poor ventilation.

How to Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to Termites Once & Forever?

How to Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to Termites Once & Forever?

Remember that “out of sight” does not always mean “out of mind.” Termites are extremely inventive while seeking for some feeding area. For this essential reason, it is crucial either to treat current or unwanted termite infestation.

The above mentioned expert steps will help you do it professionally!

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