Got pigeons? Get pigeon spikes. These effective physical bird deterrents are designed to humanely block birds from landing on your property. Pigeon spikes won’t harm pigeons but simply create an uneven surface that these troublesome birds cannot land on.

Applying anti pigeon spikes is a very humane way of pigeon control. Pigeon spikes are sold in variety of sizes. Therefore before buying spikes, measure carefully to purchase the appropriate amount.

We know what spikes you can buy to remove these troublesome birds. In this article we’ll provide you with some tips on the best products and their installation.

Types and measuring tips

Stainless steel pigeon spikes stripsWhether you need to prevent pigeons from landing on window sills, fences or roof lines – pigeon spikes are good for all.

You can purchase such types of pigeon spikes as:

  • “Budget” polycarbonate spikes (plastic pigeon spikes);
  • Galvanized metal spikes;
  • Stainless Steel spikes.

Stainless Steel strips come in 3”, 5” and 8” widths while the plastic pigeon spike strips are 3”, 5” and 7” wide.

Plastic Spikes will not interfere with electronic communications.

Before purchasing pigeon spikes you are to measure how much spike you require for a given area. Measure the linear footage and the width to be covered. Large areas may require more than 1 row of spikes.

Are you tired of troublesome pigeons that cause damage to your property? Here you can check out the best methods and products to prevent them from nesting on your house.

Plastic and stainless steel pigeon spikes to fit your needs

Keeping pigeons away with pigeon spike strips has proven effective for most homeowners. Consider the following products:

  1. Plastic pigeon spikesDefender Narrow Plastic Pigeon and Bird Spikes


    • $9.95 for Ten Feet Pack,
    • $18.95 for 20 Feet Pack,
    • $59.95 for 100 Feet Pack.

    Where to buy: available on Amazon
    Quality: This anti-pigeon spike is protected from the sun’s rays as it is made from heavy-duty UV Stabilised Polycarbonate.
    InstallationSpikes are easy to install.
    How it works: Pigeon spikes protect ledges of one-four inches.
    Benefits: a 15 Year Warranty Certificate and an installation CD that is included in the pack; Spikes are completely safe, humane and non-lethal.

    Plastic pigeon spikes are very popular as you can easily get them at Lowe’s and Home Depot.
    However, they don’t work as well as stainless steel (metal) spikes. Plastic pigeon spikes can become dirty and yellow after a year or so.
  2. Ultra-flex premium pigeon spikesPigeon Spikes Ultra-Flex Premium
    Cost: $56.00
    Where to buy: available on eBay.
  3. Steel pigeon spikesStainless Steel Pigeon Spikes
    Cost: $34.40
    Where to buy: available at Bird-B-Gone.
    How it works: Bird-B-Gone Pigeon Spikes are an efficient, humane pigeon control solution that deters pigeons and other birds of similar size from landing or roosting on your building.
    Installation: Spikes are easy to install. They can be screwed, glued or tied down to any surface.
  4. Aspectek steel bird spikesBird Spikes Stainless Steel – Ten Ft. by Aspectek
    Cost: $22.99
    Where to buy: available on Amazon.
    How it works: This excellent method of pigeon control will not harm the birds – simply prevent them from landing.
    Installation: With the help of adhesive glue or ties, spikes are easy to install on any other surface where pigeons like to land.

Pigeon Spike Kits

  1. Pigeon spike gutter kitPigeon Spike Gutter Kits

    These efficient pigeon spike kits come with one metre of pigeon spikes and six gutter clips.
    Cost: £4.95 for medium polycarbonate spikes gutter kit.
    £5.81 for medium stainless steel spikes gutter kit.

    Where to buy: at Pigeon Stop.

    Stainless Pigeon Spikes should not be used for small birds’ control.
  2. Pigeon spike window kitPigeon Spike Window Kits

    Are pigeons fouling window ledges? Purchase these excellent kits with spikes that can be used on Aluminium, uPvC, Timber and Steel framed windows.


    • £34.52 for medium polycarbonate spikes window kit.
    • £38.86 for medium stainless steel spikes window kit.

    Where to buy: at Pigeon Stop
    How to use: These spikes can be glued/screwed to the window frame.

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How to install

Before installing pigeon spikes, make sure they are the right product for the situation. Spikes may come in 2 foot sections but you can easily cut them down into smaller lengths if needed.

When installing spikes make sure no space is left open. In other way pigeons can land and nest in these spots.

Install spikes in the following way:

  • Make sure all the areas that you intend to stick the pigeon spikes are dry and clean.
  • Squeeze the spike silicone onto the base of the spike.
  • Stick the base of the pigeon spike level with the edge of the ledge or pipe and press the base down firmly in such a way that the glue oozes out through the small holes.
  • Make sure the gap behind the first spike is not bigger than 2 ½ inches. In other way pigeons can get in behind them.

    Installation instruction - spikes

    If there is some hole in the eaves or a cavity in the house’s exterior behind the pigeon spikes, these birds will make efforts to get into that hole forcing their way past the spikes.
    Blocking the access to the hole is a good solution. You can easily seal all the holes with wire mash.
    But before sealing the hole, make sure there are no pigeons that may be trapped.
  • Pigeon spikes installation by professionalsThe base of the pigeon spikes should be fixed directly on the top of the any ledge parts that may be raised somewhat higher than the rest ones. If this is not done the pigeons may stand on the raised section overcoming spikes on lower parts. First, spike the highest part of the ledge then spike the lower sections.

Before starting the job, make sure that you can do it without hurting yourself or others. If you don’t feel confident or have any doubts installing pigeon spikes consult with professionals.

Professional installers of bird spikes for those who have no time

If you prefer professional installation, you’d better contact with installers who can install pigeon spikes and ensure the solution you choose is as effective and working as it can be.

We recommend the following companies:

Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

To solve a pigeon problem call 1-888-474-4401.

Bird-B-Gone, Inc.Don’t know how to solve your pigeon problem? Need an authorized installer in your area? Bird-B-Gone has extensive network of professionals across the globe, who can effectively help to solve pigeon problems in commercial, residential and industrial settings. If you need an installer, give them a call and their team will connect you with an expert in your area.

Bird Barrier

To solve a pigeon problem call 800-503-5444.

Bird Barrier companyWant an expert pigeon advice? Bird Barrier will help you to find a professional installer in your area and provide you with information regarding new innovative technologies to resolve your pigeon problem.

Before installing pigeon spikes you are to clean the surface, removing any feathers, old bird droppings and nesting material.
If the area is heavily contaminated with pigeon droppings, use respiratory protection.

Ashford, Kent Bird Control Services

To solve a pigeon problem call 0800 2345 811.

Kent Bird Control ServicesThe following control services are based in Ashford, Kent, Essex, Surrey and London. The service ensures proper installation of pigeon spikes on your property. Specialists can effectively install pigeon spikes on any property covering large areas to protect your house/building from pigeon infestation. Professional installers will provide you with all the necessary documents before they start an installation. Moreover they discuss the best solution to your bird control problem. They can also clean the affected area to combat any safety implications.

What about installation cost? Prices will depend on the size of areas that need to be covered and the amount of job done. Get ready to pay from $5 to $40 per foot for pigeon spikes installation.

Generally speaking, it’s up to you to decide what types of pigeon spikes to purchase – plastic or stainless and how to install them using an installation guide or the help of experts. Choose spikes that are more profitable for you and make your property pigeon free.

You can find further details of Pigeons Control here.