Did you know that bed bugs are smart creatures that hide in the day only to creep out of their hiding in the night when it’s dark? Did you also know they are too dumb to hide their mess leaving behind the evidence of their presence on your property? Well, you only need the evidence to smoke them out. Look for shells, bed bug skins, blood stains on your sheets or sleeping gear, and fecal stains on your mattress or mattress cover. If what you need right now is a quick solution to your bed bug dilemma, read through this write-up for a clear analysis.

I Found One Bedbug, Could There Be More?

The moment you spot one bed bug in your room, the high chances are that there are tons of them hiding in your property. Understand that female bedbugs lay thousands of eggs in inaccessible hard to find places such as crevices. Bugs are also known to hide during the day and only find their way out at night to feed. This happens when humans sleep and emit carbon dioxide and heat which attract the bugs.

What if there are no bites?

Many people believe that bed bug infestation is there only if there are bites. In fact, most of them realize the menace when they spot the bugs crawling on their mattresses. Note that only a few people experience allergies as a result of the saliva released by the bugs.

For that reason, most people will get the bites and develop no symptoms such as itchiness. Understand that no matter how clean your property is, you can still be a victim of bed bug infestation. So, the moment you spot a bug, it may just be the high time to take advantage of a bed bug exterminator.

What to Do

A bed bug infestation can be a very embarrassing and disturbing situation. First, you are afraid to fall asleep at night to only wake up from the itchy bites of bugs. Secondly, you do not want to have guests sleeping over.

Also, your body may be covered in telling red welts, and you fear that people might notice you have the dreaded pests in your home. At this point, you are ready to try anything to get rid of the bedbugs. However, understand that bed bugs are very hard to get rid of, and therefore the right extermination method must be employed.

Do home remedies work?

With their flat bodies, the pesky critters can find their way into almost every crevice in furniture such as shelving units, dresser drawers, mattresses, among others.

Bed bugs are not immune to any home.

While there are multiple home remedies you can employ, most of them do not kill the eggs only giving temporary results, and this can end up being a nightmare. The home remedies for bed bugs that have been seen to work can be found here, some of which include:

  • Diatomaceous earth (DE) $13,99: Diatomaceous earthThis is a non-chemical solution that kills even bugs which have been resistant to chemical pesticides. It is natural and safe enough to use around pets and kids. It works by dehydrating and killing the bugs since it is rich in fat and oil absorbing properties. DE is fine and can be easily sprinkled into crevices. It takes about ten days to eliminate them.
  • Baking Soda $8,98: Baking soda and sugarBaking Soda sucks moisture from bed bugs, dehydrates them, and kills them. The solution should be spread in areas believed to harbor the bugs, and allowed to sit for a week. Then, the baking soda should be sucked up using a vacuum cleaner. Every area must be sucked up thoroughly to ensure eggs are not left behind.

Are there Insecticides that can be used to kill the bugs?

There are multiple insecticides that can be used to get rid of bugs, some of which can kill the eggs too. With the large variety, it can be confusing to decide on the best option.

The following have a high rating of elimination:

  • Cimexa dust $12,20: Cimexa is a 100 percent silica based insecticide that works by destroying the bug’s cuticle leading to quick dehydration and death. It does not stain, is safe to use, and odorless. When applied in areas less likely to be disturbed, the solution can last up to 10 years. Cimexa clings on the exoskeleton of the bed bugs and absorbs their waxy coating thereby dehydrating them and finally killing them.
    Insecticide dust by CimeXa
  • CrossFire Bed Bug Concentrate $44,75: This comes with a combination of two active ingredients that kill bugs fast by attacking their nervous system. It is in fact strong enough to kill pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs. It kills all stages of the bug from the eggs, nymph and the adult. The residue control designed to last 30 days starts to work minutes after exposure.
    X CrossFire bedbug concentrate by MGK
  • Spectre 2 SC $40,99: Has a 21.5 chlorfenapyr concentrate strong enough to kill bedbugs, and offers long-lasting residual control. Spectre 2 SC is non-repellant and odorless, and bugs, therefore, fail to sense its presence and end up getting killed. The bugs come into contact with it and spread it to the rest in the hiding.
    Spectre 2 SC Insecticide
  • Temprid FX $78,41-$165,00: Comes with two active ingredients including Beta-Cyfluthrin and Imidacloprid, delivering instant results. It also kills bugs resistant to pyrethroid insecticides. It offers long-lasting effectiveness for six months. Its residue is potent enough to kill the larvae, thereby destroying the life cycle and the entire bed bug colony. If used as directed on the label, it can be safe to use around pets and children.
    Temprid FX insecticide by Bayer with instructions
  • Temprid Ready Spray Aerosol $18,98-$201,23: This solution has the dual action power of the Temprid SC. It has the power to also kill bed bugs resistant to pyrethroid insecticides and lasts for six months. Its active ingredients include Beta-Cyfluthrin and Imidacloprid. Temprid spray is non-staining and has low odor.
    Temprid ReadySpray Insecticide by Bayer with instructions

High rated pesticides

Using a combination of highly effective solutions to treat and prevent bedbugs is the only way to achieve a successful control plan. First, understand that an infestation can be quickly spread if an incorrect pesticide is used. While at it, remember that most pesticides are highly toxic and can be fatal around pets and children.

The recommended pesticides with low-grade toxicity include:

  1. Bedlam Plus Aerosol Insecticide $22,50: Bed bugs have so far developed resistance against most pest control solutions especially the pyrethroid products. However, Bedlam Plus has the capacity to kill the bugs quickly. Since it is water-based, it can be easily applied in tiny cracks where the bugs hide. It does not stain fabric and controls bed bugs on ceramic and wood surfaces as well as carpets for two weeks.
    Bedlam plus with instructions
  2. PT Phantom Aerosol II $27,55: This spray comes with the active ingredient Chlorfenapyr and is a highly effective solution against bed bugs. It is non-repellant, has little odor, and does not disrupt the feeding behavior of bed bugs, thereby allowing them to transport the residue to other bugs for elimination. Phantom has a transfer effect, the element that causes the bugs to pick the concentrate and spread it to others through sharing of food and touch.
    PT Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide with instructions
  3. Gentrol IGR 16 OZ $1,98: Gentrol concentrate is an insect growth regulator containing (S)-Hydroprene that hurts bed bug’s ability to reproduce and mature. It works for 90 days and can be used as a surface spray or as a fogging agent.
    Gentrol IGR Concentrate by ZOECON

What Not to Do When Dealing with Bed Bugs

If you believe you have bed bugs on your property, there are essential factors that need to be observed before trying to eliminate them.

Do not leave your bedroom to sleep in the guest room or the sofa. Doing so will only aggravate the matter since the bugs will follow you there and end up spreading in the entire house.

Leaving your house to your friend’s home would only mean transferring the bed bugs to their property and causing infestation there.

Also, do not do the following:

  • Do not use agricultural products hoping to eliminate the bugs, as this would make you and your family very ill.
  • Do not apply pesticides to your body to kill bugs to avoid falling sick.
  • Do not burn or throw away your bed and other furniture. Doing so would only spread the bed bugs, leave you with the trouble of buying new ones, and what’s more, you would not be solving the core problem of eliminating the bugs completely.
  • Do not store clutter under your bed. Doing so would only create more room for the bed bugs to hide.
  • Do not scratch the bites. Scratching them can cause infections.
  • Do not use a bug bomb. These may seem to be fast acting but are primarily contact killers that have low pesticide concentrate to kill bugs.

Dealing with Bed Bugs in the Workplace

Bed bugs find their way into a workplace through employees. They may attach themselves to the clothes or briefcases, and hitchhike to places of work and can easily jump from one employee to another. The question is: do bed bugs go away easily? Find out here.

Understand that hiring an exterminator does not solve the problem fully until their source is treated. If the worker keeps bringing the bugs to the workplace, they can resurface months later. It would be necessary to offer paid leave to the employee and have their infested home treated. Also, reduce clutter; it serves as a bed bug habitat. Consider introducing work clothes and shoes to use during office hours, and vacuum daily to catch stray bugs.

Bed bugs are stealthy parasites that invade homes and not only do they feed on human blood giving the victim an awful time at night, but are now also a center of social stigma. Although they have not been reported to spread diseases, they leave the victim with an itchy and swollen skin. When not controlled on time, it takes just one mated female to start an infestation. With the above information, you now know what to do if you have bed bugs on your property.

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