Are you struggling with bed bugs and fleas in your house? These bugs inflict painful bites that may turn out dangerous especially when toddlers are bitten. Have you tried different elimination strategies unsuccessfully? Here is how to do away with the bugs completely.

You need a powerful insecticide to restore sanity to your house. This essay will educate you on the use of Raid Max Bed Bug and Flea Killer including the best type of the product to use, the best application method, as well as the safety measures involved during the application process. Read on to get the most valuable tips to solve the bedbug menace in your house.

How effective is Raid Max in killing bed bugs?

This product kills bed bugs, fleas, and their eggs. The broad spectrum of activity assures a complete elimination of the bugs and hinders re-infestation.

Raid Max eliminates all the bed bugs and fleas’ eggs. This makes it the most effective insecticide in the market. The product is packaged in a container with an easy-to-use extender wand that makes it easy to reach the deep cracks and crevices where the bugs hide.

Unlike boric acid for bed bugs, this product assures the death of the bug upon contact. The vast coverage of your entire house achieves incredible bugs’ elimination success. Better still, the insect killer does not stain fabrics and surfaces thus making it safe to use on clothing and bedding. It forms a long-lasting barrier on surfaces that repels bed bugs and fleas for up to one year. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Raid Max is an effective bed bug killer that eliminates the bugs within a few hours and forms a protective barrier for up to 12 months. This guarantees a better protection than the temporary anti bed bug lotion that repels the bed bugs for only a short time.

How does this killer work?

Raid Max is effective against bed bugs and fleas in all their stages of development. It kills them through dermal contact and digestion. Once absorbed, the product begins a series of activities that render the bed bugs and the fleas helpless and eventually leads to death.

Bed Bug Defence System by Raid MaxThe events that lead to the bug’s death include:

  • Immediately after the absorption, the product paralyzes the insect’s nervous system which leads to a powerful knockdown effect. The interference with the Central Nervous System (CNS) makes the insects immobile, and you will observe them struggling to move after you spray your house with the pesticide. The effect of Raid Max on the CNS is irreversible which guarantees elimination certainty once the insects come into contact with the product. Flies and bed bugs are highly susceptible to the product before dawn.
  • Raid Max Bed Bug and Flea Killer is unique due to its ability to be absorbed both through the cuticle and direct oral intake. The diverse absorption mechanism increases the chances of absorption and consequently elimination of the bugs from your house. Once the bugs ingest the product, it interferes with the normal functioning of the digestive system. The interference hinders the absorption of nutrients which results in lethargy and death. The effects on the CNS and those on the digestive system creates a synergy that ensures total elimination of the bugs within the first hour of application.
  • The product is made from pyrethrins which have high activity against bed bugs and fleas. It has a quick onset of action since it paralyzes the insects in a brief time after the application. Raid Max also interferes with the synthesis of essential enzymes and hormones which impairs the normal functioning of the insects’ physiological system. It is packaged conveniently in an aerosol to ensure that you reach the cracks and crevices where these insects hide as well as use the required pressure when spraying.

Raid Max active ingredients

Where to use it?

The method used in the application of Raid Max determines the bedbugs and fleas elimination efficiency. It is essential that you ensure a proper application of the product to benefit maximally from its use.

You should always read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions after which you should follow them to the letter. This improves the elimination chances as well as assures safety during the application. The product is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

Most Effective Areas to Apply Kills Bedbugs Products

Most Effective Areas

Indoor Use. The product is primarily used inside the house where the fleas and the bed bugs have infested. This use, however, has some risks and you should be cautious.

Directions for the use of the product is as outlined below:

  • Raid Max is applied on non-porous surfaces. It eliminates the bed bugs and the fleas on these surfaces as well as provides a barrier that prevents re-infestation for up to 12 months. When using the product indoors, you should ensure that all the food is stored in sealed containers. Identify the infested areas and spray the product carefully. You should also spray in all the entry and exit points to form a barrier.
  • You should close all the windows and the doors to achieve the desired concentration of the product inside the room. Before the application, ensure that you switch off all the flames, air conditioner, as well as the pilot light. Ensure that you open the doors of the cabinets and the closet. You should also cover all the foods and remove your pets from the house. After the application, it is recommended that you leave the house for approximately four hours. On returning, open all the windows and doors to aerate the rooms.
  • Deep spray hiding regionsWhen applying the product, ensure that you target the bedbugs and fleas hiding regions. You should spray deep into the bug’s hiding zones. When spraying, you should ensure that all foodstuffs in the house are covered. Spray the surfaces until they become wet and then allow them to dry to establish the protective barrier.

Outdoor Use. This is a rare use of the product. Where there is a substantial infestation, the product can be sprayed around the house to prevent the re-entrance of the bedbugs and fleas into the house. Regions susceptible to flea infestation such as dog kennels should also be sprayed. You should, however, avoid spraying the gardens since the product is harmful and should not be consumed by human beings in any form.

What do reviewers say

Raid Max has received positive reviews from the homeowners who have used it to eliminate bed bugs and flea from their homes. Most of the reviewers gave a five-star rating on the efficacy of the product with only a small number of the homeowners giving four and three-star ratings.

Bed bugs are more active during the night.

Most of the reviewers agree that Raid Max is the best pesticide for bed bugs. One of the satisfied clients compared the product with other previously used products. He opined that Raid Max not only eliminated the bed bugs from the house but also placed a barrier that kept away bed bugs from home for six months. This was after he had consistently used a different product that killed the bugs but they kept coming back.

The Pros and Cons

The Raid Max bed bug and flea killer has its own pros and cons. The pros, however, exceed the cons making it effective and reliable. This product has various features that make it more efficient than competitor products.

Every product has some disadvantages; Raid Max is not an exception. The product’s disadvantages can be reduced by closely following the manufacturer’s guidelines when using them.

Some of the unique features and the primary disadvantages of the product include:

  • It is a trusted brand. Raid Max has established a name due to its high-quality and effectiveness in the elimination of bugs. Numerous reviews indicate satisfaction among its user. As such, the product is a guaranteed method of eliminating the bugs where other products have failed.
  • It kills the insects at their different stages of development. The broad spectrum of activity increases the rate of elimination of the bugs. Additionally, Raid Max is formulated to destroy the insect’s eggs which give a guarantee of complete removal.
  • It offers a protective barrier for up to 12 months. Bed bugs and fleas can re-infest your home even after successful elimination. When this happens, it becomes paramount to establish a barrier that will reduce any chances of re-infestation. Raid Max forms this protective barrier with assured bugs repelling success.
  • Highly available at affordable prices. The Raid Max products are readily available in online stores and physical locations. Despite their high-level of effectiveness, the products are affordable.
  • Can be absorbed through both the cuticle and through direct ingestion. The feature is unique as it increases the chance of absorption of the molecules by the bugs. Other insecticides are absorbed primarily through the cuticle. Additionally, the CNS mechanism of action is irreversible and once absorbed, the bugs will have to die.
  • When used outdoors, Raid Max potentially eliminates even the beneficial insects such as the honey bees. While this is a sign of the strength of the product, it can be devastating when trying to protect the honeybees and other beneficial insects from the harm inflicted by the product.
  • Advanced care should be taken to avoid the product’s contact with food. Raid Max should be used very carefully especially when spraying the kitchen and other areas with foodstuffs. The foods should be covered to prevent instances of poisoning. The owner of the house may also be forced to evacuate the home for approximately four hours. Despite this inconvenience, the overall benefits are worth it.
  • The product cannot be used in a garden. It’s important to note that the product is harmful and should not be applied in a garden with crops that are to be utilized in the kitchen. It would be wrong to spray your kales and then use them to prepare supper for your family since it could lead to poisoning and possible deaths.

Do not allow bed bugs and flea to subject you to pain and suffering. The bugs can be a menace when they develop resistance to certain insecticides leaving you with minimal options to explore in their elimination effort. Raid Max is an ideal product for you!

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