Moles belong to the mammal group Insectivora, and thus they are more related to shrews. Moles usually have pointed snouts, enlarged rounded front feet, stout claws, small eyes and ears, a nearly naked tail. They are usually gray or silvery-gray, 5-8 inches long and have velvety fur.

Commonly troublesome moles are Townsend’s mole (Scapanus Townsendi) and broad-footed mole (Scapanus Latimanus). Other species of moles are of no pest significance.

Moles produce ridges and mounds disfiguring lawns, dislodging plants or injuring plant roots/weed seeds during their burrowing activities.

Why Moles Are in the Yard

Moles In Yard

Most moles feed on earthworms. Moles are in the yard because of grubs. Even in a grub free yards and lawns moles keep surviving due to the ever-present earthworm diet.

When the ground either dries out in summer or freezes in winter, soil dwelling insects stay deeper in the ground, as well as moles. That is why no one can be certain whether moles are truly eliminated, even if they make no surface runs.

Moles are no way rodents, like mice or rats. They don’t feed on seeds, or any other typical bait sold to ‘kill rodents’. People should also beware of false claims about ‘schemes to drive moles away’. Many books on gardening and landscaping advertise bizarre strategies of how to get rid of moles and to control moles, too. Remember: these just do not work in reality.

How to Kill Moles in Yard

Only 2 effective methods of controlling moles are:

  1. to use a bait which they will be attracted to;
  2. to remove them physically (look How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard).

A fairly proven and effective bait is sold in the form of a worm. Its attractive taste and smell are incorporated together with Bromethalin, an active poisonous ingredient for killing a mole.

The most effective mole trap depends on where moles are working.

  • A scissor trap is better for subsurface or deep mole run usage.
  • A harpoon trap is often easier to use if the tunnels are near the surface.

Choose either traps or worm-shaped baits, while treating the most used mole runs. Make a run down flat and check it the next day for pushing up back. If any tunnel repair is present, then it is active and needs either trapping or baiting.

Mole baits and traps are available at most farm supply/hardware/home repair stores, as mole control products that do not work. Buyer, be aware.

How to Kill Moles in Yard

6 Mole Tips

  • Noon is the best time to scan a yard.
  • Moles usually make more than 1 trail to hide the actual working area.
  • Moles feed on your yard from late autumn to late spring.
  • Keep your grass always cut as it is difficult to see where and when moles are working.
  • Walk silently, and the mole will never be alerted to escape down its trail.
  • Install a wire mesh in the dirt before planting your garden to prevent moles from damaging it at all. Moles won’t gain any access to your plants, but the plants’ roots will extend through the ground.

2 Last Warnings

  • If moles have moved back into their trail, you will unlikely be able to catch any of them.
  • To avoid hurting yourself in the mole removing process, always use swift strokes away from you.

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