There are lots of methods which can help you to forget about the problem “How do you get rid of mice in your home?” Rodents can cause lots of inconveniences. Once appeared in the house they can make noise and annoy you. But what’s more dangerous is that mice can cause health risks, they can damage furniture, walls or chew cables in the houses which may lead even to fires.

The question how to get rid of mice in your home consists of several steps. It’s not only about using traps or poisoning them. So, take into consideration the following pieces of advice to solve the problem.

Step 1. Remove all food sources in the house

For living mice choose houses with lots of food. To avoid infestation you should stop feeding them. Otherwise, they will be sharing your house with you constantly. Store all food in special plastic or glass containers. Make sure that they have tight fitting lids. Don’t leave pets’ food in paper packages and don’t feed pets between mealtimes.

Step 2. Make your house clean and tidy to cope with the task how to get rid of mice

Even a couple of spills left on the table after breakfast can be an appropriate dish for a rodent.

Don’t leave clothing in the corners; your home shouldn’t be stuffed because mice can easily find places for nesting.

Step 3. Use peppermint oil

Peppermint smell is too intense for mice. They won’t just get closer if they feel it. So, you may use cotton balls with peppermint oil in areas where mice can get in the house easily. Another way is to grow peppermint outside near the entrance.

Step 4. Close all possible entries

Mice are tiny creatures and they can easily get through the holes which are less than ½ inch. Make sure there are no ways for rodents to get in.

Otherwise, you’ll have to decide how to get rid of mice in home again and again. If there are some holes, cover the spaces with aluminum netting or stuff holes with steel wool.

Step 5. Use poisoning against mice

The method is really helpful. Mind that it’s not appropriate if you have pets at home, because mice poison can affect everybody who tries it.

Step 6. Choose appropriate traps

Using traps is really working. If you don’t want to deal with mice corpses, use humane traps. They catch mice in a box; rodents can get in but they can’t get out of the trap. Mind that you should reveal mice at least 1 mile from your house because they can come back to the house easily.

Step 7. Use repellents

This method will keep mice outside your house and help you to solve the problem how to get rid of field mice.

Step 8. Have a cat at home

Your pet can become real help against mice. Its presence at home can prevent the house from infestation.

Using these easy pieces of advice you’ll become an expert in answering the question “How do you get rid of mice in your home?” We are pretty sure that you’ll cope with the problem, you’ll be able to support mouse-control and you won’t need to share your house with these guests.

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