You may not believe it, but the most commonly asked question on different specialized forums in the Internet nowadays is: how do you get rid of bed bugs? It means that it’s really a problem in our mobile and high-speed modern world.

Most of us like traveling either on business or for pleasure. Here is a bad news for you: bed bugs are good travelers, too. Trains and planes, trucks and coaches, cruise liners and railway stations, hotels and guesthouses, hostels and camping-sites may become a good source of bed bug infestation. It does not matter whether they are low cost facilities or luxurious apartments. Bed bugs do not care: they do not have any special preferences as for where to live and who to feed on.

How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs If They Have Infested Your Surrounding?

What to Do If the Problem Arises?

So, you come back home from your trip full of good emotions and vivid impressions. You unpack your things and start living your usual way of life. And… oops! In some weeks you notice those small itchy hives with a red dot in the center similar to mosquito bites. Considering different dermatological variants and awful ideas, you make up a very simple and unpleasant conclusion: your home has got infested with bed bugs. Now you will have to look through a lot of web pages in search for the information how to get rid of bed bugs. You may find some on our homepage or on other Internet sites.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites Is Not the Question to Be Answered First

How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites Is Not the Question to Be Answered FirstOf course, first of all, you rush to the nearest local drugstore for some efficient ointment, lotion or cream just to relieve your condition. You are sure to browse the Internet for the important information on how to treat this problem. You may also want to see your dermatologist. Though, you have to remember the following tips:

  • not only you but some of your relatives and home-mates are being bitten, though different people react in a different way;
  • no dermatologist can identify bed bug bites for sure;
  • no medical substance can cure your issue for life, because hives may appear over and over again;
  • you need to get rid of the reason first, and then heal its consequences.

The First Steps to Be Taken

Then, you are likely to think about calling an expert PCO. It’s in case you have enough spare money to spend and you are rather lazy to consider taking any steps yourself. Just try to browse the Internet, and you will see that you need to make yourself to some hard work on cleaning your home. You are certain to see good results in some time. Maybe your problem is not so severe, and you will be able to cope with it soon.

Look for any signs of bed bug presence around attentively, and you may be surprised noticing some bed bug eggs and egg shells, fecal spots, skin molting, some dead or alive insects and what not. Of course, bed bugs are night pests, and they prefer feeding on you between 3 and 5 a.m. Though, if they are hungry, they may bite you even at daytime when you are sitting peacefully in the armchair or on the sofa.

And don’t think that you may find their signs only around your bed. They spread very quickly, and any piece of furniture or clutter, any crack or crevice may become their comfortable sweet home.

Try to Cure the Situation Rather Than Endure It

So, how do you get rid of bed bugs if you have already detected them? Start with taking away all the clutter from your room: any paper pile or unnecessary box, any litter and trash. Use a vacuum cleaner first to vacuum your beds, arm-chairs, sofas, carpets etc. If you have a steamer, it’s still better, for hot air kills bed bugs and their eggs quickly. Come up with washing your linen, bed covers, sheets, pillow cases and anything that can be washed and dried. Examine your room carefully for any loose wallpaper, cracks in your furniture, crevices in the floor or in the plaster. Don’t attempt just to move to another room. You are a sort of bait. If bed bugs don’t find you in your usual bed, they will move along to look for you and spread over the whole house.

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